Wednesday, October 11, 2006

updates and stuff

Meet the Scotch ATG 700. I got this bad boy in the mail. It came in this HUGE ball of bubble wrap and plastic. I'm not lying when I say it took serious effort to get it out of it's bubble cocoon. After much effort on my part, I gave up and gave it to Mark. He took his carpet knife to and it was free. What I love is that the tape is a whole 60 yards long. I got the 3M 908 Gold 1/2"X60 yrds. I wont have to refill for quite some time. It works like a hermie or an orange duck, but the double stick tape is stronger and you have to use the trigger.Look at the size comparison to my purse. It's GINORMOUS!...yes that is a real least in my mind it is. :o)Good news about baby Mark. He has been moved to the CCN (continued care nursery) for babies who are less sick. He had his broviac line taken out yesterday and hasn't thrown up at all. Brek and Brittany are taking a CPR class tomorrow and have been given a go-home check list. If everything continues to go well, he could get to come home in a matter of days. Mark and I spent a few hours with him last night....feeding and holding him. He really is the sweetest baby.

Say good-bye to Pumpkin...We gave her to a guy to has a male golden retriever because we just couldn't take it any more. She is happy to finally be able to play with a dog that has her kind of energy. She is a gorgeous dog, but clearly not worth the destruction she caused. Plus the other two dog didn't like her because she jumped on their backs all the time. Cinnamon is too old to have her doing that. They haven't been able to use the back yard at all because of her. Let me just give you a run down of things she has eaten or chewed on that I can remember off the top of my head.
the weed whacker
the lawn mower bag
both propane lines to my new grill (you can click on the June archive to see the's mondo huge!)
the BBQ tools
patio furniture
a couple dozen boxes of candy canes
all the pool toys and pool tools
shoes towels and clothes
my broom
my coffee table
the door frame
the concrete
the new AC unit
the laundry room wall
the patio support beams
the stucco walls
she was literally eating my house.
For obvious reasons we really had no choice. She cost us a small fortune in damage. My stress level was through the roof. We just don't have the 2 years of patience it takes to see this breed of dog through the puppy stage. I love her and I miss her, but I'm so glad she's gone. (I know...that sounds mean)


Gina said...

I LOVE reading your blog. You make TAPE sound fun!!! Thanks for always giving me a smile!
Love you!

Leona Totty said...

Glad to hear that baby Mark is doing so much better. Where did you get that tape?

Andi said...

Hi! I thought I would check out your blog because you had left a cute comment on mine. I'm new at this but enjoying meeting new people. I have to say you have the most awesome scrapbook room I have ever seen!!! And your cards are amazing. You are quite talented...much like my friend Missy.

Jolene George said...

If you want to know where to get the tape thingie, just click on the orange link words in this post.

Pam said...

Yeah! Thanks for the ATG link! I have been wanting one of those and that is an awesome price!

Such awesome news about Mark! I'm keeping my fingers and toes and everything else crossed and saying lots of prayers that all goes well and he gets to come home!

Sorry to hear about Pumpkin! I can't believe all you put up with! That is why I have already said no more dogs after my Bear is gone!

Chickenbells said...

That does not sound mean at all! I had to get rid of a little sweet black and white cat that was sooo entergetic that my Meena companion had to spend a year living down in the basement because all he would do is attack her. I think it may have started for fun, but after a while, he was just her and my Sweetie boy (who I had to have put down after I got back from Europe) It is such a hard decision, because these little pets are so special...but I was loosing my mind, and my other kitties too...our lives have been much better, and he found a wonderful friend that could handle his energy better too!

Yay! yay! yay! about the baby! Oh boy, if he knew what was coming he'd be pretty excited...he's never going to be put down is he?!

Valerie said...

huzzah for Baby Mark!! i KNOW Mommy & Daddy cannot wait to have him HOME & to be up nights while he cries, as opposed to being up nights wondering how he's doing in the hospital.

i SO get the stress related with goldens. my SIL has two, the newest is just a year old (and as big as Marmaduke! yikes!) and has eaten or chewed EVERYTHING, including a tire on my BIL's motorcycle.

Kelly Walker said...

Great news about Mark!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jolene,
I just wanted to let you know that I love reading your blogs, except they always make me cry:) What an awesome idea you had and a gorgeous grandson.
Kimberly Courtney (Kelly Walkers sister)

Teresa said...

Hi Jolene, What great news about baby Mark…I was wondering how he was doing. I did notice in the last few pictures you posted that he looked to me like he was doing much better. I had my fingers crossed for B&B and your family. I know everyone will be so happy to have him at home at last.

I've been meaning to post about your Grandmother, but I was feeling a little guilty when I read about her. Your post was the night before I was to leave to come up to Wisconsin to see my GM. I cannot tell you how sorry I really am to hear of your loss. These things are never easy. I lost my GM on my dad's side in 2001 and she is still on my mind. I find some of the little things that I do remind me of her. Strange how these things work out... One good thing is you have great memories of your GM and they will last a life time...

One other thing before I close for the night, thanks for visiting my blog and for all of your sweet post. You and Missy seem to be so sweet. Take care and I'll be in touch.


Missy's Blog said...

Your new toy is very cool ... I didn't even know it existed. Great news about Baby Mark ... he will be home before you know it.

Allowing Pumpkin to go to a new home does not sound mean at all. It sounds like you did the right thing for him and your family. He now has a playmate and a place to run ... and you will avoid any further Pumpkin damage. I can imagine the hard decision it was ... but completely understand the feeling of relief.

Chris said...

I am thinking of the picture of Pumpkin playing in the mirror. Too bad dogs can't just come trained and not have to chew. But thats life.

Glad to get good news on Mark. I just know soon I will be opening your blog and there he will be, with familiar looking wall paper behind him, because it will be at YOUR house. Long road but it could of been worse. He is a very blessed little boy. And soon to be very spoiled...oh I bet he already is :) (Naw you can't spoil a baby!)

Lisa Marie said...

I can completely relate to your feelings about the dog. We got rid of a destructo-doggie last year for the same reasons. She was the most loveable thing and when she was good she was very, very good...but then there was the other 85% of the time. :} I just didn't have the time to give her that she needed...she was way more social than I could handle. Hopefully she's happier in her new home now, though. I think it's important to do what is best for the dog in the long run.

September said...

I LOVE my ATG! I bought it back in January and then told Amy about it-- I thought you knew too, sorry! It is fabulous and my bestest friend. I could not have survived CKU-A without it!!!

Great news on Baby Mark! yay!!!

As for Pumpkin you don't sound mean, you sound realistic. There's a difference.