Sunday, November 05, 2006

Photo shoot

Today I took some pictures of the new little family. I took 75 in fact. There was a lot of shots I didn't get to take because we lost the golden hour way too fast. I wanted to upload 12 of them, but blogger said no ma' can only have 8....Well dang-it! Perhaps I will upload more tomorrow. I think I got some good ones. You have to take a bunch in hopes of a few good one. I just wish I had photoshop so I could fix them a bit....and more than that I wish I had the knowledge to use it. That's going on my Christmas wish list. :o)
I'm off to bed...I've had a very full 2 day weekend. It certainly wasn't restful.
breakfast with Mark (every Saturday)
uploaded pictures of my nephew
bought a birthday present for that nephew
bought treats for Coles game
made a cute framed scrapbook page as a gift
went to Cole's game...he won
went to a birthday party
prepared my primary lesson
went to church and taught primary
had lunch
took a very short nap
home teachers came over
took pictures of the cuties
baked 200 cookies
bagged and boxed up enough cookies for Chad's unit
wrote him a letter
uploaded pictures
updated my blog
It's 11:37 and I'm so done for the day.


Teresa said...

BEAUTIFUL, Just Beautiful, they are such a cute little family. Baby Mark sure is growing and I know everyone is so proud of him. The pics. are super, I love to look at them.. Keep up the great work and get some rest!!

Coleen said...

The pictures are adorable. Good job as usual. I was thinking, if Brek is my nephew who is Mark to me? Hmmm... I guess just my nephews son. Love ya Babe's. Talk to you either tomorrow or the next few days.

Andi said...

I'm exhausted just reading everything you did this weekend Wonder Woman!!!

The pictures are absolutely adorable!!! Love those little feet! What a joy he must be to you every single day.

Happy Monday!

Jen said...

Very nice!

What kind of camera do you have?
Let me guess...a Rebel?

~Telah said...

Great pictures...I love the one of the feet!

SmileyCarrie said...

Great pictures.. What a sweetheart!

I'm so impressed that blogger let you upload that many.. heheh.. I get stopped around 5.

Great photoshoot :)

Valerie said...

dang - i'm done just reading what you did!

great pictures - love that cute little Baby Mark smile!

Amand Hart said...

Great photo shoot I love the pictures, you could be the next Tara Whitney!! Sounds like you had just as busy of a weekend as I did. I am so sorry I have not commented on your blog in such a long time, a little crazy around here. But, I am sure you can relate. I can't beleive that we need to get into christmas mode already. I read somewhere the other day that there was only 58 days till christmas, yikes! Oh, by the way I saw that you got the basic grey stars, I just made one the other night, the best way to put them toghether is with hot glue, Good Luck!

Melissa said...

Great, great pictures! What a beautiful family!

And yeah, I'm tired just reading about what you did.

Anonymous said...

Oh Jolene, those pictures are beautiful!