Thursday, October 19, 2006

Card making

Mark is riding tonight so I played with my favorite paper and made a card...chatterbox of course! I just can't get enough of their paper. I have one whole cropper hopper thing full of it. Problem is it's too full so I have to start using it faster or buying it slower. They keep coming out with more beautiful stuff, so the odds of not buying it are slim to none. Please excuse my washed out tired looking face. It's 11:00 at night and I really start to go down hill mid afternoon.
Here is a close up of the card. I really like it. I sewed a simple straight stitch around the top pattern paper. Ya'll know I have a sewing on paper obsession, right?! :o)
look who took a little nap in my scraproom today. Isn't he just the sweetest little thing?!

Just stuff...

***Nothing smells better than a baby right after a bath!

***The AC is off and the windows are nice and long over due!!!

***Went bra shopping to buy a full C instead of a nearly A...very cool!

***Planting winter grass this weekend...I can hardly wait!

***Need to get some pumpkins...the boys are so excited to carve them!

***Primary program in church this Sunday. I'm over the 3 year olds. Wish me luck!

***Going to meet my blog reader, Cee on Monday at Scrapbooks Etc.

***Wish I knew when I could get my hands on the Chatterbox Christmas paper so I can start on my cards...sigh...

***How many of you felt like beauty pagent contestants on the little survey??? " Hi my name is Jolene and I'm from Mesa Arizona and all I want is world peace" Picture me wearing a sash and doing the proper cupped hand wave. LOL! Okay I am way too tired..sorry! I really do love knowing more about all of you. Thanks for participating!

***Off to bed before I fall on my face...night all and happy Friday!


Jen said...

Do you know what brand your spice rack is? I've been looking for one and I LOVE yours!!

Amanda said...

Isnt is great when the husband goes away ? Only for a short time, though. I always seem to get so much done, and the house stays clean!! :0 Have a wonderful weekend!

Chickenbells said...

Love the card...I was just sitting here with Halloween card ideas floating around in my head...I NEED to get started so they can be sent before the holiday!

Yes...babies smell good most of the time don't they? He's too sweet, and he's certainly getting a jump on creativity isn't he? Purely by osmosis at this stage!

Jen said...

Never mind :) I found it on eBay....I hope I win one, I LOVE URS!!!!

Missy's Blog said...

Jolene ... to this day one of my absolute favorite smells is Griffin (20 months old) right after a bath. When he was a "baby baby" we used this wonderful lavendar/chamomile soap and it was THE most wonderful smell in the world. Oh my ... makes me want to have another. *Ü* Your card is beautiful by the way!

Andi said...

I just love reading your blog! You're very creative and your card is wonderful! Thanks for sharing your great thoughts.

Love the picture of the sleeping baby in his little baseball shirt. He's adorable!

September said...

LOL, crazy woman. Love, Tember

Leona Totty said...

your cards are cute.

SmileyCarrie said...

Love your cards.. you are quite the talented card maker!!! So impressed!

Cee said...


The card is lovely.

Your grandson is "stylin' and profilin'. I haven't even sported the "layered look" yet. It's back. It's amazing how the eighties are back really strong. One of my students routinely comes to class as if she's Jennifer Grey from "Flashdance." I stand there waiting for her to start dancing to "What a Feelin'!"

homedaisy said...

...cardmaking with a sleeping grandchild, sounds heavenly, you are a lucky lady :)

Pam said...

Hey, don't forget those beautiful close up of the hands and feet photos! ;) Love that sleeping angel photo! ;)

Very pretty card!

How fun that you get to meet a blog reader! Have fun!

Kristan said...

LOVE that paper also - cute, cute card!!!