Tuesday, December 12, 2006

More Christmas stuff

I got my garlands hung up today on the railing and the stairs. I'm done decorating! All the boxes are back in the shed. Kyle is going to do my outside lights this weekend. I have SOOO much house cleaning to do...seriously! The only rooms that are clean are the ones I've showed you. Been working on Mount Laundry. Looking forward to sleeping in downy fresh sheets tonight.

Here's the entry, living room and formal dining room. We usually have the tree up here so you can see it from the street, but this furniture is gianormous. I had to settle for seeing the lighted garland on top of the entertainment center and the grouping of little trees.
Mark is on his way to Fort Benning, Georgia with Sandy (Chad's girlfriend) to go see his graduation. They left at midnight last night and made it to Canton, Texas by 6:00 tonight where they stopped in a hotel to sleep. I can't imagine driving for 18 hours. He drove 1127 miles straight and has another 850+ miles to go tomorrow. After the graduation all THREE of them will be driving home. Chad will get to come home for a couple of weeks until he leaves for more training. I'm so excited to see him, yet it's kind of like a tease and I'll have to go through another painful goodbye very soon, but I'm going to enjoy every minute I have with him.
Since they've been gone I've been trying to work on my filthy house, dealing with getting boys to and from school, almost constant fighting. They can really be a good mood killer. I did make a list and everyone had their chores assigned to get the house ready for a surprise party.
I'm also catering the food for my sweet niece Camille's graduation party form ASU on Friday night. I'm suppose to plan on 60 people. Still need to make my list, shop, make the food, figure out how many serving pieces I'll need to take with me. The party is at her dad's house, so I've got to take everything over there. I'm doing the chocolate fountain too, so it will be fun....and yummy!
I'll be posting my photo a day challenge mini layouts as soon as I get them finished and scanned in. Post number 200 is almost here! :o)
P.S. I still can't log in to comment on certain blogs. Doesn't make sense to me. Hopefully blogger will fix the problem, so my friends don't think I'm ignoring them.


Teresa said...

Hey Jolene, I think you must be some kind of super human.... I sure could not keep up with you.... Everything looks wonderful and so festive at you home... Keep up the good work.... I bet you are excited to see you son after having him gone for so long.... Too bad you didn't get to go with Mark and Sandy.... I'm glad to hear they are in Texas.... They aren't too, too far from me..... (about 150 miles straight north of me.

Canton is a great place in very pretty East Texas. Canton is also well known for the best Trade Days in the Country for what I hear.... My mom and Step-dad love going up to Canton Trade Days but they are junkers anyways.... They always have a booth at our local Flea Market... It is called Winnie Old Tyme Trade Days.... If you by chance ever get to either one of these places you are sure to enjoy them.....

My mom was reading my blog the other day and she mentioned that you look like such a sweet lady... I told her from everything I've ever read that you are.... So Stay Sweet..

I sure didn't mean to go on so much..... T

Valerie said...

i LOVE the garland on the railing! it looks so so neat - and so does the rest of your house!!

Missy's Blog said...

Chad is graduating ... how exciting!! It's wonderful that he will be home for Christmas too. That's a really loooong drive. I have to tell you when we were driving home from Florida, and we stopped in Georgia ... I actually thought of Chad. It was around the time you had sent him cookies and they were making him wait to eat the cookies. I thought about your son and hoped he was able to enjoy the treat you sent him. Crazy the things we think about isn't it?

Love all the garland decorations you have added. They look so festive!

Good luck with Mount Laundry!

Andi said...

Okay Wonder Woman...you're going to have to slow down here one of these days! Love the Christmas decorations.

How wonderful it will be for you to have Chad home at Christmas and your home looks so pretty. If I was closer I'd come help you do laundry. I actually like doing laundry...I once said if push came to shove I could always take in laundry...lol!

Have a wonderful day!

Amy Mowbray said...

I love the garland on your rail. It's really pretty!
I've got an idea for you. You should open a catering business.

MNmom said...

Your house is so lovely! I LOVE all the colors. You are so talented with your decorating skills! The garland is beautiful, I am sure you made it yourself!

Enjoy every moment with Chad, time is so precious!

Ooooooh... Chocolate fountain, wish I was there to help!!

Amy =)

Cee said...

Someone needs to throw YOU a "We Love You, Jolene" party. You have 2 parties going on this weekend? Seriously, when do you sleep? Do you know what that activity even is? :)

Chickenbells said...

Stupid Blogger...I tell you what! Ack...the decorations look wonderful...and the boy coming home? What a fun holiday this will be for everyone...I need to spruce up the house too...I'm having a party on Sat. night...luckily, I'm not stressing out about it too much (yet)

Kelly said...

Your house looks beautiful!

& thats so exciting that your son is coming home soon! It sounds like a wonderful Christmas!

Briana said...

I want to come party at your house! Love the garland up the stairs, it's gorgeous!

Caroline said...

Your house is beautiful!! And I was so happy to hear that Chad is coming home for a few weeks. I know you can't wait to see him.

Chris said...

I told you it would go fast...Congradulations Chad!!
Drive safe Mark....
I will be waiting for the coming home pics.
House looks great take a much needed break.

Coleen said...

Oh Jolene! Youre home looks amazing. Actually it is the nicest decorated home I have seen yet. Your garland is amazing. Very nice job! I am green with envy! I have been having the same problem with blogger so I just choose the "other" option and type my name and addy. It is a pain but at least our blogs are still up!

Susie Q said...

WEll done Super Jolene! Gorgeous!!

You amaze me every single day!

Congrats to Chad. Enjoy every single second with him.

You take care of yourself...just enjoy that party! I can not believe all you do!

You are an inspiration! AND a decorator supreme!


Melissa said...

Wow - it looks like you've decorated each and every nook and cranny! Beautiful!

I'm glad you get to see your son again, even if it's just for a while until he leaves. I know you're glad you got the decorating done so he can see it.

Wendy said...

I'm with CEE, someone needs to throw you a party.

Your house looks Fantastic!!

Don't worry about the dirty house, though I don't see anything dirty about it. No one cares about a little dust.

Enjoy your Family and the time you have together.

Anonymous said...

Jolene, your house is beautiful!!!

Nikki *Ü* said...

Your decorations are so pretty. I especially love the garland on your stairs. It looks so pretty. I wish I had even half of your decorating talent!!!

Denise said...

Your house is gorgeous (and I'm sure even the rooms you're not showing us are beautiful!)- I love all your decorating.
How wonderful that your son gets to be home for Christmas! I bet you are beside yourself with excitement! What a blessing! Hope all goes well with this homecoming.
Big Hugs to you!