Tuesday, April 24, 2007

bad bad blogger

Whose suppose to update this thing anyways?...oh! that's right...ME! Where have I been? I really don't have much to blog about right now. Just been busy working on Mount Washmore. Got 5 BIG loads done yesterday and cleaned the kitchen twice. Working on my closet. This house gets out of control pretty darn quick! I did cover my big letter "J" by sewing together Chatterbox scraps from the Lake Powell layout. I was going to junk it up with some other stuff, but for now just beautiful paper. Not sure why the pictures are blurry...sorry about that. It looks much better in person. I hung it just above my computer...I like it there. I did open and install the QK silhouette, but haven't had the time nor been brave enough to play with it. Hopefully soon!
I made banana cream supreme and what they call better than sex cake. It really needs a new name, because I'm not fond of that one. I wouldn't say it's better, but it is REALLY good! Just bake a boxed devils food cake as directed, poke holes with the end of a wooden spoon while it is still warm, pour a can of sweetened condensed milk and a jar of caramel ice cream topping over the top. Refrigerate overnight. Next day spread cool whip over the top and chop up 6 heath candy bars to sprinkle on the top. I did 1/2 the cake with chopped up butterfingers because Mark doesn't like heath bars. So easy and seriously sinfully good.
Have you ever typed your name followed by the words "needs" in the google search? This is totally silly, but remember that I have nothing to blog about.
This is what I discovered Jolene needs....
...to be saved...I don't think so...I'm good.
...a boyfriend...yikes! I think Mark would disagree.
...a hat like yours...I don't really wear too many hats, but I'm sure yours is lovely.
...to chill...okay, I can chill for a little bit.
...to gain weight...LOL! I don't think so, but I did eat cake for breakfast...not conducive to losing weight.
...to turn down the screechiness...am I screechy, really?
...a wardrobe overhaul...I AGREE!
...money...well duh..If I had money I'd have the wardrobe overhaul!!!
...to eat properly...you mean cake for breakfast is a bad thing?
...to be grand champion...well I am competitive, but that sounds like a dog competition.
...exactly 40 pounds of potatoes...Love me some taters...lots and lots of taters!
...to learn to hold my liquor...PLEASE! I've never even had a drink. I think one would knock me out.
...a daughter...that ship has sailed. I will settle for daughter in laws and hopefully grand daughters.
....to re-organize that...I'll get right on that. Love to organize!
...a new hair do...oh yes, please!
...her girlfriends emotional, moral and physical support....I SO DO!
....to get every square inch of her butt kicked...actually it said the A word. Can't we all just get along? Violence scares the heck out of me and I really don't want a butt kickin'.
...to be done already....it really did say that. I'm outta here! :o)


September said...

LOL!!!!! I love all the things Jolene needs. (well except the butt kickin'... lol)

I typed in September needs and all I got was stuff about 9/11. sigh... :(

The J looks great!

Carol said...

You are too funny! The J looks great, so does that piece of cake.

Cindi said...

Yum, I make the better than sex cake too but I call it better than love cake. I don't want to have to explain sex to a 5 year old or have her repeat it wrong somewhere. Can you imagine..."Yes Teacher, we had sex cake last night." I bet I would get a call on that one!

Love the "j" and your google list! I think I'm going to go google myself now!

Have Fun!

Chickenbells said...

Especially every square inch of the booty...then again, if you ate EXACTLY 40 pounds of potatoes, you probably would gain some weight...some serious weight...too silly!

velvet brick said...

oh my gosh, Jolene....
just too darn funny with the google...loved it and your answers! thanks for the giggle!

Susie Q said...

That was too funny dear heart...loved it! I am also laughing at the comment made by Cibdi...about what the kindergartner might say about the cake! And that cake looks so devilishly sinful!!! I want some right now!

And what is wrong with cake for breakfast?? There is milk in it..eggs, right? Chocolate...the main food groups.

Sweet *J*...you are so talented you know...: )

Love ya,

Nonie Mae said...

That is too funny! love it..

Amie said...

I just loved reading this post!! I want some of that cake.... I am wondering what the different ingredients would be here like devil cake - never seen that, health candy bars??? looks so yummy I might just have to come up with my own creation. Love your J.

I am going to Google Amie now.

Have a good day!

wendster said...

You are FUNNY! The response to the dozens of pounds of potatoes caught me off guard and made me laugh right out loud! HA. Thanks for the laughs. You're answers tell me that you NEED a stand up comedy gig somewhere.
Going to go and google what *I* need now. I am quite curious to know.
I've posted pics of my murals now if you wanna go and see them. Love! Wendy

Amy Mowbray said...

That cake looks sooo yummy! I have such a sweet tooth.
Love the J. The Chatterbox papers look so great sewn together. Awesome!

Leah said...

This was so funny.. love your responses to what google says you need! Really like your J too, very pretty!

linda t said...

I'm so gonna make me some cake! I need me some... cake! YUMO!
Great job on the "J". I may steal your idea on my "L".
You are tooo fun Jolene!

Jacquie said...

That was a cute post. Had quite a few chuckles.

Why is it that laundry is NEVER done?? I swear I think the bottom is in sight and bam it has grown again.

My DH would love himself some of that cake.

sohpiasmom said...

Jolene, this is too funny! And that cake looks so yummy :)

Cheryl Wray said...

Great post today, Jolene!! you sure made me smile!!
I LOVE "better than sex" cake!! It does make me pretty happy!!

Kim - ScrapToMyLu said...

I can just see your kids going to school and saying they had "better than sex cake" LOL

We have a place at a local lake. So do several other families....it was established years ago when they were all building their land up that they would stop at 4pm for cocktail hour (a bunch of food and friends gather)........we still do that and the kids LOVE IT! So I have to explain to the teachers every year what Cocktail hour is.

Andi said...

Love your letter "j". You inspired me to go purchase and "a"...only a smaller one. Now I'm not sure what to do with it!!! Guess I'll think of something!

Cassandra said...

Holy cow...I need to try that cake!!

TK Angels said...

What a great post. Made me happy. Loved the cake UMMM

Take care,

Pam said...

LOL! That list was long and pretty funny! I had a boring short one and I know I've got lots of needs! ;)

Love your J and that cake sounds awesome but I'd like the Banana recipe more! ;)

wendster said...

Hi Jolene! I just love your blog. Most blogs I visit for the pics but yours is great to look at and great to read! You are so dang entertaining. Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving such kind comments. I am my own worst critic of my work, so thanks for the encouragement. The "Wendy needs" search was fun. Thanks for the idea. Love! Wendy

Vida said...

Hi Jolene! LOVE THE BLOG!! TOO FUNNY! I love the diet picture too!!! ha ha..

Oh yeah, I've tagged you on my blog! :)

I haven't sent out the cards just yet, I'm purging a TON of things out of my scrap corner...literally! ha ha..

I have a ton of Simply Sent kits I have to get rid of! ;) Would you like some? :)

Much love,
Vida :)

Valerie said...

your "j" turned out "a-OK!" and i love how your name turned out when googled...well, except for the butt-kicking thing. mine never turns out, dangnabbit.

i want my butt kicked, too!

Kimberly said...

Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog. It has been really difficult but we are going to be good soon! The house passed inspection and we should be in the first of the week. Have a great weekend.