Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Framed Scrapbook page and Shots!

Here is the framed scrapbook page that I made on Saturday for my nephews 1st birthday. (Chatterbox, of course) I also bought him a really cute riding pooh and tigger airplane. He loves the airplane and his parents love the frame, so everyone was happy. We took baby Mark to the doctor for him 2 month check up yesterday. He is up to 10 pounds 6 ounces, so he's doing good. Brittany was reading Peter Rabbit to him while we waited for the doctor.

Here he is after she got him dressed, waiting for the nurse to give him his shots. He looks nervous to me.

One oral and 3 shots later...OUCH! Lots of screaming and one unhappy baby and mamma. She said Brek can take him to his 4 month check up.

My local scrapbook store called me yesterday to tell me that the Chatterbox Christmas paper came in and they pulled 2 of each sheet for me. They still don't even have it out on display yet, but I have it! Oh happy day! Problem is I still haven't gotten the sheets I ordered from Chatterbox for my cards. I emailed them about it and they sent me a shipping confirmation, so it will be here tomorrow. :o) Since I had the paper in hand and I could see it's true colors I was able to buy the matching bazzill cardstock. I came home and worked on my card design...sadly I hated everything I came up with, so I was very frustrated thinking there is no way I can sit here and make 240 cards and hate them. Finally about 10:00 last night I came up with a design I liked and could live with. Now I just need to beg some of my boys to quickutz me out 240 poinsettia flowers and 480 leaves. We will see if I get any takers...maybe if I with hold dinners..hee..hee...that is evil!
P.S. The Vemma website is up and runing now.
Today is election day, so be sure to vote...but it also means that these childish campain commercials are coming to an end...thank heavens!


J said...

Awwww those 1st needles really suck! Mind you so do the 2nd 3rd 4th and so on they just are not fun. Poor little guy and poor Momma too. Hugs

Rhona said...

I know exactly how Brittany felt, I was crying before the baby when I took mine for their injections. Unfortunately I can't say it gets any better, I still hate it if they need them and they're 18, 16 and 10! I'd get Brek to take him next time too =)

Jen said...

Aww...and to think you took pics of his agony, LOL

You got your package??? WOW that was fast!

Andi said...

I bet that baby boy is just fine right now, but its hard to be a new Mom and Grammy and watch your little one be unhappy.

I voted early and will be glad to have all the commercials over and see those campaign signs come down as well. They seem to be everywhere you look!

Looking forward to seeing your cards. I'll post a picture of the Thanksgiving cards I'm making tomorrow.

Cee said...

Jolene: My parents said that I was absolutely horrible at the pediatrician's office. In fact, Daddy said, "Tell me, how does a 3 month old know her name? How does she know that when her full name is called, that means that it's time for shots, and she screams??" The folks said that when my name was announced, I would look at them, shake, and scream.

When I have a child, I know that my payback is going to be horrific!

Valerie said...

poor Baby Mark! and poor Mama for having to suffer through that with her boyo...but i'm really glad he's doing so much better!

SmileyCarrie said...

Aww poor baby!! That does not look fun at all! :( I was just thinking how lucky Brittany & Brek are, that you are a scrapbooker, and take so many pictures!!

Great layout you made!!

Chickenbells said...

Poor baby! YAY...no more commercials or phone calls about the vote! I voted...did you??? Heavens...that's a lot of flowers and leaves...If I was closer I'd help cut (phew...thank goodness I'm not...lol)

September said...

Poor sweet baby Mark.... I voted.... :) I was a good girl. It was SUCH a busy day I ended up driving up to vote at LUNCHtime. ARGHHHH!!!!

Love you,


Missy's Blog said...

Jolene, I love, love, love that framed layout of your nephew. It is so beautiful! I bet my mother-in-law would LOVE to have something like that of Griffin on her desk. I might just have to borrow your idea and make her one for Christmas. It's so hard when we have to take our little ones in for shots. I remember the first time G had to get a shot, he looked at me as though I had let him down by allowing someone to hurt him. My heart broke. I hope your paper arrives safe and sound soon.

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