Thursday, April 26, 2007


I've been tagged by Amy and Vida. Each player starts with 7 random facts/habits about themselves. People who are tagged need to blog about their seven things and post the rules as well . At the end of your blog, you need to choose 7 people to get tagged and list their names. Don't forget to leave them a comment telling them that they have been tagged and to read your blog. I have done a couple of these in the past so I'm really running out of things to tell you since my life is an open book...or maybe I just can't think of new things. I'll probably think of great things tomorrow, but for now here's what I came up with.

1. Chad had this dog tag made for me when I went to see him just before he left for Afghanistan. It's really hard to see it in the picture, but he looks very handsome. He had it inscribed on the back. It says "Mom, Forever grateful for your guidance and protection. I love you! Your loving son. Chad" This little dog tag is very special to me. I've worn it every single day and I will continue to wear until he returns home.

2.I collect salt and pepper shakers, barns, birdhouses, roosters, bears, and all things rustic country cute.

3. I read all magazines back to front. Not sure why, but I do.

4. Three things that get on my nerves to the point of making my heart race with anxiety is loud gum chewing-popping...the sound just grosses me out. 2 is snoring (even though I snore myself) When I was young I would put a pile of stuff next to my bed so I could throw shoes at my sisters when they would snore. That way I didn't have to get out of bed...mean girl, huh?! The 3rd is music that is so loud you can feel it. You know...that BOOM BOOM from the car next to you with the idiot teenage driver who clearly must have lost his hearing.

5. I LOVE to plan and throw parties. Big ones, small doesn't matter. I love the whole process, from planning the menu, buying the groceries, making food, invitations, setting up, decorating, party favors, games, visiting with friends and family, EVERYTHING...okay, not everything. I don't care much for the clean up, but the rest is great!

6. I really enjoy my alone time. I need it. Even when I was little I would create little forts and hideouts so that I would have a place to go and just be alone with my thoughts. Don't get me wrong, I am very social and love to be with people, but I think it's good for me to have my ME time too.

7. When I was little my bishop nicknamed me Jose' Manaise. Not like sounds more like "man eyes". Don't know why, but my dad still calls me that some well as Jo-Jo. My grandma gave each of us girls nicknames. My sisters got cute little names like Precious, Teeny Tiny, Jewels, Grandma's Sweetheart. I got Cricket... you read that right. CRICKET! Yep...I'm a bug! What's up with that?!:o)

Now I need to tag 7 people. I'm a bit behind on my blog reading so I don't know whose already been tagged, so I will choose Elisha, Nikki, Valerie, Melissa, Briana, Wendy, & Tiara. I have a HUGE list of blogs I read and I really hate leaving people out, so anyone else that would like to do it, I would LOVE to hear your answers. If you decide to do it, tell me that you are in the comments so I can go to your blog and read your answers. It's fun getting to know you all better.

Before I go, I have to mention that American Idol this week was wonderful...until the end. Am I the only one who thinks that was VERY mean to do to Jordin Sparks? She is so great and I believe she could win. I think they did it to her for the biggest shock value. Ticked me off though....Okay, done venting. Those of you that don't give a flying leap about AI, just ignore this whole last paragraph. :o)


Amie said...

These tag are alot of peoples blogs atm it is nice finding stuff out about people I am going to have to one soon I think!

I might even do it today since I don't really have much else to blog about....

Have a good weekend Amie

Teresa said...

Hey Jolene, Love the answers and the dog tag is awesome.... I would keep it around my neck as well.... Very nice way to keep Chad next to your heart while he is gone...

I've been thinking for several days on my answers to the facts tag... I think I'm just about finished with my list and will have them up in the next day or two.... Stay sweet and take care.... Teresa

Wende said...

Oh, I love the dog tag your son gave you. That's absolutely lovely. Here is to his safe return.

(lovely blog of yours... here from Foolswoode)

TK Angels said...

Love your answers and I have tears in my eyes regarding the dog tag. Such a loving son and it is so neat to see how close you both are.

I have taped American Idol-have yet to watch it-but I heard about what Ryan did to Jordin. It made for good TV I guess-but I do agree it was mean. She seems like such a sweetheart.

Take care,

Kimberly said...

What I didn't get to see the last AI...what happen to Jordin. I have heard so many things about that one show. I hate that I missed it. Hope u have a great weekend. We will be starting our move into our new house.:)

~Telah said...

Enjoyed your list. The tag is so have a wonderful son! Sons!

shekinahhvac said...

I too, felt what they did to jordon was aweful, I cried for her. I don't like my emotions toyed with, so therefore, i hate it when others go thru it.

I loved american Idol, i love Bono.

So, I have been tagged, gotta think now.


linda t said...

I felt the same way Jolene... about AI doing that to Jordin! Made me sooo mad! But I'm thinking this may work to her advantage... I think many felt bad for her, so they will vote for her BIG-TIME!
Thanks for sharing... enjoyed hearing more about you Jolene (Cricket?)

Chickenbells said...

Fun knowing even more about you're having to really reach deep and let those skelletons out right? And those reality shows...the reason they're so addictive is because of all the drama! I think the producers all sit around and have meetings about how to work their audiences...I love Project Runway, and when it's on, that's all my mother and I can even talk about...Yay for TV drama!

shekinahhvac said...

jolene, the house my sister is buying is on honeycut, the cross streets are Isabella Ln and San Pedro Ave. The housing development is about a year old.

martha said...

oooooo I hate that "gum popping" my sister does it and she knows better then to do it around What a beautiful necklace your son gave you. Yes I thought that was horrible of American Idol to do that to her,,

Leah said...

Love your list. That is such a precious gift from Chad!

I agree about AI. I was thinking NO WAY is she going home! I am glad they let them all stay for another week.

Jamie said...

Great list! I learned some new stuff about you and I love that gift from your son. Very thoughtful!!

I am with you on the American Idol. Loved the special episode but I did think it was a mean thing to do. The real shocker would have been to do that to Melinda. I think she could win it!

Telah tagged me earlier this week so I have the same list on our website too!

Have a great weekend!

Amy Mowbray said...

I love the idea of throwing things at the snoring person! Kicking them just doesn't work!

Andi said...

Hey Cricket!!! My niece Janna also selected you to be "tagged" on her blog! Her nephews call her Cricket!

Love your list...and the dog tag is so awesome that Chad gave you.

By the way...I don't chew gum...and I feel the same way about you do about it!!!

Briana said...

What a special gift that dog tag is! Made me get all teary! You've raised great children!

I jsut posted my blog post for tonight, so I'll be doing my tag assignment in the morning! Oh and I think Cricket is better than all those other ones, it's cute nad unique!

sohpiasmom said...

Your list was great...sounds like we have a lot in common :)

Mindy said...

Which side of the nut tree nicknamed you Cricket? You are looking at it all wrong! I bet if you gave people of choice of being any ONE of 5 insects, one of them being a cricket of course, they would choose cricket! In fact, throughout history, they have resembled intelligence and good fortune. Also, if a person were to harm a cricket, it was believed they would have great misfortune.

Colors of Me said...

Awesome Dog Tag Jolene. What a sweet thing for him to give you!! it was fun reading a bit more about you. You are more than welcome to come here and plan as many parties as you would like LOL!!!! I don't mind the clean up- it's the rest I am not good at.

I totally agree about AI - that was sooo mean to do to her. She absolutely has what it takes to win! In fact, I really think she will. She has it all, youth, looks, and the most awesome voice I have heard in a long time. I updated my blog today if you want to read what happened to my little girl - nothing too bad, she's just going to have a heck of a shiner.

Vida said...

Too funny! I loved all your answers! I especially loved the dog tag!!! We'll keep Chad in our prayers!

Vida ;)

P.S. We'll have to exchange addresses so I can send you some cool stuff! :)

Anonymous said...