Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Just's that for a title?

Here is the design I came up with for the baby shower announcements. It's cute, it's simple...not too fancy since I have to make 48 of them. The inside has all the shower information printed on the lighter pink cardstock. I sure hope Camille will like them. It's not like I gave her a choice. I'm more of a I'll do what I want kind of girl. Is that bad or what?! 1 down...47 to go. When I get these done I've gotta start on my Christmas cards. Those will take forever! Still have to come up with a design, but they will HAVE to be simple. Making 300 this year. Last night Cole earned his webelos badge as well as over a dozen other awards. It was his LAST pack meeting because my baby is turning 11 next week. It's actually kind of sad to me. I've been doing cub scouts for so many years now with all 5 of my boys, that it's hard to believe it's over. He will move on to boy scouts., but Mark is the one who helps with that. I've always done the cub scouts. I'm so proud of all he got accomplished. It wasn't easy with the move and trying to fit in with a new group....sigh. Time passes much too quickly.

How cute is this wind chime?!?! Don't laugh...I LOVE it! It doesn't make this soft little ching ching's more like clang clang clang. Makes the boys nuts. That in itself is worth it to me. ;o) I love that it's dishes and silverware. I've gotta get a hook so I can hang it up out back. Does this make me a redneck? If so, I'm okay with that. Good people. :o)
I know I'm still being a not so good blogger and I STILL haven't had time to visit blogs or answer emails. I will try to do better. I've had to pick up Cody and Cole from school on two separate days. Cody wasn't feeling well and Cole was doing a handstand and fell on his head. Totally jammed his neck and sent a shock wave down his spine. Took him to the chiropractor. She said he did a real number to himself. I had young women's tonight. I had the girls make cork boards for their rooms to pin up their YW calendars and handouts on. I found cheap ones for 4.99 at Ikea. They painted the frames, then I let them use my quickutz to cut out whatever they wanted to embellish and personalize it. They had a great time. I'm surprised how fast I've learned to enjoy this group of girls. They are all so sweet and I think it's really going to be a great experience. There's been lots of other things keeping me busy, but I'm so tired and my eyes are twitching real bad, so I'm off to bed.


Diana said...

I love the invites that you made so adorable. Congrats to your baby! Hard to believe when they grow up. I'm amazed that mine is going to be 7 soon!
I too love your windchime and it would make my family crazy too! No rednecks around here!
Have a great day!
Get some rest!

Kim said...

I love those windchimes.

Hope the boys feel better soon. How scary that must have been for Cole.

Those invitations are so adorable. I am sure that she will love them not because they are so darn cute but the effort and time that you put into them.

patti_cake said...

Get some rest honey.
I love the windchimes and I love love love the invitations! I want a christmas card :)
Hope Cole feels better. Ouch!

*about the windchimes, at a craft show I went to last Spring there was a person who had made fountains out of fine china teacupts and silver tea pots etc. the cheapest one was $300!

sohpiasmom said...

I think the wind chime is very cute! What a great idea for the YW project! :)

Sue said...

It's so good to see another scouting mama. I hope he continues on with it. My son learned so many things in boy scouts that he wouldn't have learned otherwise and finally made it to Eagle one month before his 18th birthday. The procrastination was his own doing, but what a proud moment that was for both of us! And it sure looked good on that college application!
Sue in Alexandria VA

Coleen said...

Hey woman! I don't know what you were thinking on the wind chime, but everyone has their own taste. I'm sure I have some things around here that you wonder about. I knew you would have a good time with the girls. Hope Cole is okay! Sucks to have a bad neck.

Pam said...

Oh that chime is too cute! Love that invite, soooo adorable! Great theme! And congrats to Cole!

Chickenbells said...

The invitations are too wonderful! And, I love the "chime" or "clang" it's great that it drives someone nuts...that way you can smile under your breath all day long. I'm excited that you're enjoying the girls so much...and you are one busy gal...don't stress too much about not being in blogland, it's almost a full time job!

Cassandra said...

Oh Jolene - I wish you were mine! I love the baby invitations...I don't have any family close by that are planning a shower - NOT that we really will need anything that we can't get ourselves, but I would love your loving touch around! It sounds like Young Women's is very lucky to have you too..Mia's does some fun things, but your activities are more up her alley!

Nikki *Ü* said...

What a fun YW activity!! I love it!!! Sounds like they did too! I STILL haven't been to Ikea and I REALLY need to go 'cuz I need some of their bookshelf things to organize my scrap/stamp stuff and my kids' toys!!

Congrats to Cole!! What a great achievement!!

I LOVE the shower invite! Too, too cute! I love how you tied the ribbon. Man, 300 Christmas cards?? Wow!! You are brave!!!

Valerie said...

the invite is adorable - i love the idea of a pea in a pod!

don't tire yourself too much - you still need to stay healthy, sweetie!

HUGE congrats to Cole, and i'm sorry you won't be able to continue with the pack, but yay! more time with the YW group! and what was Cole thinking, doing a handstand?! pooty booty!

Mary Jo said...

Jolene, the invites are ADORABLE!! I'm sure Camille will be thrilled (I know I would be if someone made those for me!) I can't wait to see the Christmas cards!

Jacquie said...

The invitation is adorable! I'm sure it will be loved. You are so talented.

The wind chime! That is awesome. Just like you though, unique!

A, B & C said...

Oh, I just love the Baby Shower Invitation! See, you are perfect for the Young Women... they will enjoy learning more about God/faith, but also more about making things themselves and being creative (which I believe is one of the areas you have to cover).
You need some time with girls, to help you get away from boys all the time!

elisha said...

Those announcements are SO incredibly cute! Maybe I'll have you design my Christmas cards as well. :) I'm glad you're liking young womens. I knew you would!

velvet brick said... how CUTE are the invitations??? I LOVE that cute little theme... c l e v e r ! ! !

Cole is such a handsome young man...congrats to him and to you and Mark!

Love the wind chimes... can only image the sound! LOL

Take some time for yourself, Jolene! Don't worry about us bloggees... we'll be here forever! : ))

get some sleep!

TK Angels said...

I love those windchimes would love one myself :).

Hope everyone is feeling better soon. I agree-how scary that must have been for Cole.

Those invitations are really nice. You always make such cute things.

Take care,

Briana said...

The invites looks great! And I think the wind chime is cool!

mindy said...


Sandi @the WhistleStop Cafe said...

cute windchime! I'll bet it has a pretty ring.

Anonymous said...


I love the invites! I can't wait for my party! I'm sure it will be wonderful... You and Carrie are both so wonderful!

Thank you SO much!!!


Susie Q said...

Those invites are darling!! So special!
And congrats to Cole! Handsome devil!

I LOVE the wind chimes!! So cute and really unique!

Now, you take care of yourself okay??? Get some rest...

Hugs and love,

Becky K. said...

For just two seconds I was tempted to create Christmas cards...thanks to your great post. You make it sound like fun. Keep up the great work. Loved reading this entry and your great sense of humor!
I am so glad I found your blog!
I'll be popping you into my favs.
Come visit me sometime. I am just getting started.
Becky K.

Andi said...

Jolene, those invitations are too adorable for words. I'm sure Camille will adore them!!! You're so creative...I want to scrapbook and craft with you!!! Can't wait to see this year's Christmas card design.

Congratulations to your handsome little Webelo...great job Cole!!!

Melissa said...

I love the sweet pea paper - and all the rest of it. You did a fabulous job!

SmileyCarrie said...

Love the invitation!
I'll come and help you make the rest ;)

and the dish chimes are awesome!

Maren said...

That is a darling invite. I have no idea yet of what I am going to do for Christmas cards, but need to get started soon. How did it get to be this time of year already? I love the pictures you posted of Brittany, Brek and the boys. Your grandchildren are darling. I love watching them grow.

Tip Junkie said...

Congrats Cole! That's a pretty great accomplishment. The invite is awesome and I like those chimes too. How fun!

Cheeky said...

Love the card - very cute. I already have my Christmas cards done for the year (I know amazing right?) but I make them for others too so I have to get mine done early.