Sunday, September 16, 2007

Fun stuff

This was the line outside the bazzill warehouse sale Friday morning. I took the picture through my windshield, so excuse the smushed bugs. Once you got in you could fill as many boxes as you wanted with cardstock. Each box held 125 sheets for $20. It worked out to be 18 cents a sheet as apposed to 50 cents or more in the stores. They even had scalloped paper that is normally 80 cents a sheet. They also had a bunch of stuff, like mini albums, brads, envelopes, shirts, buttons, boshers, just different embellishments, etc. I didn't get any of that. My main goal for that sale was to get all the cardstock for my Christmas cards and that I did! There was a lady there who bought 22 boxes of paper....yes I said twenty two! Doug let her husband use a dolly to carry it all. Plus she had a big box full of embellishments. I'm sure she was the high sales winner of the day. After that I went to the CK convention. I met Lisa Bearnson for the first time and she signed my bag. She was genuinely sweet and so cute. I knew she was thin, but she really is skinny. I'm not thrilled with this picture. A bit too close for me, but she looks great. It didn't help that I only had 4 hours sleep, my eyes were bloodshot and I was in desperate need of tan in a can. Becky Higgins signed my bag a few years ago. Here is the stuff I got. Last convention I really wanted the Army National Guard frame. I was kicking myself for not getting it. This time I got the last one. I can't wait to embellish it and put Chad's pictures in it. Love love love this shirt!
I was thrilled to find the zip and flip from cropper hopper to organize my brass templates in. I've been looking for something for years. They slip right into a cheap 3 ring binder. So happy about this in-expensive and easy storage solution. After convention I ran buy the scrapbook store because they were having their own festivities. Then I went home, picked up the boys and headed to Coolidge for the Maricopa/Coolidge high school football game. I met my friend Jenny and her kids there. We ate a delicious small town BBQ before the game. Coolidge spanked our team. It was bad.
My pantry was TRASHED, so I spent several hours on Thursday and Saturday organizing and cleaning it. In case you were wondering, there are NO before pictures because I don't feel much like humiliating me. It was a disaster from the shelves to the floor. Cole had tried to help me by stacking the cans as high and tight as he could. What he didn't know is I organize them in a way that I know what I have and what I'm running low on, so I had to re-do all his work. He was okay with it after I explained it to him. Organization makes me so happy. I could go stand in there staring at it...and I HAVE several times...weird I know. Just one of the things that make me tick. :o) Now I need to tackle each room in my house, one by one.

So today I got a new calling in church. I am the new first counselor in the young women's presidency (girls ages 12-17). I was blown away by this new calling for many reasons....
  • I have never served in the young women's organization.
  • I have ALL boys!
  • I don't have a clue what to do with girls.
  • I haven't been in young women's for the past 22 years. Surely things have changed since then.
  • Being a good leader to these girls is a HUGE responsibility.
  • What I do know is that it's a very time consuming job that comes with a lot of sacrifice, but it filled with many blessings at the same time.
  • I'm scared to death!
  • The good part is that I really do like the President and 2nd counselor. They are very cute and sweet women. I feel lucky to be serving with them.


Anonymous said...

Wow, how good is that so cheap I wish we could get Bazzill that cheap we pay 80cents or more for cardstock over here.

Anonymous said...

That was me LOL

Amie xx

Mika said...

Hai, great to see that you have a good time, your pantry is so clean. Love all the colours. Mika (

Diana said...

See already things are looking up. I can't think of anyone who would make a better mentor for these young girls than you Jolene!!
Boys or no boys you might be able to enrich these young girls lives too. I have no doubt. You worried about all these new things for nothing. Just to find out how valuable everyone thinks you are. We already knew it though!!
Congradulations, I can't wait to see how you make out. And the pantry!! I wish I had one. In the new house next year maybe!!
Have you used your Siloutte? I have been waiting for you to tell us! I wish that we could get some great cardstock sales like that here!!
Have a great day!

Kim said...

I am so jealous of that pantry!!! Since moving into this house in Florida there are no basements and very little storage. I have to keep my supplies at a minimum.

How cool that you got to meet Lisa Bearnsen. Looks like you got a lot of "loot". I am still trying to put my scrapbook room together that I had done back in May. If you are ever in Florida, please feel free to come and organize my room. :)

Have a great week!

Jen said...

oh what i could do with that pantry!

Valerie said...

man - i wish i lived out there, too...all tha Bazzill?! wait. i've slipped into a paper coma.

congrats on the first counselor position! i know you're nervous, but i honestly believe those girls will learn so much from you - they're the lucky ones!

Anonymous said...

First of all, Jolene, you are way too hard on yourself! That picture of you with Lisa B. is great!! I am so jealous about the Bazzill sale...AZ is really the place to be for a scrapbooker!! Loved your pantry organization..I organized my pantry this weekend, too!! Have a rockin' day, Cathy

~Telah said...

What a great weekend! Great Scrapbook finds and an organized pantry all in one weekend! I am in love with your pantry! It puts mine to shame. I guess I'm going to have to expand too once my little ones start getting older and eating more! You are my hero, Jolene!

linda t said...

Wow! What a sale on cardstock!
Hey Jolene, have you gotta out to Hobby Lobby yet? It is ginormous!! I know, it's a ways out there... but soooo worth the drive! AND they told me they will be putting one in the East Valley in the next year ot so YAH!
Anyway, their Scrapbook section is awesome and ALWAYS on sale! It is located at the I-10 and 99th Ave. (and the 101) I live in Tempe and can get there in 25 minutes. Check it out and let me know what you think!

Deanna (dw) Shain said...

Love that shirt...I have to get one when CK comes to Seattle in Nov!!!!
Beautiful work on the feels so good, doesn't it?!!!
And about the calling...Yea!! You will do excellent! And it is perfect for you to get to live in the "girlie" side of the world again!

Wendy said...

I gotta have one of those shirts!

Great score on the paper, I can't wait to see your Christmas cards this year.

patti_cake said...

Yay on the awesome scrapbook experience! I so need to start scrapping. I just don't have the time.
See, the good things are already starting in your Ward! Continued blessings to you and yours Jolene!

Melissa said...

You've been busy! And lucky! At the same time!

You'll do fine with the young girls. In our church, where people aren't assigned to ministries, many women who only have boys work with the girls ministry. It gives them a chance to impact the lives of girls as well.

Briana said...

Oh I would so have loved to go to that Bazzill warehouse sale! Someday, I'll make a trip out there, someday!

Your pantry has me drooling! I love organization like that. I too would be staring at it all the time!

Congrats on your new calling! You deserve it!

Andi said...

Okay Jolene...I would have waited in line with you to be at that sale! I love paper!!!

Now for your pantry...totally awesome!!! You are officially crowned Miss Organization!!! Please come to my house and show me the way!

Your Church calling sounds wonderful! A big responsibility I'm sure but it will give you fun time with girls!!! Plus you can blog all about it so we know what you're doing.

Chickenbells said...

Nothing like something new and exciting to light a fire under the ole' tushie (a healthy dose of fear is quite often excitement in disguise) Your pantry looks amazing! It makes me want to come shopping at your house...and while I was there, I'd stock up on all the good crafty supplies!

velvet brick said...

WOW!! What a sale!! I didn't know that there was such a sale to be had!! Don't you just love spending money to save money?!?! And I LOVE the pantry! I was just bemoaning to my daughter the other day how mine is just a mess... why can't I find any room to put something in my big pantry??? Doesn't make sense! I'm going to show her these pics...maybe they will inspire us to get busy! Jolene, your calling is going to be an awesome experience and people at your ward and the big guy upstairs are going to guide and help you through it all! You have so much to share with girls...I think this is a great and wonderful thing!

Thank you, dear friend, for you kind comment on my blog this morning... thank you so much for your love.... love you....


robin c. said...


You are totally awesome!! If my Tom saw your pantry he would be in heaven!! Thank God the man LOVES to cook!!! I can't imagine ever being that organized. Can you come to Winter Haven, FL???? My scrapbook room needs your help.

I know that you will do very well with your young ladies. It is so important for young women to have good role models. Your post coincided with my inspirational reading today...the message was about being a Titus woman...perfect timing.

Your picture with Lisa is fantastic! Lucky you to find all the bargains on the paper...I'm so jealous!!

Take Care of You!


Heather said...

i am coming out of lurkdom to say:
holy cow!! i am in awe of your pantry!! that's some beautiful organization you got goin on. i have 3 boys and a girl, so i'm guessing i'm gonna need a pantry like yours when they're teenagers!

thanks for sharing, love reading your blog. :)

Nikki *Ü* said...

What a great opportunity for you to be in Young Women!! I'm the secretary in Primary right now and really do love it. My friend also has 5 boys and was recently called into Young Women. She had a few of the same "what the heck where they thinking?" questions that you do! LOL

And I am so totally jealous of your pantry!!! Not only how nice and organized it is, but the SIZE of it!! I have no pantry whatsoever and I really need one!! That's part of the problem of living in an old home - no closet/storage space whatsoever!! So I'm always jealous of those who have it!! LOL

I LOVE your shirt and that storage idea for your templates!! I need to pick something like that up for mine!! And I'm so jealous you got to go to the Bazzill warehouse sale!! $20 is a great price!!! But are you jealous that I live about 4 miles from the Making Memories warehouse??? ROFL

Cindi said...

I have serious pantry envy going on here!

Don't stress! You'll do great with those young girls!

Denise Bryant said...

What an amzaing weekend you had and I wish I was there! And to top it off, you ended the weekend with an awesome pantry. Don't stress about the young women's have Brittany and Sandi to practice on...don't sell yourself too will do great!