Tuesday, January 02, 2007

2007 Resolutions

I wasn't going to even have a picture on this post, since I want to talk about resolutions and I have no pictures to go along with that...plus it looks naked without a picture of something. So, I threw this one in because when I look at Kyle it makes me laugh. He's just a funny boy!
I am a girl who LOVES resolutions/goals/check off lists, you name it. I like that feeling of accomplishing things....big things...small things...just so I can say TADA! It's done! I know...juvenile. I don't care...remember, simple girl here. I love the feeling a new year brings. It's refreshing and ...well...NEW! I'm ready to take on 2007....how about you???
Here is my list of goals both short term and long term.
  • "RELEASE" 30 pounds..last time I lost them the darn things found their way back home, so I choose to let them go.
  • Get and KEEP my house to a place where I'm not embarrassed by drop in guests. The humiliation of a messy house kills me everytime.
  • Clean out 1 cupboard or drawer each week in an effort to reclaim the storage I have and make it useful organized storage instead of the tuck and hide storage it currently is.
  • Exercise a minimum of 3 days a week...uggg... I hate to exercise...it hurts!
  • Work on being a better wife to Mark, mother to my kids and to my daughter in laws and a better Grammy too!
  • Write to Chad at least once a week while he's gone.
  • Read the Book of Mormon this year.
  • Scrapbook or do something scrap/photography related at least once a week.
  • Be a GOOD primary teacher this year. (new class-kids 6 turning 7- Mark is my companion teacher this year...YAY!)
  • Do not take on more than I can handle. This is a hard one for me.
  • Be a good blogging friend to all of you. I cherish the friendships I've made and always have room in my heart for more.
  • Do something service or RAK related at least once a week...can be big or small. Service is a huge thing to me. They is no greater gift than the feeling you get from serving from your heart.

Okay....now what about you??? Do you set goals? What are they? If you hate resolutions/goals, tell me why.

P.S. Yes, I have a Canon Rebel XT. I used my 18-200 lens. The remote is cheap and very handy. I can't afford a professional photographer, plus I don't know anyone who would wan't to take on my crazy bunch. :o)

P.S.S. I can finally post on typepad blogs again!!!! but I won't till morning...off to bed!


Chickenbells said...

Hee-hee...I haven't been able to get on the computer for days...or carve any time out for it...the posts are great! I certainly think you should save all the funny pics for April fools and put them up in the window and see if anyone notices! All the other pictures are great as well...

Good list of resolutions too...I wish I made some, but I swear, I don't hardly follow through if I think I HAVE to...so there's that! And good luck with all of yours

Missy's Blog said...

Great list of resolutions Jolene! Who needs a professional photographer when you are as good as you are! I love the picture you posted!

Briana said...

Sounds like a great list of resolutions. I don't make them myself, I am a "do what needs to be done, when it needs to be done" kind of girl. So I'll just be continuously working on anything and everything.

Chris said...

organize, organize, organize. A woman can't be happy with clutter and chaos.
Hopefully a weekly goal of organizing one thing will get me there!!
Happy New Year!!

Melissa said...

Ok, my main goal is to learn to dive a stick shift, but I'll bogart some of yours too - the "releasing" 30 lbs., the exercising more, and the cleaning/organizing things. Oh, and being a better wife/mom/friend too.

And how can I forget, getting caught up on scrapbooking - maybe if I organized better, my stuff would be easier to get to, and I would spend less time looking and more time doing!

Those are some great goals - I can't wait to see you reach them in the new year!

Andi said...

What wonderful pictures! You have such a lovely family and I so adore how you color co-ordinate all your attire.

Your resolutions for 2007 are great! I need to list mine. Maybe if I get the Christmas decorations packed away today I'll do that very thing. So why, you ask am I posting a comment when I have so much to do? I missed my blogging friends and I wanted to read what you've all been up to bringing in the New Year.

Now back to packing Christmas decorations away for another 11 months!

Mary Ann said...

Wow...thats a lot to take on but I'm sure you'll tackle them all with your usual good humor and commitment.

Susie Q said...

Your pictures ared wonderful! You have the camera I am saving to buy! I can not wait to get it!
I doubt that great looking group could ever take a bad picture!
Your resolutions are good ones...we share many. Let's pray that we all are able to move towards our goals this year!


Cee said...

Ooh, you have a Rebel, Jolene! When I have a family, I plan on getting one. Until then, I will rely on my Sony 6.0 12x lens (which I LUV).


To be more POSITIVE
To leave the losers in my life (menfolk) in 2006!!!

Jen said...

LOL at your last comment...now you're behind another entry ;o)

OMG~I saw Hershey Kisses the other day with the candy canes for 75% off at CVS, do you have those there? If not, let me know if you still want them, I can pick them up. I think they were $2.99 regular.
Not a single bag of them in Hershey! But lots of caramel ones :)

homedaisy said...

happy new year, jolene! i love how you have a ton of resolutions but how one of them is not to take on too much!! you are amazing, really. i am glad to have met you too, you are an inspiration :)

Anonymous said...

Great goals! You are so ambitious. I think you can accomplish anything you set your mind too. I too love to set goals. It's a good thing.

Anonymous said...

Go you! Last year my biggest goal was to take a photo a day. While I didn't exactly accomplish that, I did take over 10,000 photos over the year, so I think that's good. LOL

As for me, for this year, I'll be posting on my blog soon, but I plan to blog at least once a week, scrapbook more, and continue working on getting my home where I want it to be. I made huge strides last year, but I'm nowhere near done... :-D Clutter sucks.


Jen said...

I found you 1 bag, that's all that was left. I'll keep lookin' for you!

Amie said...

Isn't it funny - I think if you love to scrapbook and blog it = being unorganised everyone's resoulutions seem to sound the same. I like the one about being a better wife, mother, friend I think I will take that one on board too.


Staci Taylor said...

O.K. so now I have to add some of your resolutions to my list. Especially like trying to take back one drawer a week!! A lot easier that way and not quite as overwhelming!! I make resolutions but find it hard to stick with them, especially the one about losing weight. I too lost 30 pounds 3 years ago and then somehow it came back....still not sure how that happened!!?
Love all of your pictures, what a great looking group of people! Gonna have to get me a remote so that I can be in some of my pictures too! Happy New Year!!

ellen said...

I make a to-do list every day! Good luck with your goals. I'm still working on my list...

Teresa said...

Wow, What good resolutions you have. Jolene, you never cease to amaze me... you’re an inspiration.... I'm so glad I found your blog.... If only I could get done 1/2 of what you do, I would be doing good.... Your Pictures look great and Thanks again for sharing your blog with us... T

Kristan said...

Girl - can I just say "ditto" to all of you resolutions. I am working on my list and it is almost the same to a T. Except I am loosing 50 pounds. They are outta here. Good luck I am off to bed also.

Amy Mowbray said...

Jolene, your pictures came out great. I like the shirts everyone's wearing.

I'm making my list of resolutions. Just trying to narrow it down!

Kelly Walker said...

What awesome family pictures!! Little Mark sure is getting big!! Chad and Sandy make such a cute couple!!