Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Goodbye sweet truck!

Today was the day I had to say goodbye to my truck. The claims adjuster came early this morning and the tow truck soon after that. The body shop had a good look at it and have decided to total it because the frame is bent and tweaked all the way down. I'm so sad about this. I love my truck and I can't afford to buy another one. Another problem is that more than likely they will value the truck far lower than the pay off amount and we'll have to pay the difference. I don't even have the deductible money let alone a few thousand dollars to pay off the thanks to the un-insured red light runner we will be taking it up the back side financially and be without a much needed vehicle. I will find a positive spin on this tragedy....give me a few days to think about it.
Let me give you a little George wrecked car history...not every car we've owned, just the wrecked ones.
  • Ford escort...first car...rear ended by an un-insured taxi cab while being 6 month pregnant with Brek.
  • Ford LTD...wrecked that while on our way to Colorado for a family reunion. Brek and Chad were very little.
  • Oldsmobile silhouette mini van...was t-boned with me and 7 kids in the car, started to roll over from the force of the impact, but Heavenly Father was kind enough to place a school bus in our path to stop the roll just as 2 of the kids were on their way out of the van. We were blessed that day.
  • Ford F-150 pick a several minor car accidents mostly involving Brek or our employee Eric driving it...two of which were scraped down the side of my suburban. Brek drives that truck now for work.
  • Ford F-350 extra cab...Was hit in the drivers side while Mark was driving then later totaled by Eric.
  • Suburban...Mark backed into someone...only had to replace the back doors. Still alive and kicking, but has lots of scars...poor baby! (that's what I'm driving now...AC is out. Big problem when you live here)
  • Toyota corolla...Chad totaled that on homecoming with it loaded up with teenagers that were on a group date.
  • Chevy Astro work van....Totaled by Eric as well. This time it wasn't his fault....again an un-insured driver....lost lots of money on that one.
  • Concourse (one of Marks motorcycles) wrecked by Chad while we were on our 20th anniversary cruise in March.
  • My Chevy Colorado...Totaled by Chad...not his fault...another un-insured sad!
  • We use to have 9 vehicles at one time. (2 years ago) 6 parked in the driveway, 1 in the street and 1 at Eric's. Now we have 2 in the driveway and 1 at Eric's. It looks so weird outside.
Tonight I lost my brains momentarily and decided to go on a motorcycle ride with Mark, Chad and Sandy. We rode up to Globe,'s 77 miles each way and 10 degrees colder than Mesa. MUCH colder on a motorcycle. I froze my butt off! By the time I realized it was a huge mistake we were already half way there and committed. I can't figure out why I'm the only one who froze. I had on jeans, ski pants, 2 shirts, a ski jacket, 2 pairs of socks, snow boots, and a full face helmet....frozen to the core I tell you! We went up to this little restaurant called El Rey's. They have great food and the sweetest employees, but to be honest if I were driving past I would NEVER pull in there voluntary because it's a dive, but the people who know it love it, so they get lots of business. You know when you're cold it makes you have to pee really bad, well I had to go there so I head to the bathroom and peel off my layers of clothing...keep in mind I'm a shorts and t-shirt kind of girl who doesn't have any experience in that layered clothing department. I finally get my ski pants undone and go to unzip my zipper on my jeans and you guessed it...stuck on my shirt. I'm standing in this little bathroom vigorously trying to shimmy the zipper up and down in an effort not to wet my pants. I found myself talking to my pants as if by some crazy magic my words of encouragement would some how free the shirt from my zipper. What was I thinking? After a huge struggle with my zipper winning the fight with my shirt, finally my torn shirt was free and I to pee....just too much drama. I felt so dumb! UGGG! Then I had the even colder hour and half long ride home...just horrible! I'm now thawing out in pj's, slippers and my new robe. So glad to be home! Please tell me I'm not the only one who has had the zipper battle.


Susie Q said...

Oh sweetie. I am so sorry about your truck. And your torn shirt and NO. You are not wandering around alone in that zipper department.
But when you gotta go, ya gotta go. Aw gee but cold has a way with a bladder.
Thank you for a much needed smile.
If anyone can find a positive spin on all this, it will our sweet Jolene!

Jen said...

Oh my, bad history of vehicles....

That totally sucks about theother driver being un-insured...that's why we all pay out the butt for ours! Well, here in NJ, the rates are sky high. Big time.

I sure wish you luck on the vehicle...I hope you don't have to pay...not fair at all.


Leona said...

So sorry to hear about your truck. Thank God you dont have a weak bladder. I would of wet my pants. hehe I'll put you in my prayers. Have a good day!

Amy said...

Ouch! Remind me not to ride with you guys! The thought of all those wrecks makes me crazy.

Amie said...

People who don't have insurance shouldn't be able to have a licence!!!!

You make me laugh thanks for sharing LMAO...

Missy's Blog said...

Jolene, I am so sorry your truck was totaled. Is there anyway the body shop can re-evaluate and repair it?

I agree with Amie ... no insurance should equal no license. That's just sad.

The zipper situation (while certainly not fun for you at the time) was hilarious to read. Thank you for giving me a much needed chuckle this morning.

Griffin and I are sending you a great big cyber hug (and kisses from him).

Wendy said...


I always save your blog for last to read. You are so funny. Always a great story to tell.
I can almost see you in the stall struggling with your zipper. LOL.

Sorry about your truck. Uninsured motorist should be severly punished. Hope it all works out.


Kim said...

Sorry to hear about the truck. It drives me crazy that the law isn't enforced on the uninsured motorists. Somehow they should have to be financially responsible.

Thanks for sharing the zipper story. You are a riot.

Have a great Thursday.

Chris said...

You got to watch the canadian and mexican tags also...unless they buy special insurance they are not covered here either...We had to get it when we went to Canada...was worth it just for the relief we wouldn't be like the jerks that hit you!! Did you get info and will you even try to take them to court??
I once had shorts with draw string on them knotted and well it was not fun since the sissors were not anywhere to be found....

Pam said...

So sorry about your pretty truck! I hope that guy that hit it gets what's coming to him! GRRRR!

Man that's a lot of vehicles and accidents that you all have been VERY lucky in! Guess it's because God knows what great people you all are!

And thanks so much for sharing that very funny zipper story! I wish I was a fly on the wall to watch what must have been a hysterical battle between you and the zipper! LOL! ;)

BTW, did you get the fixed up photo?

Caroline said...

I am so sorry about the truck. That just really stinks, but honestly I am still laughing about the zipper story. sorry......:(

Sheila said...

Hi Jolene, I just read your zipper story, and NO, you're not the only one. That has happened to me, too - and at the worst possible time, when I had to go the most! Annoying, isn't it?
I hope you don't mind, but I added your name to my list of blogs. It's very interesting, and such lovely photos of your family!
Sorry about your truck; I'm also going through not having a vehicle right now. My old car has "had it", and I'm almost ready to get a new one. I see from your list of cars that you've had quite a few in the past! Sorry to hear about all those misfortunes with the un-insured drivers. They shouldn't be allowed on the road!
Take care now,

Tiara said...

Oooohh, you visited my hometown Jolene!!!! How was Globe, it's warmer than here I know that. El Rays' Yummy, I hope you enjoyed the food extra for me. I miss that little restuarant.

Thanks for the zipper story. You are so cute, has anyone told you that lately?

Cee said...


Pray each time that you get into your car and when you get out. That has worked for a lot of my friends that are accident-prone. Share this with your family.

Gina said...

I SOOOOO feel your pain! I loved my big red truck. I miss it, but I also love what I'm driving now. But being from Texas, I think everyone needs a truck!

mn mom said...

So sorry to hear about your truck! That really sucks! They say that on average 25% of people driving out there have no insurance, not good! Anyway, will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. In my religion we have saints and we keep a St. Christopher medal in all our vehicles, he is to "guide". I really believe in that, just a thought you may want to try... I was drooling over your front yard and the warm weather there, all I see here is yucky, dreary snow. I really despise this time of year, it takes so much longer to get anywhere with all the ice on the roads and I need to add an extra 15 minutes just to get the babes bundled up to go out for anything! Take care, Amy =)

Heather said...

I too am working on my resolutions...although it is already the 4th of January and I haven't started to implement them...LOL
I am sorry about your truck! That is awful about the other driver not having insurance...I know that really stinks and is sooo frustrating! I hope things work out for you all! That truck is a beauty too!
And yes, the zipper story....been there done that! LOL
Have a great day!

Diane said...

Jolene, this is why I come to read your blog everyday. Even with bad things happening in your life you still have a happy heart. The zipper story brought me a much needed smile. Thanks!

Andi said...

Well first let me say I'm sorry about your truck.

But it was the zipper story that had me laughing out loud! Once at work a girl came running up to me and asked if I could help her. When I said "of course" she leaned in close and said..."I can't get my pants unzipped". They were a side zip style and she had the zipper stuck. She "really had to go" but managed to dance around as little as possible while I worked on her zipper. I think I got it "unstuck" just in time!!!

Valerie said...

so sad about the truck AND the rest of your cars, girlie! i'll pray that the Lord will bring a miracle to get a new truck (or new to you!)...but after reading all that about your other cars, i'm beginning to believe we ARE related, because my parents have had the same cruddy luck with cars.

perhaps we should both stick to horses.

Valerie said...

p.s. - my big trouble was before my back surgery. the nerves were being damaged, and so i was losing some, *ahem* control. there were times when i could NOT get those dang pants off soon enough.

so i'm feeling your pain. again.

Chickenbells said...

Oh...I'm sorry about the very sad! I know you can spin it up postivie soon...

I just rode a motorcycle for the first time this week...and as soon as I put on a million layers...I had to pee...luckily the superhero had helped to dress me, and there was nothing stuck...but man, those layers (and up here, is there anything to keep you warm when you're zooming about the highway?!)

Leah said...

Oh my on all the wrecks! At least none of them were really serious.

I also can't imagine riding a motorcycle in the cold for that long. You are one brave woman.

robin c. said...

What is it with uninsured motorists??? One hit me years ago and I paid out the nose for the repairs, and of course I couldn't afford it back then...arrghh..Just remember, everything happens for a reason and something really great will come out of this whole episode.

As for the zipper escapade...oh have I been there!

Have a better day tomorrow!!!

casey said...

well i have never experienced the zipper incident...but i did get a good laugh...i could understand the panic haha

i too drive a crew cab truck and i would be so sad if anything ever happened to it.

when i turned 17 my dad bought me a brand new mustang. my birthday is in oct. by dec. it was wrecked and in the shop. got it out and two weeks later it was back in the shop. the second time it got out of the shop in late feb. i will have you know it was wrecked again by that summer. each wreck having a 3-5 thousand dollar total est. damage...thank goodness for insurance. it was my fault each time but the others involved did have insurance.

my little mustang is still sitting in he drive and has actually had two more wrecks since its first year. i just cant bare to get rid of it.

i have gotten better at driving...promise haha

i hope everything works out for you and the truck.


Teresa said...

Oh My, your zipper story is too funny... I can't say that has ever happened to me, but if it does, I'm sure I will be reminded of you..... T

Julie said...

It doesn't pay to be far away! What happened to the truck? I'm not to happy about reading these things and not hearing it from you, you suck! My # is (931)752-5769