Friday, November 17, 2006

Short post

Is this mean or what?! I couldn't help myself. We have a mini fridge in our bedroom that we keep soda, bottled water and vemma in. I buy sodas for the kids, but once theirs is gone they sneak into mine. It makes me crazy when I know that I have one left and I'm saving it for dinner. I go to get it and it's gone! GRRRR!!! I only have energy for a few random thoughts tonight because...
I am sick!...dangit!!! Why must they share their germs with me?

Today I am so thankful for my bed...and my bathroom

I really want a pepsi!

I did make the clock and thank you!

Michelle does have a website. It's called Tiffany's room. It's under construction, but you can still contact her.

Mark took the motorcycle to get me pepsi...problem is I don't think he plans on getting it in this city.

Brittany cooked dinner...thanks Brit!

Those people out buying those playstation 3's are just plain CRAZY!

Cole's nurse called and said he's been in 20 times this year...sigh...had to have a talk with him about that.

Tomorrow I get to talk to Chad...yippee!

My head and tummy hurts...very dizzy too!

I didn't leave the house today. Didn't think driving while dizzy was a good idea.

I DID get my pictures YESTERDAY. Not bad since I ordered Monday afternoon. The mailman hid them. Mark found them. He won't come near my front door because he is scared to death of Cinnamon and doesn't know she passed away.

Perhaps I will leave a note for him in the mailbox.

We didn't get to have date night tonight...Mark is so sad!

If I feel better in the morning maybe we can still do our Saturday breakfast together.

It's nice to see so many new faces as well as my old friends too! Thanks for visiting and commenting! You seriously make me happy!

Hey! my pepsi is is some kids soda to distract them from mine.

Back to bed for me...have a great weekend!


Cee said...

Jolene: It sounds as if you have the stomach flu. I hope that you feel better soon!!!

Rhona said...

Sorry you're not feeling well Jolene, hope you feel better soon!

Andi said...

I'm so sorry to hear you're feeling yucky. That's never any fun and especially right at the holidays. Hurry and get better soon. Hope that Pepsi stash perks you up...the sign is cute but you may need a padlock!!!

Leona said...

So sorry to here that you are sick. I hope you feel better soon. I know what you mean when it comes to kids getting into things. I a slight little thing for gobstoppers and chocolate covered peanuts. I hide but they still find them and eat them and leave the empty package in its place. Then no one knows who did it. "I didnt, I didnt, No not me"
Kids- Just plain love them. Maybe I make a sign too.

Jen said...

Feel your sign. Damn kids! Mine sneak into my bedroom and steal my candy stash..grrr!

Valerie said...

did we share germs via the 'net? i've been fighting something all week, too.

although we don't have kids, i do have a husband who also steals my goodies! he's been doing this ever since we were dating and i've said from the beginning that i needed my own 'fridge, with a lock.

i'm sorry you missed date night...hope you feel better this morning!

SmileyCarrie said...

Aww~ hope you feel better soon!! *hug* Take care of yourself!

September said...

Love the sign. Feel better!!!! Take care of you, sweetie. Tember

sohpiasmom said...

Great post..very random, but it made me smile! Thanks for visiting my blog...yours looks great, so I'll be adding it to my list!


Staci T said...

Hope this comment finds you feeling better. Love your sign, I need one for my Dr. Pepper!! Take care of yourself and hugs to you!


Chris said...

Poor baby...hopefully it goes away before the big day this week. At least Cody really did have something and wasn't just checking out the nurse.
(gotta keep an eye on that Romeo!)

glad to hear I am not the only pop and candy stasher...

Susan said...

Go sneak into the kids' rooms and steal their Halloweeen candy - or whatever's left of it!! Feel better soon!

Jacquie said...

My DH needs one of those signs LOL, but it would have to read "Girls Keep Your Hands Off MY Glass of Pepsi" it is addicting isnt it. Hope you feel better soon.

Briana said...

Sorry to hear your're under the weather. Feel better soon!

Chickenbells said...

I hope you feel better soon sweetie! It's amazing to think with all the NOT COLD we're having here in AZ that one could get sick isn't it? grrr...20 times to the nurse? I think your initial suspicion about the crush on the nurse could be correct!

Maren said...

Sorry you are sick. Hopefully you are feeling better now. We've all been sick this weekend too. Somethings going around.

I sent you an email answering your question from my blog. I hope that you got it.

Enjoy your Pepsi!

Amy Mowbray said...

You poor girl. I hope you feel better soon.

Pam said...

LOLing at your "short" post! ;)

Sorry you weren't feeling well!

And you know, I have a way to get your kids to not drink your soda, quit drinking soda! ;)

homedaisy said...

my husband is my soda snatcher. he does not understand how i know EXACTLY how many i have :)

Missy's Blog said...

I love the sign. It's cute, clever and straight to the point. It was very nice of Mark to go and get some Pepsi for you. I agree about the Playstation 3 people ... they are just nuts!! I hope you are feeling better!

Anonymous said...

I am the same way about Red Bull.. dh drinks it like water.. he says it doesn't even give him energy hejust liks the taste... AH! I wouldn't get so mad but it costs $2 a can!!