Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Enrichment, emotions and barns

Tonight was our enrichment night for the ladies in my ward. We had a yummy dinner. I made 2 pans of chicken cordon bleu lasagna casserole and there was lasagna, salad, breadsticks, and I had some ladies make my recipe for pumpkin freeze desert. After dinner we had a beautiful program with music and talks about Christ, Mary and Joseph, etc. It was a really lovely evening and a much needed one for me. At the end they gave us each a gift that had our 2007 lesson manual in it and a picture. Their are several different ones. When I opened mine and discovered it was my favorite one of Christ sitting on a bench with a wayward teenage boy. It brought me to tears because this picture means so much to me. I have a larger print on my wall that I got because of how hard it's been to raise all these boys. It helps me feel that I'm not alone in it. My friend Lori gave me a great smelling candle too called Days of Christmas. That was so sweet and un-expected. I've had such a crazy busy day, that by the time I got around to cooking I was in tears from feeling overwhelmed because I've never felt so far behind this close to Christmas. At that point I had to decide between making the dinner or going to the post office to mail Christmas packages. Well I had to cook, so it looks like I'll be doing that in the morning and paying through the nose. The added emotions could also have a bit to do with Chad going away for a year to a scary place, being a grandma again, helping Chad pick out an engagement ring for Sandy, figting off a bug...don't feel horrible, but my voice is almost gone, the day to day running of this family with holiday stuff thrown on top of it. It was all just too much for me. Today is sweet Brittany's birthday. I took her and baby Mark to lunch, and I got her a set of scriptures with her name engraved on them and also a statue of a dad holding a baby on his lap. She has always wanted that one. I've got her collecting them now since I got her one of a man and woman dancing for their wedding and a woman pregnant when she got pregnant with baby Mark. They are really beautiful! I just wanted to make sure her birthday wasn't over looked during the holiday rush.

This evening enrichment was held at my friend Kelly's house instead of the church. She and I have the same taste in decor and we both loves barns, roosters and all things country. Those big barn doors is her fridge and freezer! I so love that! I also love what she did to her cabinets. I've been wanting to paint mine out, but have been afraid to make such a drastic change, but I love how hers turned out, just to darn cute...her whole house is serious cuteness!
After it's all said and done, I'm glad I went. It's exactly what I needed to lift my spirits and put my mind in the place it needs to be. I love it when that happens!
I'm off to make a to-do list so that Wednesday runs smoother than Tuesday did. :o)
****edited*** the chicken cordon bleu lasagna caserole recipe is in my archives...July 16th.


Nikki *Ü* said...

What a nice enrichment evening. What's chicken cordon bleu lasagne? Sounds interesting!! I love the picture of Christ and the quote on the frame. So true. Your friends' decorations are darling!! Sounds like a nice evening!!

Tiara said...

That picture is amazing, I have never seen it. I would like one with a girl on the bench (for my 4 girls). It sounds like you had an amazing evening, thats' great.

It sounds like you had a great meal also. What is the cordon blue thing, I would like the recipe if its not too much.

Oh and congrats on the new little one on the way. I won't guess because I'm not good at that. I pray the baby is exactly what your family needs!!!!


Missy's Blog said...

This time of year it's so easy to get overwhelmed with everything we have to do. Honestly ... Jolene ... I do not know how you do it all. You are SUPERWOMAN ... but even superwoman needs a break. Happy Birthday to Brittany ... she seems like such a lovely young lady. You mentioned Chad was looking for an engagement ring for Sandy ... will they marry before he leaves? You are so very blessed with such a wonderful family and life. I'm so glad I "know" you!

Amy Mowbray said...

Glad you had a great evening. You totally deserve it girl!

Her refrige is soooo cool! Did she paint that?

Valerie said...

Tis' the season to be overextended. it's the one thing i really HATE about Christmas, that the focus gets taken away from what the day really is about, and it gets so easy to get caught up in it!
i'm glad you took the time to spend just a few moments for yourself...kinda recharges the ol' emotional & spiritual batteries. i love that picture you got...soothing to just look at!

Wow...so Chad & Sandy are going to walk down the aisle...oh, to be a fly on the wall for THAT proposal! She is gonna cry....

Feel better soon, sweetie...you can't be sick @ Christmas! Oh, and i love Kelly's refrigerator, too!

Briana said...

WOW! You have lots going on girl! A new baby coming, a proposal to a soon-to-be new daughter in law...I'd be bouncing off the wall with all the excitement, never mind the stress of the holidays! Make sure you take some time for you too!

Cee said...


When's the proposal? What does her ring look like? Heck, I have to live vicariously through someone. If I ever get engaged/married, I'll probably have to invite myself to my own wedding; otherwise, I won't believe that it's happening!

Julie said...

Jolene, I love how real you are. I think all of us mothers out there can relate. It is an emotional time of year anyway. I think we all want things "perfect" to how we envision them. Then to top it all off, all of the other major life events of your children going on right now. I'd be scared to death for a son to go over seas with the military. It's such a sacrifice each military person makes for the rest of us in this country, to protect our rights and freedom. Tell Chad thank you. Congrats to him and Sandy on such an exciting time in their lives!!! When will the wedding be? Now or in a year from now? Good luck and hang in there.. Julie

Maren said...

I think it is so important to take time out for yourself. That's one of the big lessons my illness has taught me. Your enrichment night sounds lovely and I might have to try that recipe too, it sounds delicious.

~Telah said...

I feel the same way about being behind this close to Christmas, but I think it will all work out. Glad your spirits were uplifted! Hope Wednesday runs smoother.

Tiara said...

thanks for the recipe, its on my menu for this week.

Rhona said...

Hi Jolene, that was some day you had yesterday! Happy Birthday to Brittany, I'm glad you made a fuss of her, I think having a birthday so close to Christmas must be quite difficult. So Chad's going to propose, I did wonder when you said how much in love they are. I hope everything works out well for them too. Glad you had some time for yourself in amongst it all, you do need to make that time for yourself otherwise it all becomes too much. Hope you have a productive Wednesday.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great evening. I love those barn doors.

Chickenbells said...

Whoa...I missed the entire baby post (busy with life during the holiday season) Congrats...it sounds like you have so much going on, and I'm glad you've been able to get together with all the people you love...it helps sometimes doesn't it? Just keep taking deep breaths...and eating those kisses, and you'll be just fine!

Susie Q said...

Oh Jolene! YOu ae an amazement! BUt even an amzing lady needs rest! Even more so! You take time for Jolene too okay??

Happy Birthday to Britany. She will always remember your sweetness...isn't she the luckiest girl to have YOU for MIL?? : )

Wow! Chad and Sandy will nake a beautiful bride and groom!

The party sounds like so much fun. I LOVE those pictures! What a cute home!!

I wish I knew more about photo shop. I use Picassa and love the editing tools but am thinking about checking into others. You will hafta let us know which you choose and how it worls for you!

Take care of yourself Jolene! We all care about you so much!

Warm hugs,

Cheryl Wray said...

Sounds like a wonderful time! We all need times like that to reconnect us with what this season is all about!
I'm SO going right now to check out that casserole recipe. Sounds heavenly!

Pam said...

That is a rockin kitchen! I love the fridge! Amazing!

So glad you went out and had a nice time! That's a beautiful picture!