Monday, January 08, 2007

Thank you!

***EDITED*** Sorry about blogger being down all morning and part of the afternoon. They had a two hour block scheduled for maintenance, but went way over. I hope you come back and comment.I want to offer my most sincere thank you to all of you for your love and support. Your loving words of encouragement humbled me and brought me great joy. I was brought to tears by your kindness to me and my family during this difficult time. I really didn't want to share such un-flattering pictures, but they did capture the emotions and feelings we had and I always want to remember that day. I'm still struggling with my emotions. I broke down a few times in church and today as well. Chad does have more freedom at Fort Bragg than he had at Fort Benning, so I've been able to talk to him at night during his free time...for now anyways. Right now he is also struggling with his emotions. During our two weeks together he got use to being home with his family, so leaving again is very painful for him. He knows he has a job to do and just hopes time passes quickly so he can return home to us and to Sandy. I hope for the very same thing. The selfish protective mom wants him home right now. It's just too hard. I wanted to share Chad's mailing address in case any of you would like to write him. Happy mail is such an important thing to keep him motivated and I know he would LOVE to receive mail and it would mean a lot to me as well.
PVT George, Chad
2125 GSU-Delta Co.
1-158 Inf. Azarng
3238 Butner Road
Fort Bragg, NC 28310
Thanks in advance to anyone who does choose to write my son.I didn't have time to post about this before now, but I didn't want to forget. Cole was in his schools spelling bee on Friday. He didn't win, but he did great and his good friend Jason did win so we were very happy for him. Cole won in his class so he got to compete. They chose the top 2 kids in each class from 4th, 5th and 6th grades. He's in 4th grade. I'm so proud of him.
Thanks again for everything. I sure love you gals!

I was just catching up on my blog reading and I see that some of you dear blogging buddies are organizing a monthly care package to send to Chad. Now I'm crying all over again, but they are happy tears because of the love you have for me and my family. I can totally see the look on Chad's face each month as he opens a package from people who believe in what he's doing and want to make his time there just a little bit easier. He will have the biggest smile. My heart is so full tonight and I am deeply grateful. Thank you so much!


~Telah said...

Way to go Cole! And thanks to you Jolene for sharing Chad's address with us.

Lara in CA said...

Jolene, I was going to post a comment over the weekend about your touching blog entry after Chad's departure. When I saw the photos, the one of you and Sandy with tears in your eyes immediately became my favorite. Many scrappers only take pictures of the good times, but the pictures you shared here are so important because they show how you all are feeling at this very significant life event. Thank you for sharing!

September said...

Go Cole!!!! Hang in there, Jolene. Love, Tember

Chickenbells said...

Way to go Cole...great job!! Spelling is not that easy.

I'm so glad you get to talk to Chad in the evenings as well. I also know the time will pass by fast, and he will be home before you know it...thank you for all the things you share on the blog too!

Susie Q said...

Way to go Cole!! No small feat!!

Thank you for the address dear have no idea how much we all love ya!! We will keep Chad in mail believe me!

All of us are sending hugs as well...
hold tight.

Love and hugs,

TK Angels said...

I don't know why my comments did not register before. I guess I am still just learning.

Anyway, I previously wrote that I am an "old" high school friend of Sue's and recently started reading your blog.

When I read the blog of your son Chad's departure, I also had tears streaming down my face. It is apparent that your family is a loving, close knit family that loves each other deeply.

One of the most important things to remember is that mom must take care of herself also.

Your new blog friend,

Nikki *Ü* said...

Congrats to Cole!! I would love to send a card to Chad to tell him thanks for his service!!

Briana said...

Writing the address down now! Thanks for sharing that!

Deb said...

Beautiful post!

Janna & Derrick said...

I love reading your blog. Your family is so warm and funny and the posts always make me want to go do something productive and good. I want to tell you that you are a wonderful mother, grandmother and wife. I am very impressed and motivated by you and I don't even know you. I will be praying for Chad and thinking of your family while he is away. Thank you for sharing your life. You are very inspirational and I wish you many wonderful things & happy memories (and possibly a truck that is all yours and wreck free). Have a wonderful day and God Bless you and the George family!


good year

Jen said...

That little guy of yours is such a ham, I could squeeze him, gosh he's cute!

Andi said...

Way to go Cole! He's another one of those good lookin' George boys!!!

It will be so much fun to send a care package to Chad...and so many have posted comments that they want to participate.

I've been thinking about you Jolene. You're in my heart and my prayers. I admire you so much.

Love, Andi

Cee said...


I thought of you today while @ Michael's. They have a bunch of Army embellishments there. They are really cute! They also have those military scrapbooks. Something tells me that you may need one. ;)

Valerie said...

it's like the bumper sticker i saw today:
I support my troops.
I question our policies.

the Lord will bless Chad! you hang in there & know i have a shoulder you can always cry on!

Cheryl Wray said...

I also edited onto my blog today and am leaving my post for today up through tomorrow!
We will all keep Chad in our thoughts and prayers!! He will stay safe, I just know it!
Congrats to Cole for going for it in the spelling bee!!

Heather said...

Jolene, thanks for the address. Please post or email me about some of his favorite things or things that he can receive...I would love to start and work with some of my buddies here to send some care packages...that is one small thing that we would love to do.
Still praying for you and your family...tell Chad that your blogging buddies are praying for him and his safety...
Congratulations Cole!
BTW, I love the names of your boys...I have a brother named Chad...he is 2 years younger than me and the only boy in a sea of girls! LOL

Wendy said...

I used this poem on a page this weekend and thought it was appropriate for you.Hopefully it will fit here.

We hope you know how proud we are
that we have you for our son.
Not only for the things you do, but for the person you've become.
We've tried our best to guide you and teach wrong from right. Presenting opportunities to guide you through your life.
We hope you know we've loved you since the day you were first born. You've given us such incredible joy, we couldn't ask for anything more.

Hope you liked it.
Wendy Myers

Chris said...

Yeah for Cole. They let 3 kids in each class here compete in the spelling bee. How fun...

Thanks for the address. I am sure with all the love he gets time will fly....still counting down...

Missy's Blog said...

Congratulations to Cole!! Way to go!!

Michele said...


I lost your email - I knew where I could find ya : )
I need that tool. Glad to see all is well. I will be at my old house tomorrow, can you drop it by then? Just leave it on my door if I am not there...

Love ya,

Kim j said...

first off congrats to Cole. You did great.

second, i was just thinking of you, knowing it must be so difficult with your son away. Just wanted to send u a big ol cyber (((HUG)))

Kim J

Amy Mowbray said...

Congrats to Cole!! Super!

Hope you're hanging in there. I'm here for ya.

Coleen said...

Hi honey, I can't wait to get a care package off to him. I was so excited by the idea! But if you could drop me a quick e-mail with thinks you think he will need/like or things he really won't want. I am going to put a Canadian spin on my package seeing as how that's where I am. I have a few questions to ask you so when you e-mail me I'll respond with the more specific questions about what he can and can't have. So many of us want him to know that we care and wish him well, but it is as much for you as him. You'll know your "baby" is being taken care of and you won't have to be sending a package a week.

Congrat to Cole he is a super kid!

e-maile me at:

Hood said...

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