Sunday, January 14, 2007

We have fire...

It's cold here....well cold for Arizona. Actually it's 33 degrees right now and suppose to get down to 26 or lower, so we had our first fire this winter. Ignore the mess please! Gathered around it is Cody, Cole, Sandy, Brittany and baby Mark. Every Sunday night we have all the kids over for dinner. We look forward to it every week. Since it is so cold, I made chili, chili dogs, corn bread and banana cream supreme pie. It hit the spot! They have all left and Mark is asleep. The little boys and their cousin are downstairs making paper cup towers. I know this because I just heard it come crashing down and by the sounds of it I think it was quite large. I'm so NOT cleaning that mess up. For some reason boys cannot be entertained unless there is some form of destruction involved....or is that just my kids???

Mark and I had a great time playing with baby Mark up in our room while Brittany took a little nap by the fire. We just love this little boy to pieces. He's getting so much personality and it's so fun to watch him develop. Can you believe he's already 4 1/2 months old?!
How can you not love that face?!
Miss Sugar cracks me up. Here she is all stretched out on her back sleeping on Marks legs. She is the only one that will let you rub her tummy. She has the loudest purring motor, unlike momma kitty who NEVER purrs. I love my little princess. She's not the only one who got a nap...I had a great one today after the way, I LOVE my new primary class...such great kids! I can honestly say that I love primary fun! :o) Long nap=me not being able to go to sleep at a decent hour. Weird thing...came home from church today with the front door wide open....kind of creepy to me!
Saturday I had a photo shoot of Brittany's best friend Megan and her husband Joe. Meghan is pregnant and due this Friday. Poor girl just wants to have that baby already. It was freezing outside. I wore my slippers in an effort to keep warm. They were glad to get some pictures with her at her biggest.
You all have to go see what Brooke is sending to Chad. No words can express my appreciation of such wonderful generous new friends.
MLK day=no school for kids which=no peace for me....perhaps we'll bake cookies.


Missy's Blog said...

Snuggling by the fire sounds so cozy and comforting. You know ... letting Brittany sleep is probably one of the best gifts you could ever give her. I remember being a brand new mommy and all I wanted to do was sleep. Boys ... I only have one and I know the destruction and noise he creates ... I can't even imagine that x3. Enjoy your day with the boys!

Jen said...

Sounds like you had a little pick me up with the family coming over. Mark is adorable! Time does fly...I bet Brit is TIRED! And yes, that pic of Ms. Sugar is adorable. She sure looked comfy.
My kids are home today too, and I have to hit Walmart again, and the food store...yikes!!

Jen said...

Sounds like you had a little pick me up with the family coming over. Mark is adorable! Time does fly...I bet Brit is TIRED! And yes, that pic of Ms. Sugar is adorable. She sure looked comfy.
My kids are home today too, and I have to hit Walmart again, and the food store...yikes!!

Melissa said...

I was envying all those who get to stay in today - it's rainy and yucky here, and the temps are supposed to be falling throughout the day.

I hope the boys enjoy their day off!

Andi said...

These pictures are great! I love the one of you holding Baby cute. You should do a scrapbook page with that one...a happy twosome.

Your fireplace looks so inviting. Looks like everyone there thought so too. Your dinner of chili, chili dogs, cornbread and banana cream pie sounds so good!

Diana said...

boys lets not go
My Mother tells me the best days are the ones when her house is filled with the family so enjoy them.
Fires are great! So comforting. We have a woodstove so I can relate!

Chris said...

That sure is cold for you southerners...Wow. We are just getting over the ice storms. Fun if you can watch it from INSIDE!

Baby Mark is a cutie. Bet he can't wait to grow up and eat grandma's good cooking.

Amy Mowbray said...

Baby Mark is sooo cute! He's growing so fast.

I can't believe how cool it is there. Please send it to Virginia!
And that's a great care package. That will be a nice suprise for Chad.

Cheryl Wray said...

I LOVE when it's cold enough to have a fire!! We had 75 degree temps all weekend and it was heavenly! But today it has already dropped by like 10 degrees and it may be cold enough by Wed. for a fire in our fireplace too!

Nikki *Ü* said...

Can I come to Arizona?? LOL It is SOOO cold here in Utah!!!! Your lows aren't even our highs lately!!! It is freezing!!! I got up to go to a leadership meeting yesterday morning before ward conference and the truck said it was -2 degrees!!!! By the time the meeting was over it had warmed up to 4 degrees. Yeah, it's been cold here!!!

Your little grandson sure is a cutie!! My brother's wife just had a baby girl Saturday and I'm so excited to be a an auntie again!! My DH's getting baby hungry again, but I'm so not!! LOL Maybe one day, but not right now!!

Have a nice holiday. Our kids are out tomorrow too for end-of-term teacher prep day. My parents took my girls to their condo, so that leaves me anad my little guy home and he's napping! I gotta put away the Christmas ornaments in their boxes still and then I hope to make some cards!!!

sohpiasmom said...

Man, that dinner you made sounds SO good! It's only 4 degrees here right now...eek! Baby Mark is SO him to death, while this infant stages goes by WAY to fast!

Leah said...

I can't beleive how cold it has been out west. It has been in the 70's here the pas few days.. eerie..

Your grandbaby is so cute!

Chickenbells said...

How fun! It was 3 degrees here last night and 7 when I woke up this morning...yikes.

Cute picture of you and the baby...and I swear, you look so thin!

Maren said...

33 in Arizona and here in Maryland it was 63 degrees today. What is wrong with this picture?? Crazy. I LOVE having a fire in the fireplace. It's been far too warm this winter to use ours, but we love it. Dinner at your house sounds delicious. Oh, and baby Mark is getting cuter each picture you post. It is so fun to watch.

Susie Q said...

What a great day you had! Family, fire, fun and food!!
Love the pictures...Baby Mark is so big and so cute!
Love that picture of you with sweet.
Bless you all...
Love and hugs,

Deb said...

Wonderful family photos! Nothing nicer than being around the fireplace.

Heather said...

Jolene, I wish we had a fire here tonight. It has finally gotten cold here now. I think it is about 25 degrees outside right now. My hands felt like chunks of ice after pumping gas tonight. :)
Baby Mark is adorable! I know you all love being with him and watching him grow and change!
The care package looks great and I know that it will be a nice surprise for Chad when he gets it!
Hang in there and take care!