Thursday, November 16, 2006

Crafty things

Look what I got finished today with the help from my new friend Michelle. She has her own vinyl company and is very reasonably priced and a sweetheart to boot. I painted these projects last month, but wanted her to be able to get through some big events she was doing and Halloween before I bugged her to do my vinyl. She is the same one who did the vinyl for my cute jars. I SO LOVE these pieces and plan to order some more as family Christmas presents. The established one I hung in the entry way by my front door. The bigger one will be downstairs in the family room, but I need to repaint that room first...problem is I bought the paint months ago and I can't remember exactly where I hid it from myself. I hate it when I do that! My family room is already red and the paint I got is a deeper red. There are a lot of scuffs and dings. It just really needs to be freshened up...especially for the holidays. That is a project for me and Brittany. :o) I have an idea for that wall that I'm excited to try. I'll share pictures when I'm done.

I'm thinking that random thoughts is going to be a staple on my blog because I can say a little blurb about things without telling a whole long story or things that don't really have the need for more that a one liner. I like that I can just get things off my chest and out of my head....and since it's my blog I can do pretty much whatever I want. :o)

Today's random thoughts...

Cody is better today...still got a call from the nurse regarding a rash on his arm. It's always something. :o)

Got a call from Cole's school nurse too...he had a headache

Maybe my boys just like the nurse...hmmmm...

I always smile when I walk in the room and click refresh and see that there is a new comment

I am so easy to's just silly how easy. :o)

Baby Mark has a little does Kyle

Our employee Eric is VERY sick today...bad things are coming out of every part of his body...ick! (TMI)

Mark had a full schedule on his own after Eric went home early

My pictures are not here yet, but should be here tomorrow (Friday)

I don't HAVE to have my cards done by Thanksgiving...I just want them done so I can turn my focus to other fun things to do with my family.

Really wish I knew where I put that darn paint!

I'm outta here...I have cards that need to be made. :o)


Tiara said...

oooOO can't wait to see the pictures after you paint the room.

Also, did you make that big clock int he picture? That is an awesome clock!

Again, I LOVE this blog. I am having a ball looking at all the eye candy.


Cee said...


Here's my list (you're rubbing off on me):

* I woke up alive and semi-sane. Praise God.

* I made it to Chandler Fashion today. That mall is *always* packed.

* I went to the Gap for some jeans. I now swear by Gap Curvy Flare for us cuuurvy womenfolk.

* If I had babies, I would be poorer than what I already am. My friend and I went to the Children's Place (for her great granddaughters). I had to literally stop myself from touching baby clothes. The outfits were so sweet.

* I need to learn how to SEW, because alterations are extremely expensive. It's sinful how much the seamstresses quoted me to take in the waist of my jeans.

* I spent the day with my good friend, Mary.

* Pier One has their candles in jars on sale for $8.

* Jolene posted on her blog. :)

Thanks for the 411 about your pictures. That means that I should have mine here by Sat.

cee said...

Lovely clock!!!

Kassie said...

Love your blog, Jolene. It's always fun to click and see what you've been up to. Love the signs.

Amy Mowbray said...

Your signs are adorable and so creative. Love 'em.

I hope you find your paint! And you don't have to complete your cards by Thanksgiving!

Rhona said...

Love the signs too, really cool! Good luck with the painting (when you find the paint =o)). Have a great weekend.

Laura said...

I am pretty new to your blog but I am loving it. You have such a beautiful family and your work is really inspirational. I love your signs! Can you tell us if your friend Michelle has a website?

Chris said...

Cool signs... The one by the door looks excellent there...You are so good at putting colors together...

Glad to hear the Cody is better...sure hope his illness didn't spread as its no fun being sick on Thanksgiving!!

Tomorrow Chad can have his goodies...

Briana said...

Love the new signs! So cute and very creative!

Briana said...

OH! I just noticed I'm listed as a blog you read! Made my day! It's not the greatest, I'm still getting started, but I created mine after I stumbled upon yours one day and got inspired! So thank you, it's been fun and I look forward to reading yours everyday!

Dawn Oberholtz said...

Jolene, I just love love love your blog! I found your site through Heathers and now these are the two that I go to first thing! Your home is just gorgeous and I love the signs! Dawn O.

Anonymous said...

Hi there,

You don't know me, but I found your blog through another blog, and I find myself checking yours daily. Hope that is not too weird.

Isn't blogging strange? Who would have thought we would like reading each others thoughts, even though we don't know one another.

Anyway thanks for letting me snoop.

Mine is not as interesting, but incase you want to check me out. LOL

Happy Scrappin!
Wendy Myers

Missy's Blog said...

Okay Jolene ... you MUST come to Virginia and redecorate my house. I just looove all the color you use and I looooove your style. The signs are amazing ... you did such a good job with them. I hope all the boys/men in your life get well soon. I'm taking my Christmas Card list with me when we are away for Thanksgiving and hopefully I'll find some really fun ones to send out.

Amanda said...

Love, Love, Love the signs. Great Job! Thanks for sharing.

Jacquie said...

Ugh colds suck, we all have a bit of something here. We kinda stick to the share and share alike motto LOL. Mmmmm all this talk of Thanksgiving makes me wish we hadnt had ours already, can't wait for x-mas dinner now.

Pam said...

Congrats on your magazine score! How fun! Sorry to hear the baby and Kyle are not feeling well! Glad to hear that Cody is better but hope Cole isn't getting sick!

Way to go on Chad doing so well! So mean they won't let him have his cookies when they are fresh! :(
Way cool you get to talk to him this weekend!

Need more baby photos!

LOVE the vinyl stuff! Awesome!

Andi said...

Jolene, love the signs and the clock!!! I adore big clock with regular numbers and not Roman Numerals.

Red walls always look so warm and inviting. Be sure and post a picture when you paint. Of course I know you will.

Hope everyone is feeling better.

SmileyCarrie said...

Love the signs... great job!! So talented!
Hope everyone is feeling better.. and have a super great weekend ! *HUG*

Anonymous said...

The signs are so cool!!

Chickenbells said...

Wahoo! I love the signs...wonderful! I hope everyone's well soon!

Valerie said...

LOVE those signs - they are the coolest!! i'm sorry Baby Mark has a "code en 'is node" (as the Niece says when she has a cold in her nose)Can't wait to see your new paint job!