Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Help wanted

I had some help with the cards today...at least she thought she was being helpful. The reality was...not so much!
Yup! Not even on the clock 20 minutes and I find her sleeping on the job...and to think I paid her in advance with kitty treats...sheesh!
Random thoughts and stuff...
no make up
hair pulled up
stretchy pants and comfy t-shirt
not so pretty, but I'm comfy
47 cards done
mine and Mark's laundry is done
my kitchen is clean
my floor is not clean
pot pies for dinner
in my defense I did make a great dinner last night
hate construction on the way to Kyle's school
can't find my sandals
sick of popping out the center slits of leaves
adhesive smells funny
Cody de-pantsed Brek in the kitchen...not a pretty sight...shudder..
got a shipping email from winkflash this morning...so fast!
really hate 9th grade bullies that pick on 7th graders
enjoying my caffeine free pepsi with my teeny sonic ice
looking forward to Thanksgiving and pie making
Have boy hair on me from giving a hair cut
really wanting a shower and a good nights sleep
hoping all of you had a wonderful day! :o)


Cee said...

Pie is my weakness. It doesn't help that I live 2 minutes from Marie Callendars. I am assuming that you're making pumpkin pies? I'm thinking about making a "test" sweet potato pie this weekend. I haven't made one in awhile, and I need to see if I have the touch prior to taking them to my friends' homes on Turkey Day.

Cee said...

This question pertains to Winkflash. I'm going to give them a try, because they are definitely cheaper than Wally World. Question - how long does it take for you to receive your pictures? If you place an order by Monday, do you have them by Friday?

Jolene George said...

I ordered my prints (240 wallets) at 3:00 yeaterday afternoon and got the we have shipped email at 10:18 this morning. They really are fast. Plus I like that you can order prints with a white border at no extra charge.
As for pies..I'm making pumpkin, pecan, cherry cream, strawberry cream, apple, chocolate cream, banana cream and pumpkin freeze.

Leona said...

Oh how cute. Cats are the best, just love them. you're gettin there keep up the great work.

Cee said...

You should have never said that you make banana cream pie. I LOVE me some banana cream pie. That's what I usually order form Marie Callendar's. I drive my friends insane with my obsession for b.c. pie. Once MC gave me coconut cream by mistake. I went home, showered, and was ready to eat my b.c.slice. I immediately called and complained. I went back the next day and got a free piece. A while back, a friend and I shared a piece. We scarfed it down in 2 minutes. I LOVE IT!!!

Thanks for the 411 about winkfish!

Andi said...

Sometimes those kitty treats just make you want to curl up and snooze! Cute picture!

Looks like your cards are well on the way. I haven't even started my cards...they may be Hallmark this year...Yikes...did I say that!!!

Your blog is wonderful...love the random thoughts and stuff...made me smile.

SmileyCarrie said...

Awww so cute... your kitty helping you ;)
Have a super great day!

Chris said...

Where did all the baby kitties go?
I bet they aren't so little any more!! I am NOT a cat person but if I had one I would want a grey one like yours...so sleek and Fancy!

Anonymous said...

Jolene, you are too cute!

Amy Mowbray said...

The anonymous was me!

Kelly said...

Beautiful cat! I've never had one, my dad is horribly allergic. And now my boyfriend isn't really a cat person! I guess it wasn't meant to be!

Your cards are coming along great though!!

~Telah said...

I wish I was close enough to come help you with those cards!

Pam said...

such a precious kitty! good for you getting all those cards done!

Andi said...

Jolene, I'm having the same trouble with Missy's blog...it's totally blank. I've emailed her about it. I think its just blogger trouble and hopefully it wil be corrected soon.

Briana said...

Love your cards! I am not patient enough to make that many and so detailed too!

Beautiful kitty! I had two gray cats growing up and I miss them!

Denise said...

OOOhhhh pretty gray kitty! I love gray kitties!
Great progress on the cards! Good job!

Jen said...

Awww...she's such a pretty girl!!

Keep on truckin' Jolene, only about 200 more to go, roflmao!

I just got my 1st order from winkflash, the photos were nice but the whole ordering, printing, shipping and receiving was a tad slow. Perhaps it's because I'm on the East Coast. But I am happy with the photos and Walmart is just toooooo expensive anymore!

Missy's Blog said...

Well ... "Meowy Chrismouse" to you too! Love, Love, Love the kitty pictures ... just look at those eyes ... and to think you actually got to see them for a full 20 minutes.

Love the random thoughts to ... it's a great way to get things off our chest in a light hearted way ... LOVE IT!!

And .. unfortunately my blog is still all green to me. Others can see it, but I still can't. =( Maybe it will come up for me soon.

Anonymous said...

Jolene, you crack me up! Your blog always makes me smile. Thanks!

Chickenbells said...

What a wonderful cat bed! My cat is looking over my shoulder and is quite jealous (even though I worked sooo hard on those darned covers for her new cushions!)

Valerie said...

i'm laughing soooo hard to think of Brek being pant-free! muh-hahahahaha!

my kittie, Elvis, is another helpful paperweight...just like your furbaby! totally funny!

Maureen said...

1st off.....your kitty is beautiful and I *love* your family picture for your GORGEOUS card! I just spent some time checking out your blog! So fun!
Happy card making and you have sold me on trying winkflash! I hear the shipping is great as well!
ps...thank you for stopping by my blog....made my day :)