Tuesday, April 10, 2007

A day at the George house

I finally got the pantry boxes unpacked and loaded the shelves. I'll be honest and tell you this is my second favorite room in the house, only because I can see all the food at once and there is no guessing to know if I'm out or low of anything...so love that!
(you all know what my favorite room is :o) )
Baby Mark having a good old time in the walker. He was cracking up at everything Cole was doing today after Cole had come home from school. For the most part he is a really happy baby.
So I walk into the family room and see Brek inflating a semi large pool in the house with the air compresser which inturn blew the breakers twice shutting down my garage fridge and deep freeze....hello! no indoor swimming here! They took it outside on the back porch and filled it up...you guessed it...water was way to cold to swim in.
(that pile of stuff on the desk are my curtains...need new rods)

Next best thing to swimming is taking a bath in Grammy's bath tub. He usually takes a bath in his baby tub, but he has become a pro at swishing out more water than he keeps in. The higher sides of my tub helped contain the big splashes. Such a fun boy!
Before I forget...we finally heard from Chad yesterday after 2 weeks with nothing. We heard from our nephew that he talked to Chad on myspace, so Mark set up an account and sent him a message. He replied!!! He said things are going well and that the people are kind to the soldiers and that he misses the family . I really want to talk on the phone with him so I can have some details. I also need to send him a package, but first I will make him a few more pages for him to put in his scrapbook. I think I'll take Nicole's advise and send him some clean new socks too. Jen put together a wonderful package for him. You'll have to go check it out on her blog. Thanks again Jen!


Amie said...

Hi Jolene, good to see your back to normal blogging again... How cute is baby mark! Glad to hear you heard from Chad.

I am in love with your pantry, I reckon that would have to be one of the best I have ever seen.


Jen said...

OMG, that pantry is to die for! How awesome is that!!
Mark is too cute! Doesn't look like Brit is pregnant though...too look that good, pfftt :)

Jen said...

Oops...package mailing out today :)
I hope it doesn't take eons for him to get it!

Diana said...

I love your pantry if there is ever a flood we all know where to go! Blowing up a pool in the livingroom is something my husband would do! Two weeks ago I found him flying an electric helicopter in there!! What is that about??
Baby Mark is so cute! I love scrapping tub pictures!

Laura Reaux said...

Mark is precious! Looks like he is a natural in the water.

How awesome that you got to hear from Chad. That must feel so great.

Chris said...

And you were worried about moving?? That house never ends...it keeps going and going and going..Please post a picture of your master closet, that is big enough to be another bedroom....I just can't get enough I love that house.
Baby Mark is going to have a ball in that pool. I am sure he will be swimming before summer is over (is it ever over in AZ?? Hum)

Diana said...

jolene... Please email me i may have sommething you might like for baby Mark. And Big Mark too. I was going to list it on ebay but thought you may like it first.

Nonie Mae said...

I want that pantry!!! I sooo jealous.... Baby Mark is so sweet...

Briana said...

Oh I'd kill for a pantry like that! How awesome! Love all the like items stacked up nicely. I drool over organization.

Glad to hear Chad is okay! Great news!

Amy Mowbray said...

Can I borrow a cup of sugar? :)

I'm so glad you guys heard from Chad. That's awesome. Hey Chad, if you're reading this, call your momma. She's worried.

Andi said...

Hey a boys gotta have a place to swim!!! Baby Mark is going to love that pool!!!

Great pantry and so very nice and organized. Guess I'd better go tidy mine up a bit!!!

TK Angels said...

I am jealous of your pantry. Have always wanted one and my house is just too darn small.

Take care,

Cassandra said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE your pantry! What a great house!

So glad you heard from Chad and that he's safe. My prayers are with you.

Colors of Me said...

Jolene, Baby Mark is soooo adorable! He looks like a handful of fun!
I am so lovin your pantry. It is amazing! It reminds me of the cool pantrys that Ina Garten and Sandra Lee on Food Network have. I'm jealous!
I'm happy you heard from your son too! It is so cool that your friend is sending him a package.

~Telah said...

Whoa! Look at that pantry! That is just awesome. I'd love to be able to see all I had like that. Cute baby Mark pictures...my he's growing. Glad you got to hear from Chad, even if it wasn't his voice.

Nikki *Ü* said...

Oh my gosh!!! I LOVE that pantry!! I want one just like it!! LOL I like in a 1950s home with ZERO storage/closet space, so this would be a DREAM!!! Looks like a fun pool, even if it did trip your brakers! LOL Hope it warms up enough so they can enjoy it....outside! LOL Cute pedicure too!! My dad's a foot doctor and I've always wondered how he can stand to look at feet all day, because I agree with you, they are not the most beautiful things!! LOL Glad you got to hear from Chad and that he's doing well!!

Nikki *Ü* said...

Oh, and P.S., I'm glad to see you (another LDS woman) wearing toe rings. I wear mine and got some grief the other day for wearing them!! LOL

Anonymous said...

This "blog" is the most horrible thing that this world has ever seen. you need to get a hobby or something!!!

your son,
> <

Eat That looser..

Love you much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!And be prepared for me to thrash your great hair do in the morning.

Leah said...

That pantry is something else! My cabinets are about a tenth of that size and no where near as organized!

Love the pic of the pool in the house! LOL

linda t said...

I am all about storage! In fact, THE reason we bought our home... it had a big laundry room!
Love your pantry!
You are sooo organized! Do you ever sleep?
However do you do it all girl?!

Jolene George said...

Excuse my son...he's an idiot! and he really does mess up my hair all the time.
Love you too Brek...now be a nice boy on mom's blog!

Susie Q said...

A pool in your living room! Now that would be luxury huh? *laugh*
Love baby Mark's pictures, as always. A smile to light up the night!
LOVE your pantry!! Oh my gosh. I think it is bigger than our master bedroon! I could move in and stay there. I am WAAAY envious!!! It is so prganized too! Mine starts that way and then, after the men get into it, poof!!! *laugh*
Love ya lady!

Cathy said...

Lovely pantry! It is huge and well organized. Congratulations on a job well done!

Cathy aka One Organized Chick!

Shelli said...

So happy that you heard from Chad!!!

Girl, that is one amazing pantry.

Chickenbells said...

Ok...your son up there in the comments is to funny...hide your hair! And the pantry, DROOL...what a lucky girl, heck I'd be happy to have a closet that size...The house looks great (and the pool in the living room is really a plus isn't it?)

Kim said...

Not only do I want to come scrapbook at your house in your awesome room, I want to come over and eat there too! That pantry is HUGE. We lost a lot of our kitchen cabinetry and storage in this last move. We sacraficed the kitchen for the in ground pool (which is enclosed so it's awesome on the hot summer Florida days/nights). That baby Mark is so cute. I love his name! My "baby" who will be 7 in June is a Mark! Glad to see your back blogging. Your blog is part of my morning ritual--coffee and blogging!