Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Living room/formal dining room

Here are a few pictures from the living room and the formal dining room...okay, so it's not that formal. I am not a formal kind of girl. I prefer comfy cozy instead. I haven't painted the walls yet, so they are still the icky flat builders white that's impossible to keep clean. I WILL paint when I have money and time to do so. For now I decided to put things on the walls because I was sick of looking at bare walls. I really should have taken the pictures during the day, but night pictures are better than nothing, right.
You girls were all too kind with your compliments about my scrapbook room. That makes me feel good that you all like it. I'm a nice girl who shares, so I'd be willing to have scrapping buddies. :o) To answer the question about my twirly rack, it's just a spice rack I got at Sam's Club a while back. They don't have them anymore. I've had other people ask me about it and I found them several on ebay. I just checked and there aren't any right now, but Sam's Club and Costco usually always come out with a cute one that would work for you. To answer the other question about the "store" in my closet. It's not really a store since I don't sell stuff. In my old scraproom I had installed peg board and pegs to hang up and organize some of my supplies. It made it much easier to find what I was looking it was fun to look at, so I plan to do that in this closet too. I'll share pictures when I do it.
Now onto Chad. I haven't heard from my boy since the afternoon of March 28th. At that point he was in a town in Afghanistan. He said they were getting their ammo to load their guns before they boarded the plane to head to Farrah, which is where his base is. That is NOT the thing a mom wants to hear...let alone being the last thing I heard from him. We have an 11 and 1/2 hours time difference. I keep hoping and praying that he will check in so that we know he is safe and got to his base. My stomach hurts more with every day that passes. I don't know if that's normal procedure, but I don't think knowing he is okay is too much to ask.
His address there is:
Chad George
APO AE 09354
I'm sure he would love any mail, whether it's letters, cards, or care packages. I would suggest sending mail priority because otherwise it takes forever. Please keep him and the other soldiers in your prayers. Thanks dear friends and family!


Nonie Mae said...
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Nonie Mae said...

Your new home is looking great...Your decorating is so cozy, I love it..
Your son is in my prayers..

Take care

Chickenbells said...

Oh that boy needs to check in!! Now, I'm a little worried, but I will keep him in my prayers!

Sheesh you...the house looks great. My house doesn't look that great, and I've been living here for a lot of years...sigh.

Jacquie said...

You have such a beautiful home "comfy cozy" certainly describes it well.

I hope you hear from Chad soon. You are such a strong woman!

Briana said...

Your home is coming along so nicely! I'm impressed with how much you've gotten done already, especially since you took a trip in the middle of it all. I still have picture frames leaning up against the wall that need to be hung up the stairs. No such luck yet and we've been here since June.

I've kept Chad and the other soldiers in my thoughts and prayers. I hope he checks in with you soon. Can't be easy on a mother's heart to have her child out there. You are also in my prayers.

Jus said...

I just found your blog*site off Ali Edwards'. I must say it is awesome! Thanks for sharing! I'm sure the first thing on Chad's mind is calling you as soon as he can, though I am sorry that you are waiting to hear. I can only imagine. Your family is in my prayers.

Amy Mowbray said...

Your living room looks really sweet and comfy. Everything's coming together so nicely.
I hope you hear from Chad real soon. I wonder if they have email?

Mary Ann/Ca said...

A note is off to Chad this weekend for sure. On another subject, I have seen the whirly twirly clear spices bottles at Bed Bath and Beyond..and with a 20% coupon they would be a good deal!

Chris said...

I am sure he will have access to e-mail when the lines aren't long. Hang in there he will contact you as much as he can. House looks great and you have so much room...

mn mom said...

Try not to worry about Chad (yeah, right!) no news is good news, right?!? When my brother was over in Somalia, we rarely heard from him. I know sometimes they just don't have the phones/computers available and when they do the lines are so long. Keep the faith, we are all praying for him!!
Your rooms are beautiful and you are so talented in your decorating! What an inspiration! And you are doing it all while running a family... you are a very strong woman! Take care! Amy =)

Maike said...

Dear Jolene,

the new rooms look really pretty, don't you worry too much about the colour of the walls! You decorated so nicely, I didn't recognise they were white until you said so because I was goggling at all the nice pictures and decoration.
Not hearing from Chad must be very hard for you all...I can't know how it feels as a mother but I can imagine how Sandy must be feeling. My boyfriend has once been in Peru for 2 weeks while I was home in Germany and until today I still don't know how I survived that. Only 2 weeks...I'm pathetic...You all have my admiration for coping so bravely with the fact that one of your loves is so far away!!
God bless you, take care and be strong!

Love from Germany,

Gina said...

We moved too and I just got internet today, so I had fun catching up on your house and family. It is beautiful! I'll try to stay in touch better not also.
Love ya!

Jen said...

We have some goodies to send off to Chad. Maybe I can get it boxed up within the next couple of days.

Andi said...

Jolene, your home is looking just beautiful. You have such an eye for placing and arranging things. Everything looks so pretty. Made me want to do some re-arranging here.

I'm sure you'll hear from Chad soon. You're all in my prayers.

Maren said...

I hope you hear from Chad soon.

Valerie said...

the house is coming together soooo wonderfully!
and chin up, Chad will be contacting you soon! just remember he's always in our prayers, as are you & your family!

Cassandra said...

Wow! It looks like you've been busy! You would never know that you just moved into your home - you've made it so homey already! I love the FAMILY arrangement over the sofa...I might have to "lift" that idea! I'm sure Chad is fine...I will certainly keep him in my prayers!

September said...

Jolene, the house is coming together really nicely! I am sure you will hear from Chad as soon as he is in a place with email. Keep strong, girl.

hugs, Tember

Vida said...

First and foremost, thank you for being such a wonderful mother and for being so brave! Chad should be proud to see that you are holding up very well!

Second, my name is Vida. I saw your blog through Amy Mowbray. My husband is in the military and I am still serving as a DoD Civilian and Reservist. My prayers are with all the soldiers and their families and hope that they return safely and soon! Do you mind if I send Chad some cards too? I'm having a Stamp a Stack night to make cards for the troops serving in Iraq and would love to send some to Chad's unit, just to let them know we are thinking of them out here in Okinawa!

Finally, your house is gorgeous!
Thank you for sharing and we'll keep your family and son in our prayers!

Much love, happiness and blessings, Vida