Monday, April 30, 2007

Weekend stuff

This weekend we celebrated my nephew Kaden's 6th birthday. We all went to Rockin' R Ranch for dinner and the show.
Me and my honey
The entertainment was pretty good. It's nice to hear music that is almost forgotten. These guys were very talented.
Kaden got to go up on stage and so did his grandparents (on Eric's side) because it was their anniversary. Kaden is on the far right and Lavern and Raymond are on the far left. The inside pictures are dark...sorry!

When you go there you, before dinner you can pan for gold, go on a hayride, watch the medicine show, shop in the cute little stores, target shoot, etc. Then you eat a real cowboy dinner that's pretty good. After dinner they have the show, then you go outside for a old west gunfight. It's kind of expensive at $25 per person, but I tried thinking of it as dinner and a movie, so that the price didn't hurt so bad. Sweet Telah purse tagged me and I'm suppose to show you my purse. So here you have cute pink purse and the inside too. Contents are my pink wallet, a pink comb, my pink cell phone, 3 pens, sun glasses, a cute little notebook Amy made me, a pink making memories zipper bag that I keep lipstick, chap stick, lip gloss and eye drops in. I also have Excedrin tension headache, ibuprofen, and for some reason I still have penicillin in there from my tooth ache. Apparently I didn't take the whole prescription...oops! Do people ever really finish the whole bottle? So are any of you willing to show me your purse? :o)
Look at these beautiful candles! I got these in the mail this weekend from Cindi. I was the very lucky winner on her blog. How generous is this prize?! I got strawberry shortcake, apple pie ala mode, snicker doodle, americana and icing. They all smell wonderful and I love them! Thank you so much Sweet Cindi!

National Scrapbook Day is this Saturday May 5th, so of course I HAVE to scrap! Isn't it a law or something?! I plan on having my sisters over and I think one other girl. We are going to scrapbook ALL day. I'm so excited! I'm thinking that this week I will print some pictures and get somewhat of an idea of how many layouts I want to work on so that I'm more productive on Saturday. I'll make some yummy treats and get a BIG pepsi to keep me going. So do any of you have scrapping plans this weekend? Share your plans with me. I want to hear all about it.


Jacquie said...

Sounds like a very neat place for a birthday party. Once May starts we are in the beginning of my girls b-day's months.

Now I must say the thoughts of a snicker doodle candle sounds very intriuging!

TK Angels said...

National scrapbook day is Saturday? My daughter is having a Creative Memories party. Umm good timing :) Love you pics. Seems like a great weekend.

Take care,

Andi said...

Sure hope I don't get tagged to show my purse!!! I'd have to clean it out first!!! I tend to stuff everything inside it!

Sounds like you had fun at your Western dinner show. I like things like that too!

I guess I'd better scrap a little this Saturday...since it's a law!

Kim - ScrapToMyLu said...

Jolene, you would be the first I would invite! Wouldn't it be so fun!

Love your pink purse.

Briana said...

That cowboy place sounds cool! I bet my boys would be all over that, how far is it from Cave Creek? We'll be there the first week in June.

LOVE your pink purse! I did a post back in January about mine. It's right here if you want to check it out.

trace-e said...

Jolene! I want to know where you got that purse! I remember you when you first posted it and your sister had a black one. They are so cute! Please share where you got them! Thanks!

Meg said...

Love your pink purse & pink wallet! Isn't it funny...when you pull the stuff out of it, there's always that little surprise you forgot you were carrying around for months.

mindy said...

Pink purse, pink comb, pink lipgloss....excuse me but where is the pink SCARF?????

Leah said...

The dinner looks so fun! Cute purse too!

NSD I will be scrapbook shopping most of the day. Crazy sale going on at a lss..well not so much local..a few of us gals are going on a road trip to this awesome store.

Amie said...

My purse would be very empty I tend not too carry a bag with me.

Dinner looked like heaps of fun.

Have a good week and a great scrapping day on saturday.

Chickenbells said...

Now that looks like quite the fun weekend indeed...and well worth the money (probably cheaper than a movie as well...)

Cindi said...

Your are a girl after my own heart! I LOVE pink too!

You are so welcome for the candles! I'm glad you like them!

Cassandra said...

It sounds like you had a fun weekend! LOVE the pink purse! I have not forgotten about sending your gift...please forgive me for taking so long. Its been crazy at school! I will get it to you soon!