Tuesday, April 17, 2007

labels, the longest 45 minutes, Q&A

First lets talk about labels...The longest 45 minutes can wait.
These are my wood mount stamp baskets as you know. I finally got around to making labels for the baskets this morning. In amongst the unpacking and cleaning you have to throw some fun things in there to keep your sanity. When I use to keep my stamps on the big bookcase I didn't get to use them much because they were all mixed together and crammed in the shelves It was a pain in the rear to use, so I didn't. Now that they have been sorted and have labels I will be able to find what I need and Mark will be happy to see me using them again. All I did was type and print the contents on my computer, punched them out with a 1 1/4 inch circle punch, then punched 1 1/2 inch circles out of black cardstock, adhered them together, punched a small hole, tied it to each basket using the black and white polka dot ribbon. Cute and Done!
Now onto the longest 45 minutes story. Last night was our old wards family night out at the park. I thought it would be fun to go see my old friends and Cole wanted to go see his too, so I made a HUGE batch of potato salad and 72 mini cupcakes and we went...the food was devoured and we had a wonderful time. He played ball the whole time and I ate and caught up on all the happenings since I moved out. It was great...until it was time to go. Cole had a emotional breakdown that lasted the entire 45 minute drive home. It was HORRIBLE! He went back and forth from anger to crying...wanting to go back to his old school, wanting to run away from home, trying to memorize streets so he could walk back, hating us for making him move and wrecking his perfect world. During this very long painful car ride my emotions varied much like his did. I was angry at his temper tantrum and I felt sad because I knew his heart was broken just as mine is. After about 40 minutes of this my emotions are shot and I'm bawling, he finally calms down as we pull into Maricopa. I came home and fell into bed feeling completely defeated and emotionally exhausted. Now I'm thinking that it's not such a good idea for him to see his old friends if this is the result. Today I'm still feeling that funk and I'm not liking it. I just need to pick myself up, get busy cleaning my kitchen, then go get pizza's to drop off at school for a class party at lunch time.
I've had some people ask me questions. Here's the ones I can remember. If I forget to answer any of yours please ask me again.
*Paint color of my scrapbook room...it's called "song of summer" and it's Ace hardware's brand.
*The "important" sign is one that I made back when I was doing wood crafts to sell in boutiques. I haven't cut or painted wood in a few years, but I did enjoy it when I did even though it was A LOT of hard work.
*The "return with honor" I made at the scrapbook store when they had vinyl girls there one afternoon.
*Michele my vinyl girlfriend DID have a vinyl business going, but her kids wanted their mom back, so now she only does it for church things on occasion. I will let you know if she ever gets it up and running again. I know there are other vinyl companies out there like Wall Words and Writing on the Wall. You can buy quotes that they have or custom order a quote of your choice.
*I do NOT sing! Coleen is a little trouble maker. She brought it up because I was talking about forgiveness on my last post and a long time ago I was told that I couldn't sing and since then I really haven't. Yes, I have forgiven that person, but it doesn't change the fact that I can't sing. Well I can sing...it just doesn't sound good. So if you were thinking I had some hidden musical talent, you were mistaken. I'm talented in many others ways. I can't have it all. American Idol is on tonight if you're in the mood to hear some people who CAN sing. :o)


Jen said...

How old is your son? Sounds like it may be the beginning of a hormonal era for him...but I could be totally wrong. My son is like that too.
He's just having a hard time with the move...poor little man but I so the thoughts of him not visiting with old friends.

That's a tough one

Jacquie said...

Moving is a big adjusment for all. My oldest DD has had the same kind of feelings over the last 2 years. She has settled in and made new friends so that has been good, she left behind friends she had been in school with from kindergarden to gr 5.

Lara said...

Jolene, what a miserable drive home that must have been! My dad was a U.S. Naval officer and we moved every two years, often in the middle of the school year. I can empathize with Cole, because it really does stink to switch schools, and especially in the middle of the year. You have to let him experience those feelings though, as awful as it is. I would try getting him together with his friends a few more times and hopefully he will learn to handle his emotions better each time. Have you explained how the move is making your family more financially stable? While my 7 year old son wouldn't get that, my 10 year old son would, and that may help Cole deal with the situation as well. Also, maybe you can have a heart-to-heart with Cole so he can share how he's feeling when it's not so intense like it was last night? Maybe you guys can get creative and figure out a way for him to see his friends every month. Maybe that would help the departures go better if he knew he would be seeing his buddies again soon. That's a lot of maybes, huh?!

You and Mark made the right decision for your family, and you should not feel guilty about that.

Hugs from California!

marion said...

I can realate to our dilema with your son. When our daughter was 15 we moved from northern California to Michigan (a VERY long way in a car) We had moved several times but we had lived there for five years. As we drove for several days she cried LOUDLY and said all the things that your son said last night-she hated us, she would run away etc. This went on for DAYS. We all were sorry to move but my husband was transferred and when you have 5 kids, you have a lot of responsibility to make enough money to provide for them so we went. To make a long story short, we finally figured out a way to move back to n. CA in a couple of years. She said I'm 18 and you can't make me. HUH??? We moved back without her. the hardest thing we ever did. Sometimes you just can't get it right with kids. They don't understand that parents don't get to do what they want to do all the time-sometimes circumstances require things to be done that no one wants. Good luck.

Jennifer said...

Aww. I am going through the same thing with my boys and are recent move. They are still very angry at me about it but we felt it was best for our family. Sending hugs your way. Wanna come label my boxes and such??

sohpiasmom said...

First, I LOVE your labels...so so cute! Your scrapbook room must be so nicely organized and just full of fun fun fun! I envy you!

Second, I'm sorry what happened with Cole...hopefully he will meet some awesome new friends at his new school and your new church!

Third, thanks for the Q&A! Even though I didn't ask any of the questions, it was nice to know...because maybe I wondered! Have a great week :)

Kimberly said...

It is bad when you first move away from somewhere. Especially if you have lived there for a while. Things will get better. I was mad at my mom when she moved us when I was in high school but I made new friends and got over it. HOpe you have a great afternoon. Love your baskets and hope I can be that organized in my new home.

Cindi said...

Jolene, I'm sorry you had such a sad ride home last night. Believe me, I know it's hard but the hurt will pass. Just have faith.

On another note, I wanted to thank you for the sweet comments you left on my blog the other day. I've been reading your blog for a while and have enjoyed yours as well. I'm ashamed to say that I am really bad about leaving comments so I am trying to make a concious effort to leave them now. Make sure you stop by my blog before wednesday evening and leave a comment on my 100th post. I'm celebrating by shipping a give-a-way to one lucky reader. Anyone is invited to play so share it with your friends.

Melissa said...

Oh dear, I know how attached kids can get to things - my daughter is just now getting adjusted to the car we bought, even though our old van was really in need of major work. Can we say "no air conditioning?"

Love the stamp storage!

LZ Blogger said...

I love the title to your blog. My wife and I must be the only couple in the country who DON'T watch Idol? ~ jb///

Cassandra said...

I'm sorry about your 45 minute episode...we went through the same thing with Mia when we moved 45 minutes away. We're planning on moving at the end of the year and she'll be in a new school district and ward. She actually seems excited this time!

velvet brick said...

Well, a couple of things... I think you should look at Cole's emotional gush as something rather healthy...what he is feeling is normal, and at least he 'got it out'... yes, it's hard to hear your child upset with you and see them in pain because of your decisions, but it was a decision made for the best of the entire family...not just one. And Cole knows, too, that all of you have made sacrifices in this move. He will begin to develop friends and with summer just around the corner, there will be pool parties and sleep overs to be had! Hang tough, Jolene. It WILL get better. As for the baskets... ok..what day shall I pencil you in for to come on over and do MINE ?!?! : )

Susie Q said...

AS hard as it is for you to hear it from him, it may be a blessing that he feels he CAN unleash this in front of you.
Bill was raised military and, of curse, our son was as well. Moving is never easy for any of us. Just talk to him about how this move just had to be...for the betterment of the whiole family. That in a while, he will probably feel about the new place the way he did about the old.
You can all still visit with the people you used to live near..it is not so very far. Summer will be here soon and Cole will have his new buddies to be with and can spemd time with the old...both there and having them visit him.
It WILL all work out. He is also at an age that things just begin to become so dramatic...I will remember that with Dan and yes, with myself at that age. Oh my will we have drama when Grace gets older! : )

Just hold tight...sending hugs your way.

LOVE the labels...wish I was that well organized after living here 5 years!


~Telah said...

Oh Jolene...I am so sorry for the 45 minutes you had to endure. I know it must be very emotional for Cole and for you too. Hang in there...it'll get better!

Coleen said...

Wow! I don't even know what to say about Cole. I just want to clarify that I am not a trouble maker. You love me and you know it.

Amy Mowbray said...

Your labels look fantastic. I really enjoy labeling things, plus it insures things will be placed in the right spot.
Poor Cole. I hope things get easier for him real soon.

MN MOM said...

Tell Cole to hang in there. I have moved many times in my life and although I'm not sure if it ever gets any easier, it becomes more rewarding because we meet new people and make new friendships and find new blessings, still while being able to keep old friends. Not only did I attend 5 different grade schools, but after my junior year in high school we moved again and you can imagine my trepidation for entering a new state, new school as a senior in high school! Well, although that was over 16 years ago, it was the best year of school ever for me. I met great friends and have awesome memories. Tell him it may be extremely difficult now and he may not really understand now, but in time he will find friends and peace. And meanwhile, we will keep you all in our prayers! Take Care, Amy =)

Pam said...

Isn't that what sisters are for? I wish I had one! I'll take Colleen anyday! ;)

So sorry to hear about Cole, it's got to be difficult to leave them all over again.

Love your basket labels! They are too cute! What font is that?

Maren said...

Moving is so hard. My parents moved from Utah to Pennsylvania when I was 9. That was one of the hardest things we went through as a family. Hang in there!

TK Angels said...

Wow- Cole is having such a hard time. My daughter Cindy had a very rough time adjusting to another school. She was in the clinic everyday. This was in the 5th grade.

I think that is a very emotional time for them.

Take care,

Chickenbells said...

Poor guy...I am a firm believer in getting all the emotions out out out...otherwise he may be reliving them at other wierd times of his life. I think it was very brave of him to express them and shows how much he trusts you...you must be very proud of the relationship you have with him...and cudos for letting him express them in such a safe environment (and good for you for expressing yours too!) I hope it gets easier for everyone with time!

Andi said...

Oh Jolene, my heart breaks for you and for Cole. I know it's difficult for him to understand and even more difficult for you to feel his pain. Hang in there, this will pass. Cole is young and outgoing. He'll make lots more friends and play many more ballgames. Hugs to you.

Leah said...

Love the baskets.. I'm keeping that idea in the back of my head for whenever I finally get my scrap space set up.

Hope Cole is feeling better. That had to be tough!

Nikki *Ü* said...

Sorry about Cole's little meltdown. That must have been hard on all of you, not just the meltown but having to leave behind your good friends. Hopefully he's feeling better now.

I always love your organization ideas. Cute baskets and labels!! Now to only find the time, energy, and money to organize MY scrapbook area and, oh yeah, my HOUSE!! LOL

mindy said...

Coleen - Everyone that knows you, KNOWS you are the trouble maker in the family! Well, now that I think about it, maybe you and Julie tie for that title!

Are you the one that told Jolene she couldn't sing?