Wednesday, November 01, 2006


Do you remember me saying in a previous post that I needed to exercise due to being overweight? Well my problem is I'm in daily pain and have no energy to exercise. Being 38 really isn't that old, but my body feels SO much older than that. It's really kind of scary to me. I wake up everyday in pain after a restless night sleeping because of pain, and it continues throughout my day. I get severe headaches a few times a week...some of which turn into full blown migraines. I've been in search of something...anything that would help me. In my newly re-organized bathroom closet, one of those baskets is full of different vitamins that I won't take because I can't choke them down. They seriously make me gag. I'm a terrible pill in reality pills can only really break down and give you 15%-20% of their value. My dad was introduced to this product and he shared it with me. It's a liquid supplement called Vemma...which stands for Vitamins, Essential Minerals, Mangosteen, and Aloe. Like the little sponge picture shows, a liquid supplement delivers to your body faster and more effectively...85%-95% infact. HELLO! To me it's a no brainer! Plus mangosteen is a natural anti-oxidant. The problem with me is that I am by far the pickiest eater I know. I was afraid to try it because of the taste. I just don't try new things...ever! I have taken my little shot bottle for the past 2 mornings. (and isn't it the cutest little bottle you've ever seen?!) I did chase it this morning with M&M's, but it wasn't necessary. (we just have all this halloween candy laying around) This product is also listed and approved in the physicians desk reference book for non prescriptions drugs and dietary supplements. Obviously I've only been taking it for 2 days and haven't seen a result yet, but I KNOW that I will and I will let you know when I do see results. If you want to read real peoples testimonials you can click HERE. It has things listed for:
Blood pressure
Food allergies
Hair and nails
Migraine headaches
Mitral valve regurtation
Multiple sclerosis
Prostate challenges
Sjorgenes Syndrome
Sleeping disorders
Tennis elbow
Urinary tract infection
I was reading some of them and it was very powerful to see the difference this little bottle of minerals has made in the lives of so many. We all chat online, but we really don't know the challenges that each other are faced with, so I thought it was important to share this information with all of you. It's up to you whether you want to know more about it. I'm not a pressure kind of girl, as you all know. You just never know if there is someone reading this that this could help, and if it only touched one person and made their life better than it was worth it to me to post about. You can learn more about it HERE, you can ask me a question in the comments or email me
Tomorrow...or today (Thursday), depending on when you're reading this, two very well know doctors, Mehmet OZ M.D. and Michael Roizen M.D. will be on Oprah promoting there new book, YOU on a diet. Last year their book, YOU the owners manual was on the best sellers list second only to Harry Potter. These doctors love and stand behind this product and are working on a project with this company in the next few months. They have been on Oprah a few times and will not be talking about this product, because they are there to promote the new book, but Oprah loves them, so I plan to watch.
If you're still reading this, I really hope that you didn't take this post in a manner that was not intended. Hugs and love to all of you and Happy's going to be a great month!


Missy's Blog said...

Jolene ... I really hope you have found something that works for you ... I'm going to be sure to Tivo Oprah today this show sounds very interesting.

Amanda said...

Hi Jolene! Missed having you blog each day. I loved the Halloween pictures, I have yet to put mine up yet! So tired, Maybe I should give this a whirl, I do not take vitamins, althought I think I should. Since turning 30 I can feel my body changing already. When I was pregnant I felt the best! Maybe that was due to those awfull vitamins, makes me think! Talk to you soon, Happy Thursday. Amanda

Susan said...

I'm not a doctor and I don't even play one on tv! I am a women who was having a multitude of symptoms at guess what age? Yes, 38! It turns out that my thyroid had basically shut down. You would not believe the trouble that sneaky little thing caused me... weight gain, exhaustion, mood swings, pain, you name it! I have been on medication for two years now and I feel terrific!!! I have lost most of the wt. gained, 28 lbs! :o) If you have not had a blood test to check your thyroid function, ask your Dr. for one. This is apparently a common thing for "women our age." ;o)
I also started taking vitamins daily which I believe in as well, and walking - lots & lots of walking!! I always TiVo Oprah and love Dr. Oz. Did you see the one where he showed Oprah cadaver parts? Funny but a lot of good info also. Anyway, I hope this info helps! Take care, Susan



Gina said...

Interesting... Let me know how it is working for you. Loved all the halloween pics. Love you!

Gina said...

Interesting... Let me know how it is working for you. Loved all the halloween pics. Love you!

Chris said...

Winter makes me not want to exercise...And its so depressing because it gets dark so early. It is going to be a great month...Can't believe another year is about to come to an end.

Coleen said...

Good for you Woman! I know how horrible you are at taking things. I've been taking Vemma for about a week in a half and I already have a lot more energy, and this is coming from someone that has tried a lot of things and nothing has ever worked. This is the busiest time in my life right now and I can't believe I still have energy with everything that is going on.

Melissa said...

I may have to get my hubby to DVR today's Oprah! Thanks for the tips!

Andi said...

Jolene, I really hope this product works for you. You deserve to be healthy and pain free. I'm just going to know that this is the answer. Take care of yourself!

Pam said...

Hey that sounds like something I could use! I would rather take something natural for my migraines than the darn pills I'm taking every day! Let me know how it goes!

Loved all the halloween costumes, especially the sweet pea!

Valerie said...

So where do you order this from? Online, stores?
p.s. - yes i did switch to Beta, you anonymous poster you! :o)

Chickenbells said...

Wow...wonderful! My mom's a licenced herbalist and tinctures all her own herbs and flower essences. We all have quite a few food allergies (which I sometimes ignore...hmmmm) and I personally have a lot of medication allergies, so we've had to really stretch into the more holistic realm. Sometimes it's a better place to find help with symptoms! I can imagine after carrying 5 healthy takes it's toll on your, anything in liquid form is so much easier to take because you actually assimilate it sooo much better (just like you said!) I have a hard time taking anything that isn't a liquid myself because I know about the benefits! I hope this helps your pain and helps you feel healthier too...there are so many wonderful resources for holistic things (especially in Phoenix!!) I can't wait to hear your full report!

PS...powdered MSM is also good for your joints, and doesn't taste like anything!!! I take it daily (and it helps sooo much, and I haven't even had kids yet!) OH...Emergen-C is good too...all yummy and fizzy!

Kristan said...

Thanks for all the good info Jolene. Guess what my body is also 38 and it doesn't feel so hot at 5:00 am when I get up to attempt to go walking. Thanks for the inspiration.

CathyVal said...

Where do you buy this from?

Anonymous said...

Sounds similar to this awesome stuff I take called Via Viente...



Anonymous said...


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