Saturday, September 22, 2007

Bad bad blogger

Cee emailed me to let me know that I hadn't blogged since Monday and she wanted to make sure I was okay. How sweet is that?! Truthfully I've had a really busy week and have been gone more than I've been home. I hate times like that because I'm a home body at heart and now my house is seriously neglected and I'm too tired to do anything about it. By the time I'd fall into bed each night I'd tell Mark that I didn't blog again today and my body won't let me get up to do it. So not only have I not blogged, but I haven't been able to catch up with many of you either. So sorry!
Linda asked if I was okay since Maricopa has had a huge tire fire burning. Here is a snapshot of it from my driveway. It looks pretty bad. I know the smoke from that is toxic, but it really hasn't been a problem for us. The wind carried the smoke to the valley so I could actually smell it more in Mesa than I do here. So Linda, the answer to your question is yes, we're okay and still breathing fine. :o) I'm working on these right now. They are covers for the Young Women's Presidency so we can slide them in our 3 ring binders. So fun to use some pink. I wanted to sew on them, but some boy who shall remain nameless messed around with my sewing machine and I've broken 3 needles trying to fix it. I can't seem to get the tension right...grrrr!!!
Beth had asked what our responsibilities are to the girls. We teach lessons in church on Sunday's, We have to plan a Wednesday night activity every week. Some are spiritual, some are goal oriented, some are fun. Once a month the activity is combined with the young men. On the cover I listed the 7 young women's values. They are faith, divine nature, individual worth, knowledge, choice and accountability, good works, and integrity. One of our responsibilities are to help them with their personal progress. They are to complete 6 goals in each of the 7 areas as well as a 10 hour project in each area over a span of 6 years. We are there to make them feel loved, deal with the emotional drama that teanage girls go through, help to teach them to be responsible, caring, creative, confident, fun, respectful, honest, moral women.
No pressure, huh?! :o)
My next project is my niece Camille's baby shower invitations. I have the cute paper, the ribbon, but no design yet. I'm going with a garden theme so I think this paper is perfect. Even the dark pink paper is called watermelon. :o) I can't wait to experiment and play a bit. First I have to clean...then play! Wait till you see how I'm serving the food for the shower...WAY CUTE!


linda t said...

SO glad you're OK Jolene... stunning pic of the black tire smoke in your area!
Aren't we loving the cooler weather... especially the clouds and overcast!! I am sooo tired of the heat... we are all gonna have major energy once it really cools off for the winter.
So hang in there Jolene... pretty soon we will remember why we live here!

elisha said...

Just wanted you to know that you accidentally put "intelligence" as the last value! I was laughing out loud because maybe that should be a value! :)

Jen said...

ew, that smoke is freaky looking Jolene!

Valerie said...

that is the cutest paper ever for a baby invitation! cannot wait to see how you're serving the food!

love the covers for the notebooks, gotta love me some pink!

Andi said...

Love, love, love the pretty covers for the Young Women. I'm sure they will be thrilled with your amazing talents. Your post made me wish I could participate. What a wonderful calling for you Jolene. Please continue to share your lessons and activities with us.

velvet brick said...

I am so glad that you are okay! When I heard that the smoke was from the tire fire in Maricopa, I immediately!!! thought of you and hoped that you were ok. Awful stuff there...awful!

Ok, so the covers for the Young Women class.... ARE THESE TOO CUTE OR WHAT???? Is it really a sin if I sort of covet it?? And my Miss Jolene, do you see how your talent and spirit are ALREADY helping these girls??? Yup, yup, yup... God knew exactly what He was doing when this calling came a'calling!

Love the pink, green, garden, cute things... and yes, we can't wait to see the food!

Thanks for the uplifting eye candy and update! You're a gem! : )

patti_cake said...

You are so creative and fun! Your family is so lucky to have such a treasure as you, as are your "Girls".
Glad the tire smoke isn't affecting you. That can be quite nasty!

Cheeky said...

Great job on the book covers. I am sure you will come up with something simply delightful for the shower invites.

yikes, scary smoke....glad its not affecting you though.

Jacquie said...

Wow the cloud of smoke is eerie looking for sure.

Looking forward to your pictures of the shower food, you are so darn creative I'm betting it will be fabulous.

Melissa said...

I love the colors for the baby shower invites. And I can't wait to see what you're doing with the food!

Susie Q said...

I have missed you dear heart but then, I have been a bad blogger lately!
That fire is awful so I am so glad it is blowing away from your area.

I adore the colors of the baby sweet.

Your Young Woman's cover is gorgeous!

Now...belated congrats on your wonderful prize!! I know you will enjoy everything!

And, your pantry!!! Can you imagine anyone being envious of a pantry??Well, I AM!!!! It is to die for!!!

Love ya,

Chickenbells said...

Oh, it was quite a week wasn't it? I was busy busy myself...all your projects look so wonderful!

staceykingman said...

I can't wait to see these invitations!

Nikki *Ü* said...

That fire looks very yucky! Luckily it hasn't seemed to bother you though! I love your binder cover! Mine for Primary is just the program info from the church slipped in the front! LOL I love the items you have to make the baby shower invites!! I bet they will just be darling!!!!

Briana said...

You're so creative! The women in your new ward are so going to love having you and your amazing abilities there.

How yummy does all that shower invitation stuff look! Can't wait to see them when you create them.

Tip Junkie said...

Great binder cover! You are seriously so talented. I dying to know what you're making for Christmas presents this year? I'm in need of some inspiration.

Deanna (dw) Shain said...

Seems like we are all falling behind on the blogging...and here I thought it was only me!!! LOL! At least it won't take us all as long to get caught up if we all aren't writing as much! ;)
Love the invitations and super glad to hear you are enjoying your calling...I just knew you would! A girl has gotta have some pink in her life! (So says the mother of all girls whose favorite color is BLUE! LOL!)