Thursday, April 12, 2007

layout and garage mess

I finally got to do a little scrapbooking tonight. I haven't been able to for a long time because of the move. I need to get pages done so Chad can add them to his album. These are the pictures from when Chad proposed to Sandy on Christmas Eve. It bugs me that they are dark and shadowed and that there's wrapping paper all over the floor, but I can't do anything about that. I'm just glad we captured the moment. These 8X8 pages are pretty fun to do. Mindy wanted garage pictures, so here they are! Nice, huh?! Now you see why I don't have lots of time to scrapbook. There is still alot to unpack. This is the 2 car side. Mark keeps his motorcycles and work racks in the 3rd car part. Even when we get all the boxes unpacked I still won't be able to park the suburban in here. It fits IF the front bumper touches the wall and the hitch is off the back, but even then I'm not possitive that the door would shut. New houses just don't make garages deep enough for big vehicles.


Sparky said...

I'm ashamed to say that I STILL have boxes in my garage almost 4 years later. At least you have a beautifully organized home. LOVE the layout of the "proposal". How darned sweet!!!

TK Angels said...

What a beautiful layout for your scrapbook. Such memories. It is just beautiful!!

Take care,

Briana said...

Oh my that's a LOT of boxes! I too still have some stacked up in my garage from when we moved in June.

Pam said...

WHOA! I am so behind! That's what being sick in bed does to ya! I love how the house is coming, it's just gorgeous and HUGE! I want to move now! ;)

Baby Mark is as cute as ever!

And those kittens! Oh so sweet! How on earth could Mark be mad? ;)

Jen said...

Girl you need to use your photoshop elements to get rid of unwanted objects in your photos :)

Nice boxes Jolene!!

shekinahhvac said...

what a beautiful layout. I love the color combination. It does help that the kids are so beautiful too.

And those boxes. Man, I will pray for you girl.

I am coming to Phoenix, last week of June. Need to know who carries the best Heidi Swapp selection.
then I am finally heading to Globe. YYYAAHHH!

Chickenbells said...

Yikes...that's a lot of boxes...I tell you, I KNOW there's boxes I haven't unpacked here since I moved um, 5+ years ago...maybe that should be a project of mine?

Maren said...

Love the layout!

Melissa said...

Love the layout, and wish I had a garage to clean!

Nonie Mae said...

Great layouts, looks like you still have lots of unpacking to do.

shekinahhvac said...

Oh Jolene, thank you for visiting my blog. I am so very excited to go on this vacation. I have been reading up & educating myself on everything our digital camera can do. I think I will probably have that thing glued to my face the whole two weeks. My 2 younger girls have never been to California or Arizona. There are many family members that these girls have to meet.
My sister lives in Phoenix, just down the street from Arizona Mills
Mall, so you know where I am going, thanks for leaving the location of the Store for me.

And GIRL, you know where I am eating the first time I have a chance. el Rays'---the girls can't wait to eat there, they say I talk about it way to much!!!
Blessings to you and your family!

Colors of Me said...

Gorgeous layouts!! That is so neat that you were able to capture that moment. Did you stitch on the page? I'm asking because I saw the cutest set of "stitching" stamps at the scrapbook convention today. The 8x8 size is really cute. And hey, don't worry about the boxes in the garage - it looks like my office LOL! What I wouldn't give for a 3 car garage - not much actually, because DH would use that part too. My suburban does fit in the garage, but Dave has his Nova that he is restoring in there along with all the motocross bikes. Have a great weekend!

Amie said...

Chad is just going to LOVE having this LO in his album.... What fun having to unpack all your stuff you must be so over it!


shekinahhvac said...

Jolene, its' no problem. I haven't commented on yours in awhile, so I can see why you wouldn't rememeber. My name is Tiara. I would be honored if you added me, thank you. And that step I am still learning, I want to add alot of you girls but haven't figured it out yet.

Oh man, and now my mouth is watering. Are you planning a trip up there in June?????

mindy said...

YIKES!!! You weren't kidding! Do you feel sick when you go out and look? Do you make yourself unpack a certain number of boxes each day? Let's see...there's twelve in that stack! ; ) Last summer, I finally got the last of the boxes cleaned out of my mom's basement when we remodeled the house just 6 years ago. So you are WAY ahead of schedule. PLUS it looks like there is a nice stack of empty boxes in the middle!
PS I loved Brek's comment. When I first read it, I thought, "I wonder why she left this up?" and then saw who it was from. How many mom's get their hair, was it thrashed?, in the morning? Good to see he still thinks "outside of the box", now if you could just get him to move "outside of your house" and take some of the boxes in the garage with him!

mindy said...

Speaking of Photoshop...There was a table at the front of the church during Dion's service. We used a picture taken at our house in September when she stayed here for her 50th high school reunion. She was in the backyard with all the beautiful flowers and in her beautiful outfit. Of course, there was a white frisbee in the grass. I got in and changed the frisbee to grass and guess if that is the copy that was printed 8x10!! Oh well, I still love the photo. She looked so happy. A nice way to remember her.