Thursday, November 09, 2006

And so it begins...

Thought I'd share part of the card making process since it's all I'm really doing lately, besides tending to family needs, of course. So far I lots have nice neat stacks of cut paper. The rest of my chatterbox paper came in today so I just finished cutting that. I started on the quickutz flowers and leaves, but that is going to take a few days to finish those. The messages for the inside have been printed and cut. The only elements still missing are the pictures, mailing labels and stamps. I actually think I can pull this off by my deadline, but it's not going to be easy. Two weeks and counting. I think I work best during crunch time anyways. :o)
Brittany is sick today...some icky stomach thing....poor girl! Tomorrow my kids have no school because of Veterans day. I had no idea until this evening. I know...good mom, huh?! :o) I let them have a cousin come spend the night, so they are happy campers. I'm going to the chiropractor tomorrow for a crunch because something is out in my neck. I've had vertigo for the past two days, so my head doesn't feel so good. If I lean over it sends me into a spin...which in turn makes me feel nauseous. I'm off to bed. Thursday night means I get the least until Mark gets home from his ride. :o)
Be sure to honor the Veterans in your life!
***Updated*** All 240 poinsettia flowers are cut and all 480 leaves. My sister Rene came over yesterday so I could help her plan a 3 week menu, and in turn she cut all the leaves while I cut the flowers. I have 10 cards done...230 to go. Plus all the Merry Christmas from the Georges have been adhered to the red squares. Family pictures tomorrow! It's coming along.


Kassie said...

Jolene, you are the best blogger! It's always fun to check in and see what you've 'blogged' for the day. Thanks for letting us peek in on your life.
That's a dang lot of cards, crazy lady! Wow!

Cee said...

Seriously, how do you know so many folk? Church? Husband's work?

I know a lot of people, but I don't even think that I could come up with 50 folk to send a card to, especially a homemade card.

You're the girl!

Andi said...

Such organization!!! I'm impressed!!!

Hope Brittany feels better!

Missy's Blog said...

Jolene, I hope the trip to the chiropracer alleviates the pain you are having, and the vertigo goes away and soon. It's so hard being sick with a new baby ... I hope Brittany feels better really soon. Look how organized you are ... you have it down to a science!!

Valerie said...

that, my friend, is quite the set-up you've got going! i always start mine sooo late, and then complain about it non-stop.
but does it make me change my ways? nope. what a dope i am!

Amy Mowbray said...

Wow! You've got to be at least 1/2 way through since I'm sure it too a really long time to cut all that paper. Not to mention all the quickutz squeezing! Your card is really cute! Can't wait to see the picture you use!

Rhona said...

Wow Jolene, I take my hat off to you and you're super organised. Well done, I'm sure you'll make your deadline! Hope you and Brittany are both feeling better soon. Have a good weekend.

Leona said...

wow! so organized. I need to get that. Have fun, you can do it. Hey! put those boys to work. Leona

Melissa said...

So that's what highly organized people do. They make assembly lines! I'll have to remember that for future reference!

Good luck getting everything done!

Teresa said...

WOW, Jolene, How do you do it??? I don't know that I would ever finish.... Did anyone say SUPER-WOMAN?? I hope you and Brittany get to feeling better!!

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2/3 cup milk or water
2 tablespoons sugar
1 egg

1. Heat oven to 375°F. Grease 9-inch round pan. In small bowl, stir streusel ingredients until crumbly; set aside.
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I doubled the streusel topping!

Teresa said...

oops here is the first part that I somehow didn't copy and paste into the last post::

Cinnamon Streusel
1/3 cup Original Bisquick® mix
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2 tablespoons firm butter or margarine

SmileyCarrie said...

Love your pictures of the "process"!!
Hope Brittany is feeling better soon!

Chickenbells said...

My I allowed to go to sleep yet? It sounds like you had a busy week too...I swear I only turned off my computer for a minute...and here you are with all your creative wonderfulness! I love all the cards from the past, and the one for this year too...

I hope that Brittany is feeling better soon as well (then she can help with the assembly right?!)

September said...

Yay you for being almost done! (You know the cutting is the worst!) I hope Brittany feels better soon, tummy things are the worst! Love, Tember

Maren said...

Hi! My name is Maren and I found your blog a little while ago from Melody's Sofa blog. I was wondering what you use for adhesive when you mass produce cards. I like to use mono adhesive, but it is expensive and I find that it doesn't always hold up well, especially for heavier papers like Bazzill Basics.

Maren said...

Jolene--thanks for answering my question. How easy to use is the Scotch ATG 700? It looks like it might be a bit unwieldy. It is something I might have to give a try though. Thank you.


Janna & Derrick said...

Jolene- Doest mine eyes fool me?? Behind your that a closet full of scrapbooking fun? I am SO jealous!!!

Thanks for all your sweet comments! I don't know how you have time to do all that you do.

Have a great picture day!

robin c. said...

How do you stay so organized and get so much done? What is your secret??