Sunday, November 19, 2006

Half way there

Thank you so much for all the well wishes. I'm feeling better today. My head and neck is still messed up, but I will go to the chiropractor for a crunch to take care of that in the morning. I'm officially half way through my Christmas cards. 120 are completely done! Yay me! The problem is that I bought my cardstock from the bazzill warehouse sale, and I didn't know it, but every sheet has a bar code sticker on it. That would be fine if your using it for a scrapbook page, but when your making cards, it makes it to where half of my cards have the flippin' sticker, that isn't the easy come off kind of sticker, so I'm frustrated and card making has come to a halt. Apparently I'm going to have to go get more stinking clover green cardstock....uggg...

So what are all of your plans for Thanksgiving? We are going to Casa Grande to my in-laws house. I'm making pies...pumpkin, cherry cream, strawberry cream, banana cream, chocolate cream, apple, and pecan. Plus I'm making cream corn, sweet potatoes and deviled eggs. We always celebrate Thanksgiving with Mark's family and Christmas Eve with my family. I really enjoy this time of year and I'm thankful for so many things. Although I am always aware of the blessings in my life, Thanksgiving always has me counting my blessings more than normal. Gratitude is such an important thing in life....I'm even grateful for trials because it makes the good stuff that much better.

Random thoughts

Not appreciating the little bar code stickers on my paper

Ran out of duck adhesive. I get mine in the 4 pack. Went to Wal-Mart to get some more and was asked if I was old enough to buy it. WHAT?'s tape people?!

KFC for dinner...not so good. I guess I should have cooked instead of buying food on Sunday.

Sick to death of spam emails. I'm so not interested in latin lovers, asian singles, online education, auto loans, creditors be gone, refinancing or ring tones! GRRRRR!

I got my paper craft gourmet magazine from Heather. Thank you Heather!...I got to look through it last night. So many great ideas and recipes. I love it!

Some of you wanted to see my scraproom in bigger pictures. I put them on 2 peas a while back, so you can see them full size. Here's the link.

I'm so glad that I'm not the only food and beverage hider

I'm equally glad that not just my kids lie about taking things. I get so tired of hearing the "I didn't do it" and the "it wasn't me" lines. At least I'm not alone and some of you have children that suffer from this denial affliction.

We got to talk to Chad for a few hours this weekend. That was so nice to catch up on things since he's been gone. He is getting so excited for graduation and coming home for Christmas.

Watched Nacho Libre last night. (2nd time) I can never get those 2 hours back again.

Who is decorating for Christmas Thanksgiving weekend???....I am!!! :o)


Denise said...

Jolene - I just love stopping by your blog and catching up on your life - it's so full of adventure! Glad to see you're making progress on those Christmas cards!
I will be decorating for Christmas next weekend (only because I don't dare venture out to go shopping - not on your life! LOL!).

Cee said...

Jolene: Don't be talkin' about my bread and butter (online education)!!!!! LOL! I am glad that people are interested in online education, since I am an online instructor. LOL! I couldn't help but chuckle.

Yes, I am decorating this upcoming weekend. I purchased a beautiful wreath at JoAnn's. I luv black angels, and Cracker Barrel of all places, has a large assortment of them. I purchased a snow ball with a black Mary, Joseph, and baby Moses in it. It plays "Silent Night." Cute.

In order to put up Christmas stuff, this place has to be SPOTLESS. I best get started tonight. It should be a simple task considering that I live in a BOX.

I'm glad to hear that you are feeling better.

Are you going to Etc. tomorrow? I'm thinking about going tomorrow AM.

I got my pictures from Winkflash. The quality if just as good as Walmart. For that price, I can wait 3 days to get my photos. I paid $2.00 for my pictures.

Are you getting any help with those cards?

RE: KFC, the key is to tell them that you want your chicken fresh. I tell them, "Look, I am tired and hungry. I don't have time to deal with the drama that is associated with going home to find out that I have a bucket filled with reheated chicken. Therefore, make sure that my food is fresh." It works everytime. Then again, I am the same woman that tells Pizza Hut to cook my pizza as if the CEO of Pizza Hut is coming to my home for dinner, and his job is dependent on how good that pizza is cooked.

Jolene George said... totally crack me up! LOL! I'd never dis you! and I think I'll be ordering my food the way you do..with confidence in what I want and expect. :o)
I'm glad you got your pictures!
I think I am going down to SBE in the morning to get more stinking paper and to talk to Marti about the stickers.

September said...

have you tried Undo? Maybe that would take off the labels? Just a thought... I had planned to work on my cards this weekend but now it's 7:45 on Sunday and I didn't. LOL Ooops.... I spent the weekend getting Josh's hair cut. Seriously.

Anonymous said...

Half way is pretty good.
I'm in charge of the ham for our Thanksgiving, and we usually decorate for Christmas that weekend too. Glad you're feeling better!

Leona said...

I am decorating this weekend too.

Andi said...

Love your blog and your positive "thankful" attitude. I too count my many many blessings more frequently at this time of year. I am thankful for the wonderful friends I've met in the short time I've been 'blogging' and that of course includes you.

We're going to my step-daughter's for Thanksgiving. I'm to bring my baked corn and a chocolate pie dessert. Jenny's pumpkin pie is so wonderful but some of the family have to have their chocolate! Your pies sound yummy!

I'll start my decorating this weekend too...and prepare for the tree which will be live so it will come a week later.

Jen said...

OMG, you could open up a bakery making all those're so ambitious! Share some with me okay?

We are going to my aunt's house for dinner, the whole family will be there....ready for this one...that would include, myself, Gary and 3 kids, my brother-wife and baby, my mom and stepdad, my aunt whose hosting and her husband and my cousin. That's it!

No decorating for me, have no desire too. :o(

Teresa said...

Jolene, You are so sweet.... Thanks for all of the nice things you post on my blog. I'm feeling so much better this morning. I always get like this when I have something major going on. I didn't get any sleep after I posted the other night and I stayed up till yesterday afternoon..... I did however sleep last night and I got up at 7 and got my make up on and I'm ready to go to work..... I'll be posting later today sometime. Teresa

Valerie said...

Thanksgiving will be @ my mom's, with dinner provided by the Fine Folks @ Knott's Berry Farm! i always order their "Turkey in a Box" feeds 6-8 for $50 and everything's hot, cooked & they even load it in my car! How cool is that?!

i'm so glad you're feeling better! i keep getting spams too...these are clever enough to say in the subject "hi val its sam" - i know anyone named sam? i don't think so.

Briana said...

Nice to see that someone makes as many pies as I do for Thanksgiving, variety is the spice of life, right? I will NOT be decorating this early for Christmas, not because I wouldn't love to get into the festive spirit early, but rather because I have two boys, ages 2 and 4 and the house would not stay decorated for long with them around!

Cee said...

Jolene: I am going to Etc. if I can get the energy to start getting ready. If I don't see you, have a wonderful day!

PS: If you want hot fries at Wendy's or Mickey D's, tell the worker that you want no salt. Then,they'll have to prepare them for you. Next, ask for some salt packets.

Presto! A satisfied customer!!!

Pam said...

Me Me Me! I can't wait to decorate! The only thing I won't be doing is my tree, too early for a live tree in my dry house!

Man I wanna come have turkey day with you all that food sounds yummy!

Way to go on the cards! I've got to get my photo taken! I'm going digi this year I think!

So glad you got to talk to Chad!

Oh and my pages are up at 123! :)

Heather Jewell said...

I have been visiting your site and reading your blog for a little while now. I got hooked because of Telah. lol
Your site is great and you are my hero for making all these Christmas cards! You go girl!


Maureen said...

Did you know my husband is a chiropractor? Actually....I work in the office with him a bit :) It's always good to hear when somebody is under chirocare :)
We are staying home for Thanksgiving...just my little family of 5. Kind of looking forward to it :)
So awesome that you are rocking on the cards...esp. after getting sick!
No decorating for me...yet :)

Chickenbells said...

The cards look good all stacked up like that...even though the cat's out of a bed...I LOVE decorating for Christmas after mother hates it! It must drive her nuts that both Rozzie and I are early birdies!

Missy's Blog said...

Your cards are 1/2 way done ... yaaa!! So glad you were able to talk with Chad. Walmart asks that "are you 21" on lots of things they sale ... really weird.

Anonymous said...
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