Monday, November 20, 2006

The Deen boys!

Look who I met today! Yep! it's Jamie and Bobby Deen...son's of my most favorite Paula Deen. They were at Sam's Club in Chandler doing a food demo. They did the Lady's cheesy mac and Not yo' mama's banana pudding. Both recipes were so yummy! Miss Paula raised some fine boys. They were so nice and down to earth...just like you'd expect southern boys to be. Sorry for the poor quality pictures. I'm really not liking my purse size camera very much. Cole dropped it a while back and ever since the pictures are not so good, but it works for things like this where I don't want to take my big camera. Paula cooks very much like I do...full of flavor, fat and butter, with no thought to calories. Life is too short not to enjoy food! :o)

I went to Scrapbooks Etc. this morning to get more clover green bazzill cardstock. Marty was nice and gave me 20% off, so now I can finish the other half of my cards. Cee...I was there just after 10:00 and you weren't there yet. I told Lesli to say hello and sorry I missed you.

I also went to the chiropractor. When I walked in she asked how I was doing and took one look at me and said "you need me". She was so right. I still have my headache, but I know when you have a headache that lasts over a week it's not going to go away just like that. Hopefully in the morning it will be gone.

Oh! For you Arizona girls...Knee shorts just opened a store here on Gilbert and Southern. I'm so excited! I've always had to order online since they only had Utah stores.

Didn't get ANY cards done today...oh well! There's just not enough hours in the day or tylenol in the cupboard. Tomorrow is another day! I won't be making my deadline, but I've come to grips with that. I'm no wonder woman...that's for darn sure...but it would be nice to look that good in the outfit! But can't cook like Paula Deen and expect to look like wonder woman, right?! :o)


Cee said...

Jolene: I just sent you an email. I am SO sorry. The email explains everything. As you an see, I just got to posting on your blog, and I check this blog regularly for postings.

Lesli did inform me that you said hello. THANK YOU!! I hope that we can do lunch sometime soon.


Valerie said...

oh MAN!!!! you lucky girl!! it would be totally cool to meet the Deen Boyz! they're so cute & like you said: Miss Paula raised them right. ('sides, i LOVE the accent!)

SO glad you're feeling better!! i do have a small suggestion: Excedrin Tension Headache and/or Tylenol Arthritis Strength. the Excedrin really helps with the work headaches and Tylenol does wonders for the back pain & what not. i've been able to use that when my back is killing me - much better than vicadin!

Chris said...

How fun meeting the Deen brothers..

And glad they gave you a discount I am sure you are an excellant customer!!

You are still doing a super job on your cards....For the record: from a yearly recipient yours are fabulous and the hard work gleams from them.

They go in my albums...instant scrap pages for me.....

Hope you get your head to feeling better.

September said...

Go Jolene. It's fine to take a day and not make cards, honest. You'll have them done in no time! You go girl!

Andi said...

Oh my gosh!!! Jamey and Bobby totally cool!!! Your pictures look good to me. I can't wait till Missy sees them. She's another lover of Paula Deen. Missy is headed to Florida for Thanksgiving. Hopefully we're going to get together for lunch while she's here. If so, we'll take pictures...but the Deen boys won't be in them!!!

Briana said...

Oh my goodness! I'm so insanely jealous! I LOVE Paula Deen! Those boys of hers are mighty good looking!

Jen said...

the one in the yellow shirt is pretty hot!

Maureen said...

Okay, so your chiro is a woman? What is her name? It would be so funny if it were a girl my hubby went to college with!
Her name is Marianne Ludwig...well, I think she is still married? :)

Anonymous said...

I love Paula Deen too. Her boys seem real sweet on TV.
Hope your headache is gone.

Chickenbells said...

Heavens's certainly OK to be a little off the goal right? I mean, it's for a good cause, the headache and all!!!

Missy's Blog said...

Oh my gosh ... I'm so, so jealous!!! You got to meet the Deen Boys. I'm hoping Mike, G and I will be able to stop by Savannah on our way back to Virginia. I'd love to eat at "The Lady & Sons".