Thursday, June 28, 2007

Baby John

Brittany had her ultrasound a couple of days ago. Little John is not so little. He now weighs 5 pounds 3 oz at 33 weeks 4 days. Just look how plump he is. He has those big George lips...cute! I'm so excited for his arrival. Won't be too long now.
I went to town today to pick up Cody and Cole. They had a sleep over at Brek and Brittany's apartment. They all got to go swimming. Baby Mark loves the water. Brittany showed me some really cute pictures of him swimming. I wanted to share them, but they don't have internet, so I'll have to get a zip drive and put them on my computer. That boy is a tank now. He is so big and solid. I wish I had my camera today...crud!
I'm going to go put on pj's and lay in bed on my freshly cleaned sheets. I've worked on entering business invoices into the computer for 5 hours today. I can hardly see straight. Trying to do what I can to help out my hard working hubby. Still can't blog from my computer. uggg!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

this and that

Well my computer is working....sort of. I can get online now, read email, look at my blog, but I can't sign in to update my blog or to leave comments on blogger blogs. Does anyone have any ideas of how I can log in? I would so appreciate any help. I'm blogging right now from Mark's computer. I uploaded pictures to photobucket on my computer, then retrieved them on this one. Long way about it, but it 's all I've got for now.
Monday morning I cut and sanded a dozen wood flowers for the girls who are going to girls camp. It's for one of their craft projects. I don't have a "shop" set up at this house so I got up early and sat on the ground outside my front door (in my pj's) While I was cutting wood, Cole carried my belt sander over to me. As he was trying to pass me he tilted it dumping a huge pile of very fine powdery saw dust all over my head and shoulder. My red shirt is still a tanish color. I'm not use to sitting on the ground to do woodworking, so it was a bit painful. Plus my fingers were so cramped. I remembered all the things I disliked about woodworking and boutiquing. It's really hard work. I really do love to help, I'm just glad it's done and glad they're aren't more girls in our ward. :o)

I finished another layout to send to Chad for his album. It's very simple, but simple is good. It's from the night he showed up as a surprise package on our doorstep. Such great memories. Makes me smile and cry to think about that night. I also finished and mailed off the 75 late graduation announcements. Mindy, if you're reading this, I shipped them priority on Monday. Should be there anytime now.
As you all know, my poor suburban died. For the past few weeks we've been debating what to do for transportation. Throwing kids in the back of the work van clearly isn't safe. The suburban isn't drivable and it would cost a lot to repair. It's 10 years old and has had different things go wrong through out the years and I'm sure it will continue to have problems. The AC is terrible, which is not a good thing when you live in Arizona. It only gets 11 miles to the gallon and costs over $100 to fill it. With only having 3 boys left at home we didn't need a gas guzzler anymore. Weighing all those things we decided to buy a new car. We got the Chevy HHR in a lovely shade of red. It was a really hard decision for us because we knew we NEEDED a car, but REALLY didn't want payments again. So now the plan is to keep to a strict budget so that we don't regret this decision. You can see my beloved old blue behind the new car. We have to clean it out and take it to town. We used it as a trade in on the new one. We were honest with them and told them it needs a new transmission. I'm so going to miss it. We've had so many fun family memories with that vehicle....sigh. We have worked with Frank (car salesman) for quite a few years now because we know he doesn't give us the run around. Buying cars have always been one of my least favorite thing to do, because you walk onto the lot and you are attacked by all the shark salesmen. I usually walk around the lot making the sound effects to the movie Jaws and I get faster as they approach and finish off with a scream. It seems to fit. I sure hope that doesn't offend any of you who may have car salesmen husbands. This has just been my experience. I appreciate that they work on commission and that's what puts the bread and butter on the table. I just don't want them eating steak and lobster while I'm eating mac and cheese. Is that wrong?
It's late...I'm off to bed. I hope you all have a great evening or day, depending on when you read this. :o)

Monday, June 25, 2007

Please Stand By

Coming to you today from Mark's computer, which I hate, because his is not as smart as mine and mine knows all my favorite things. Don't tell him I said that. My poor computer is sick and has been infected with a thousand bazillion trillion virus's so it's a bit under the weather and so are my spirits since so much of my life needs and relies on the darn thing. My computer smarty pants dude is suppose to be working on it, so I hope to be up and running soon. Miss you all and hope you miss me too!

This post sure is boring without any pictures, but like I said...not the brightest computer here. :o)

Thursday, June 21, 2007


Apparently my boys are suffering from boredom and they've taken to photocopying...themselves! I discovered a drawer full of Cole's smushed face pictures as well as a not so flattering shot of his backside....NICE! Had no idea that kind of behavior started so young. Still trying to figure out how he got his bum clear up on Marks copier. Just glad I don't have one is my office. The idea of little cheeks on my stuff is not a pleasant thought...shudder...Going to have to come up with some summer activities for these guys.
Back to work...I'm making 75 late graduation announcements for my cousin Mindy's son. He graduated in May, but they're not doing the party until July since she just had the eye surgery....which, by the way, went very well. She had problems with double vision in the beginning, but that is better now she is just dealing with the painful recovery.
P.S. Mark liked my hair, but didn't think it was dark enough. I knew he'd say that. Next time I'll go even darker, but ya'll have seen how often I get to the hairdresser, which is hardly ever. Thank you for all the sweet compliments. I really appreciate it. :o)
Have a great day!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

New hair

Well, it's done! It's darker and shorter. I have thin, frizzy, unhealthy hair so when it grows even a teeny bit it looks damaged so we cut off all the icky ends and Mark got his wish for darker brown with red highlights. Knowing him, it's not dark enough, but I think it turned out pretty well. At the age of 39 I've come to the realization that I can NEVER have long hair and that makes me very sad. Even when I was a young girl my sisters all had long pretty hair and my was short and mousy. Those were the cards I was dealt. We all can't have thick, long, shiny, gorgeous hair. It's part of what makes us different. and yes my eyes look tired. I look this way at the end of everyday. :o)
I hope you all had a happy Monday!...Oh heck...I just typed Monday and realized it's Tuesday. Dang! Okay...same wishes for Tuesday. :o)
Quick question before I go...Anyone else have their hands fall asleep while they're driving? Mine do every time. I think it's from years of woodworking and painting. Makes me nuts!

It's time for a change

Here I am sporting a not so fashionable thick patch of gray hair. I'm not fond of it and I think it ages me. Apparently Mark agreed because he took it upon himself to call my hairdresser and scheduled me an appointment. It's been a LONG time since I've had my hair done...we're talking the end of August. I have taken the scrapbooking scissors to my bangs several times for the benefit of seeing, but that's it. Get this...Mark told her to dye it darker brown and give me red highlights. LOL! Have you even known a man to be so opinionated? Especially about things most men don't give a hoot about. He's like "what? I know what I like and I like your hair dark." To be honest, he is opinionated about EVERYTHING. Sometimes it's a good thing and sometimes it's really irritating. Well this afternoon at 2:00 is my scheduled appointment. Usually I have her do blonde highlights, but this time I will to what he wants.'s only hair and it will make him happy. I'm a little scared and I really hope I like it because even though it's only hair, my hair doesn't grow fast at all. I will edit and update this post with an after picture.

Just some random stuff...
  • I spent the better part of Monday in bed with way bad cramps. Mark brought home pizza for dinner since it was obvious I wasn't able to cook.
  • Baby Mark is growing huge. He's 9 1/2 months old at 21 pounds. In the few weeks since they moved out he has bulked up. He crawls and pulls himself up to cute! Need to take a picture of him. Still can't wrap my finger around being a grandma...let alone having a second grandson in August. WOW!
  • Haven't forgotten about the fluffy girls club. When Chad came, that threw me off and I haven't been able to get back on track. I will start exercising as soon as my cramps go away. Really gotta work on the water intake too.
  • I got a new calling in church. I'm in charge of updating the ward website with activities, sending out emails of other activities that don't belong on the ward website, making cute handouts and posters, etc.
  • Chad's internet is down, so I haven't got to talk to him lately. I miss that boy. I have seen a few of you have your rubber ducky's ready to mail. They are so cute! Thank you so much. I hope he gets a huge collection of them.
  • I'm sad to say that I haven't been able to get caught up with everyone's blogs yet, but I'm working on it. I've enjoyed the ones I have gotten too.
  • My house is REALLY quiet....very strange (yet nice) for summertime!
  • We are really enjoying all the new produce. I cut up the cantaloupe to have with Father's Day breakfast and it was one of the best I've ever had. I ate some more of it with lunch yesterday. The boys have been eating the apples, peaches, grapes, bananas and cucumbers so far.
  • Thinking I really need to get dressed since I'm still in pajamas from yesterday. I can't wash my hair until after my hair appointment, so it's going up because it's gross and ugly!
  • Wish me luck today!!!

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Bountiful Baskets

Today was the first day the bountiful baskets co-op opened a new location here in Maricopa, making it their 9th site in Arizona. I was so excited when I found out about them. I was so surprised to see that about 100 people had signed up on the first week. WOW! They do produce drops every other Saturday morning at each location and you have to have your money in the Thursday before. It's based solely on volunteers to make it run. For a $15 contribution ($17 first time + $1.50 management fee) you get a variety of fruits and vegetables that would be valued around $50 in the grocery store. You never know what you're going to get from time to time. It's always different based on what's in season and what are good buys that week. I got there an hour early (8:00) to help sort all the produce into separate baskets, then break down all the cardboard boxes for recycling. I was sweating buckets and guess who left her bottle of water on the kitchen counter? Yep...ME! It's not really hard work, just hard in the heat. By the time I got home, I was beat red and shaking. My body is a little stiff and sore, but that's because I'm so out of shape. I look forward to doing it in the fall and winter. Today we had lots of volunteers so it really went smoothly. For any of you Arizona girls interested, click on their website to see if there is a location close to your home.
In today's basket I got...
1 cantaloupe
1 cute watermelon
1 broccoli
1 bag of grapes
1 romaine lettuce
5 cucumbers
2 red onions
11 little apples
5 red bell peppers
5 nectarines
5 peaches
6 Roma tomatoes
8 bananas
4 lemons
Pretty cool, huh?! Now I'm excited for the next drop!
Sunday is Father's Day and I hope that you all honor and pamper the fathers in your life, whether it be your own dad, your father in law, or the father of your children. They work so hard for us and love us unconditionally and they deserve to be spoiled. :o)
I'm off to go clean out my fridge. It's not my most favorite job to do and I'm not too proud to tell you that there is a chance of some penicillin experiments hidden in the way back somewhere....there always is. ICK! My family is not the best left over eaters...hence the experiments. If the though of that grosses you out, then I'm sorry, but most everyone I know has grown their own furry experiments a time or two...admit it! :o)
Enjoy your weekend!

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Enrichment night

Well tonight was the night to share our talents. After I got in there and set up my display I felt really odd because I did highlight several (not all) of my "talents". Although I was really happy with how it turned out I couldn't help but be a little insecure. Most everyone brought a couple of things. They had all theirs displayed on two long tables combined. I had a long and a small round table all to myself. That's kind of a large display in comparison. I thought to myself "they are either going to like me or think I'm a freak" I hope that they like me. The odds are that one or two people think I'm a freak, but they seemed to really enjoy my display. Plus my cookies and cupcakes provided them all dessert after dinner. Maybe now they will know who I am. Who knows?! Here are some of the other displays. Ardith made her wedding dress some 24 years ago. She also did a collage of different things she's done. She is talented in many areas.

Another girl showed the dressed she has made for her daughters. They were very pretty.

Brenda brought in 4 gorgeous quilts. Sure makes me want to learn to quilt. I can tie a quilt, but nothing like these. BEAUTIFUL!Another girl showed her watercolor painting and mosaic tile box.
Can't remember her name either, but look at what a wonderful drawing...simply amazing talent!
Megan with her handbag and her son's handmade blessing outfit. I could never do this. I sew paper and costumes...that's it.
Toni has some beautiful scenery photos that she took and framed to hang in her house. I love photos like these because they make me feel peace.
Ardith is a black belt and gave us a demonstration. It was amazing! I sure wouldn't want to meet her in a dark alley. She could kick every square inch of my butt...and then some! It's a good thing she's my friend. If I have to go to the store at night, I'll giver her a call to tag along. :o)

There were others that performed musical talents like singing and playing the piano. I did take their pictures, but I don't know them well enough to put their faces on my blog without their knowledge. All in all it was a fun night....until I came home and burned my left pointer finger from the first knuckle to the cuticle. It's taking me forever to type this post, because I type a sentence or two, them stick it back in the ice. Last time I got burned it wasn't this painful! Not sure how I can sleep with this dumb finger.

Still driving smelly carpet cleaning van. The transmission has finally croaked on the suburban and I don't have $2,000 to fix it. Sheesh! I can only take one person safely in a seat belt in the van. We have to load the boys in the back with the machine and hose reel to go to church and stuff. How ghetto is that?!

I did talk to Chad this morning on IM for the first time. He is doing good and drives a different humv with AC...thank heavens! Kit left me a comment that I need to be careful with what I write about him, for the safety of him and the soldiers he works with. Even though I know nothing about the missions he goes on, I completely understand. I wouldn't want to endanger any of our soldiers, so I will be more careful with what I post.

Here is the picture that a few of you requested to see up close. It's not me and Mark, It's Brek and Brittany. I took this one after we were done with the big photo session. They were having a little conversation with the flower girl and never knew I took the picture. It turned out to be my favorite picture from their wedding. I wish I knew why when you click on some pictures they will show a large version, then click on others and get nothing....hmmmm. A question for another day. My ice has melted so I need to go refill my baggie and try to go to sleep....not sure that's possible since my finger is on fire. I plan to try to catch up on blog reading in the morning.
P.S. Could you also put my cousin Mindy in your prayers. She is having eye surgery Friday afternoon. It's a pretty serious and scary thing. I'm worried about her and love her dearly.
Thanks so much!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Talents blossom

Thursday night is enrichment night at church for the women. Our theme is talents and we are all suppose to share the talents we have. Since I have zero musical talent, I have chosen to do a table display with a variety of things. The centerpiece of my display is this flower box. I used the really big bazzill blossoms and put different "talents" in the center of each flower. Then I taped them to a skewer and poked them in the flower box...whala! CUTE!

On the top I adhered this little sign with a disclaimer that I am NOT a professional at any of these thing, but I enjoy them and try to improve with practice. I think a lot of people are afraid to share their talents because they think they need to have it mastered, but I disagree. Your talents grow when you use and share them. It's all a work in progress.I also decided to print off a few pictures that I like and put them in a frame I already had to use in my display. I plan to have a scrapbook, baked yummy treats to share, organizational ideas, handmade cards, woodworking projects, decorating stuff, etc. I don't know exactly what, but I'm working on it. I think it will be lots of fun to learn more about the women and their talents in my new ward, so I'm looking forward to Thursday night.Today I went visiting teaching and baked some golden bars for the ladies and put them in these cute little bags from Martha Stewart. Love them!
Shelli was right. The gift Mark got me was a 2 tiered fruit basket. Thursday I plan to fill it with cookies for my display. :o)
I don't know about any of you, but I'm really hating summer. My 2 little boys are fighting NON STOP and my nerves and my mood are completely shot...seriously. I don't know how I've made it through these past few days. How many weeks until school starts? It's late and I'm tired. Now to decide whether to sleep in late to avoid a repeat of today or get up early and enjoy at least a couple of hours of peace before they wake up.
Chad made it safely to his base. The HumV he drives still doesn't have was 126 degrees there yesterday. He can't roll down the windows for ventilation because it's thick protective glass. There's no air movement. He's going to cook in there. Scares me to death. Please keep him and the others in your prayers.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Main Street

We discovered that old town Main Street in Mesa does Friday night out on the 2nd Friday every month. It's a night when all the stores that normally close at 5:00 p.m. stay open until 9:00 or 10:00 so that they can get business from people who work and never make it down town. It was great to walk the street. There are statues everywhere and lots of the stores had live music, face painting, balloon animals, great sales, art work displayed. We had dinner first at Grandma's kitchen, then walked it off. It was just a lot of fun.
Cole and Cody with Humpty dumpty.I'm not real fond of this statue, but Mark wanted my picture with them....perhaps skinny by comparison???
They look so cute walking together...but it wasn't long before the boys were in head locks. :o)
I found this in my new favorite store, Vintage Charm. Way back when we were looking for furniture I desperately wanted red furniture for the family room. I ended up with blue furniture with red throw pillows because we never found anything that was remotely affordable or as cute as this set. Oh how I love it...and the 1 1/2 chair is a glider! how cool is that?!

That is one BIG pink chair! The boys even thought it was cool.

Mark did get me a little something in the Vintage Charm store. As you can tell from the size of the bag, it was NOT the furniture...but I can't show you because I forgot to take a picture of it. Hints, it's cheap, red, has 2 tiers, and is for my kitchen. I'll have to take pictures in the morning. Isn't the packaging too cute? It's all about the it!

I wish I had taken more pictures of the shops. They are all so stinking cute. We wandered around several antique shops. I don't advise doing that with children because they have the you break it you buy it policy so we were constantly saying "don't touch that" Next month we plan to go again....without any boys. :o)
Do you all know how excited I am that so many of you are wanting to send Chad rubber duckies. I KNOW he's going to LOVE them. I'm loving that it brought out even more lurkers. Welcome and feel free to leave comments anytime. This blog/journal has brought me so many new friends. It's such a great thing. By the way, I did talk to Chad tonight. He was in Bahgrahm (sp?) Afghanistan and getting ready to board his flight to Farah where is base is. I for one wouldn't like that flight. For safety reasons the plane has to fly really high then go into a dive to land so that it's less of a target. There's no seat belts. You just hold onto whatever you can. He said he'll email me when he has arrived safely at the base. Before I sign off I just want to share a quick email I got from Chad. It made me cry. Heck, even the one line I love you mom emails make me cry. Oh how I miss that boy!
I love you so-o much mom !!! you are the greatest mom anyone could ever ask for !!! you and dad have done so much for me my whole life and on this past leave ...i just wish now that i could have spent more of it with you...however i did enjoy the lunches the shopping and especially the bowling !!! and most of all the huggs !!! i love you so much mom !!!

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

rubber ducky

My brother in law Steven gave some advise to Chad. It was a simple little reminder about the game of duck duck goose. He told him he wants Chad to be a duck...not the goose that gets up and runs around like an idiot so that bad guys can have a clear shot at it. Since I want my boy to come home without any holes in him I'm thinking that being a duck is a pretty good idea. While I was at the grocery store today I picked up this duck thermometer to send to him. This is 2 that he can see how hot it really is there and to remind him to be a duck. I thought it would be a cute idea if any of you would be interested in sending him a cheap little bathtub rubber ducky. You could even write your name, state, country on the bottom of it. I just think it would be funny for him to have a little collection that he can line up on top of his locker to remind him that so many people are thinking about him and want him to come home safely. What do you think? Anyone game? If so mail them to...
Chad George
APO AE 09354
I thought I'd share a few photo's that Chad gave me from Afghanistan. He said it hotter than Arizona, but they have to be in full gear so it's way stinking hot.
I know you are probably wondering why they never made it home for our last family dinner and I realized that not saying anything would make you think of all kinds of bad things, so the reason is that they were both getting more DUMB tattoos! I know some of you have tattoo's and I surely wouldn't judge you, but they are so young and I honestly think they will regret doing permanent damage to their bodies. It makes me crazy that I have no control. What's a mother to do? Still have to love them even when they don't use their brains.
I haven't heard from Chad since he was in Dallas, but it took a week to get home so I'm sure it will be a while before he can check in.