Sunday, January 21, 2007

My weekend

Here's my weekend update....Mark and I went for our normal Saturday morning breakfast. I was foolish and let Mark talk me into taking the motorcycle. It was FREEZING! I'm so dumb! While waiting to get a table we made new friends with everyone around us who were also waiting for their tables. For those of you that know Mark, you know he talks to EVERYONE! I think it's a George thing. We had a great breakfast with yummy hot chocolate to thaw me out. We came home and worked around the house. Went to Sam's for groceries and got my nails filled. Saturday night Mark asked me to pick up Chinese while I was out. I don't love it but he begged. Kids were happy and fed, and I didn't have to cook. sounds like a win win for me. When I got home I started working on our primary lesson. I made these cute handouts for the kids in our class. A "chewsing" the right bubble gum theme. :o) They loved them...I'm so glad! We came out of church to it pouring rain. Had to run to by suburban with my arms full of stuff. I was sure that I would slip in the parking lot and end up laid out in a puddle wearing a dress. I really wish I had parked closer. Mark took a separate vehicle to church and raced me home, ran in the house and locked the door. He stood there at the window teasing and doing some funky in your face kind of dance until he finally let me in the house...he's such a dork!

Sunday after church I made cheesy potato corn chowder for lunch because it was cold outside then Mark and I took a short nap...mine was shorter than his. I learned my lesson from last weeks too long of a nap. :o) Tonight Brek, Brittany, baby Mark, Sandy, Brittany's mom, brother and niece came over for dinner. We grilled flank steaks, made baked potatoes, green beans and rolls with cheesecake for desert. Everything was so delicious! Flank steak is known for not being so tender, but if it's seasoned, cooked and sliced correctly it's tender and juicy. We love it! Let me just say that it was so fun having 2 cute babies in the house...too darn cute! Tonight we got very strange really wan't snow or hail. I guess you would call it sleet...very cool for Mesa anyways. The kids were so excited about it. As you can see I haven't had much computer time, but I hope you all had a wonderful weekend with your families.
Just a tip...never be the last one in line for a shower on a Sunday morning...especially with a less than cooperative water heater. My shower was seriously fridgid today. I don't get those people who willingly go do that polar bear swim...their just crazy!


Anonymous said...

What a cute idea for the kids for church... You have the cutest ideas in your blog for many nice projects...Mark sounds like such a character!!!

Cee said...

Jolene: You should have been an elementary school teacher. You would have been excellent. It's not too late to return to school. ;)

RE: your meals, I miss my mom. LOL!

The baby looks so much like Brittany.

Panda Express is not my personal favorite; I love Pei Wei! The rooster sauce is to die for.

Leona said...

What a great idea for your class. Well you should be here in Co. it is snowing. Kids have another snow day. Burrr I hate snow. This has been a snowy winter. Have a great day!

Michele said...


it is Michele. hey i love those handouts. Help me, I just got called to the primary, the 4 year olds. I cannot find any good books for handouts. Where did you find that? Email me... I cannot find yours. Also do you still have that tool? Anyways. HELP ME!! PLEEEEEAAAASSSSEEEEEEE.

Love ya,

Kim said...

Send some of your cold & rain over to Florida. We are the opposite--unseasonably warm. Still have the A/C on. I can't wait to have a rainy day!

Love the gum handouts. Very cute.

Dinner sounds yummy at your house on Sundays! :)

Briana said...

Awww, just love that picture of baby Mark with his proud Uncle! Too cute!

Very creative handouts, adorable!

Missy's Blog said...

What a wonderfully fun weekend you had. Love the handouts you made for the kiddos ... they are so bright and colorful!! Gosh, what I wouldn't do for Mike to ask me to bring Chinese home for dinner ... I love it!

Missy's Blog said...

What a wonderfully fun weekend you had. Love the handouts you made for the kiddos ... they are so bright and colorful!! Gosh, what I wouldn't do for Mike to ask me to bring Chinese home for dinner ... I love it!

Pam said...

Cheesy Potato Corn Chowder? Recipe Pretty Please! Sounds Delish!

I just love the baby photos! Especially the one of Baby Mark and Cole! Adorable grins!

Sounds like a great weekend!

~Telah said...

Sounds like a great weekend! Your husband sounds like such a great guy. I love it when mine is all crazy and always doing something to make me laugh. Hope you have a great week ahead of you!

Coleen said...

Hi Jolene, first I love the commandments gum idea, they look so neat, I bet the kids loved them.

Next, I laughed so hard at the thought of Mark beating you home and teasing you at the window. What a guy! ROFL.

Umm, I second the request for the Cheesy Potato Corn Chowder recipe!

Chris said...

Rain again..does this mean work for Mark or was it not flooding? Such a goof..I know someone JUST like him...

I am teaching in R.S. and kinda miss my primary days..(oops did I say that?)

Baby Mark is growing up so fast where does the time go?

Maren said...

Mark sounds hilarious. I love that! I have a goofball hubby too and I love how he is always making me laugh (I can see where Reilly gets his off the wall sense of humor from).

Those gum wrappers for your primary class are darling.

It sounds like a lot of of fun, family and good eating.

Andi said...

What cute handouts you made for your primary class. All the children will want to be in Mrs. George's class. I want to be!!! She makes neat stuff!!!

Your family is wonderful. I love how you have so much fun together.

Valerie said...

look at that great smile baby Mark has!!! and shame, shame, SHAME on big Mark for being soooo mean to you.
maybe it's time to change his medicine? OR threaten him with hospitalization!!

Deb said...

Sounds (and looks) like a great day!

sohpiasmom said...

Wow...sounds like your Sunday was relaxing and full of yummy food :)

I like flank steak too, but I know a lot of people who don't because they don't cook it

Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog about me being a good mom...made my day...really did :)

Chickenbells said...

Mark sounds like a lot of happy about that, nothing like laughing most of your life away is there? And all the yummy's making my mouth water! I can't believe you guys got sleet, weird, but fun! I just saw someone on a motorcycle this morning...and it was only about 35 (yikes) Stay warm!

Susie Q said...

Such a wonderful weekend dear Jolene!
Mark is a hoot! : ) I love it when Bill does crazy things...just something else I miss when he is away!
Wonderful pictures...and I would love that recipe for the soup as well! I am a BIG soup lover!!
Your ideas for the kids are amazing. Grace would love to be in your class...she has just started Sunday School. Was too shy at first and now loves it.

I am hoping that Chad got his box today...they thought it would be there by Tuesday at the latest. : )

You are an amazing woman Jolene George. A round of applause please....*grin*
Stay well...take care.
Love and hugs,

Missy's Blog said...

What a wonderfully fun weekend you had. Love the handouts you made for the kiddos ... they are so bright and colorful!! Gosh, what I wouldn't do for Mike to ask me to bring Chinese home for dinner ... I love it!

Heather said...

I should hire you to make take homes for my Bible class students! Those packs of gum are just too cute! What a great idea! Glad you all had a good Sunday even with the nasty weather!

Marcy said...

Hi I just came upon your blog on Donna Downey's site and love it. What a great CTR gift, i love things like that and always need more ideas.

Morgan G. said...

hey jolene...your new house is sweetness...i bet the boys will be excited they get there own's a bummer that cole won't be able to play..(he is a real athletic) Tell him that i will finally admit that he is much faster than me (although i can stil out run Cody) mark is getting HUGE...he is such a cutie...well tell every one that i said hi, and i miss you all...lot's of love, Morgan