Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Random stuff

Just some random thoughts...

  • Treats from my good friends really cheered me up today.
  • Mark and Sandy are in Georgia! So excited!
  • I missed my scrapbook store party and didn't know it. :o(
  • Grocery list done for catering job, shopping tomorrow and starting to make food.
  • Decided to just make chili and cornbread for Chad's surprise party easy!
  • Still not sick of candy cane kisses.
  • This is post #199
  • It's a miracle...Cody and Cole didn't fight today!
  • Got 2 more Christmas cards in the them!
  • Bought some zicam in an effort to nip a cold before it gets started.
  • Really wishing I could have been with Chad to support him in his big day.
  • I'm liking that party for Jolene idea..hee..hee..
  • Feels strange with Mark gone, but I am enjoying the bed to myself and not falling asleep to the history channel.
  • Come back for my next post with RAK give aways...good stuff!
  • Yep! I know what sleep is and I think I'm gonna go get me some. :o)


Maureen said...

I got 2 cards today too!
Loved catching up with your blog tonight. Your home is so pretty for Christmas!
Have a great night!

Cee said...

If you're reading this message before tomorrow AM, you definitely don't know what sleep is.

Congrats about the impending Post #200!!!

RE: your party, YES! How many of the fellow bloggers reside in Phoenix/Mesa/Tempe/Chandler?

Are you baking anything for either party?

RE: SE's album party, I'm so sorry! I plan on signing up for next year's album party. I did SUCH a cute LO of fall in Sedona. My photos look great (with the white border).

I'm glad that Mark and Sandy arrived safely. That's a LONG drive.

Again, if you read this prior to tomorrow AM, you don't know what sleep is!!

Enjoy sleeping in the MIDDLE of the bed!!!

Valerie said...

tee hee!

Valerie said...

p.s.- Airborne RAKS to stop the cold, too! they make a gummi sore throat lozenge that really works well..gotta stock up before we fly to Reno!

Susie Q said...

If anyone deserves a HUGE party, it is you Super Jolene! You are just the sweetest woman. Talented and inventive...inspiring!

Have a BIG party for your 200th!!

Glad your family members are safely there, That is always a relief isn't it?


Kristan said...

My random thoughts about Jolene
- Well, my friend your house looks amazing
-I am so excited your boy is going to be home in a few days
- Get a good nights rest - that is where I am headed

You are amazing !!! Don't know how you do it all.

Jen said...

You're funny!

Rhona said...

Glad Mark and Sandy got there safely but don't envy them the trip home again - at least they'll be bringing Chad with them. Hope you have a wonderful time while he's home. Good luck with the catering and congrats on the 200th blog post coming up!!

Coleen said...

Wow, almost at 200 already eh? I meant to tell you that I went hunting for the candy cane kisses and just as I thought we don't have them in Canada. I have been everywhere! No luck for me. I am sooo jealous. I was really excited about them. Maybe next year! Untill then I can keep reading your blog to hear how much YOU like them!

Leah said...

Just thought I'd let you know you have a whole group of gals hooked on the candy cane kisses, which then led me to the cordial cherry, and the carael ones!!

I know you have to be so ready to see your son. I know you will enjoy the time.

Chickenbells said...

Heavens...I haven't gotten to many cards yet...rats. Yay for good sleep...I'm now excited about the giveaway...Oh...Rozzie's blog is
She's too cute! And if you have a party for yourself, I may just have to drive down there...

tiara said...

Jolene, everything looks so awesome. You have been working so hard. Have I told you yet that you are my hero!

I have tried those kisses, oh my, I love peppermint anyways. I have a yearly Christmas thing that is my own.....starting Dec. 1st I get my Bath & Body works Peppermint Bath gel, my peppermint lipgloss (also from B&BW) pull out all my peppermint candles, and now, I will add peppermint hershey kisses. Yay ME!

Okay, I too, have been dealing with the cold thing, I feel yucky, let me know how that Zicam is, I was thinking about getting some.

Again, I just love your blog. Really wishing I was in Phoenix right now, or actually for your party!


Pam said...

Your house is just amazing! How exciting that Chad will be home soon! Good luck on the shopping and the catering job and with the cold! I love Airborne for that!

Missy's Blog said...

Although you may not have been there in person for Chad's ceremony ... you were most definately there in spirit. Does Chad ever read your blog? He only has to read it to know how proud you are of him.

Chili and corn bread sounds YUMMY ... I hope you all enjoy Chad's homecoming party.

I can totally relate to the falling asleep with the history channel on. In our case it's the Discovery channel. I love watching those shows every once in awhile ... but NOT every night!!

I hope you are able to keep the cold away.

Happy post #199 ... can't wait for #200!

Anonymous said...

I was wondering why you hadn't posted about the Album Party. I think that is what it is called? You seem like such a prolific scrapper, I was sure you would have the amount of pages done to attend. I have always read about the party in newsletter and on the website and wondered about it. Oh well, there is always next year's party!

Also, maybe next Christmas we can plan a "meet in real life party" at your house, so we can all eat and be merry and be able to see your beautifully decorated house LIVE!!!

Just a thought,

Looking forward the 200th POST!! Yeah for you!!!

Briana said...

I'm with you, still not sick of those candy cane kisses! I'm almost out though, I think a trip to Target is in order.

Isn't that Zicam stuff nasty? I almost threw up because it tasted so bad. It says not to chew them but I had to because waiting for it to dissolve would have made the torture last longer!

Can't wait for post 200!

Amy Mowbray said...

Those kisses are sooooooooooo good. I love 'em.

Caroline said...

Early congrats on post 200. You keep talking about those Hershey's kisses and now I am going to have to go try them. They sound really good.