Thursday, August 02, 2007

Pepsi, Coke or other?

I know I'm a huge Pepsi drinker, but dang do I ever love this Coke machine! It's so stinking cute! Trying to remember...thou shalt not covet...thou shalt not covet. This was in a ladies house. Not sure if she knew I took a picture of it, but I HAD to.
So what's your favorite beverage of choice? Me - Pepsi, but if they serve Coke then I get a Sprite with a wedge of lemon or a Dr. Pepper. No diet soda for me. It has to taste good. (Disclaimer: I have been drinking way more water offset the guilt of soda intake)
Well I have a dozen pictures that I've tried to upload, but apparently photobucket has a 1,000 photo limit and I seem to have met that quota with this pictures so my album is way full. I just upgraded to the "PRO" so that I can get up to 50,000 photos. Photobucket has my money, but I still can't upload my pictures. Doesn't seem quite fair to me. Sent and email, but I'm sure to not hear back tonight...hopefully soon!
Brittany had a doctors appointment today. She is dilated to a 2-3 and 50% effaced. They scheduled her next weeks appointment, but the doctor doesn't expect to see her at it. She is due on Monday. I hope to report a new George baby very soon.
I've been helping my sister Coleen with her daycare and foster babies today and tomorrow. I don't know how she does it everyday. I know I did my many years of baby/toddler duty, but I was younger then and in better shape. I guess my brain forgot how hard it is. It must be that same part of the brain that lets one forget the pain of labor long enough to get pregnant again. Coleen is my hero. I'm totally exhausted and in major pain. It seems that my body and the 5:30 a.m. alarm do not get along. Gotta hit the showers. Maybe that will help ease the pain. I've should have been asleep hours ago. You moms who have babies and young children to chase around, I commend you for your great efforts. It's the toughest, yet most rewarding job in the world.


Patti_Cake said...

Hi Jolene, lurker who comments from time to time. Your family is beautiful and I love reading of your great love of them.
My sister collects Coke items. That machine IS awesome.
I'm a diet Coke Zero Vanilla fan myself!
I'm a 41 y/o first time Mom of a soon-to-be 3 year old. It's exhausting! LOL

Pam said...

Other! I don't drink soda. I'm a flavored water person myself! :)

Good luck to Brit! I hope you come back with new photos soon! :)

Briana said...

COKE! Can't stand the taste of Pepsi, and I know that I could haev passed the "Pepsi Challenge" back in the day! What a cute machine. My mom collects vintage Coke stuff like that, she'd love that machine.

Good luck to Brittany! Hope to see the big announcement soon!

sohpiasmom said...

Coke drinker all the way! Usually diet although I love it's high-cal counterpart...hehe! Can't wait to see pics of the new little baby! :)

Gina said...

LOVE me some REAL Coke! It's even better from a QT in Arizona with you! Hope everything goes great for Brittney and the whole entire George family.
Love you!

Cassandra said...

COKE! And I just love that coke machine! I cannot drink anything diet the artificial sweetener is just awful tasting. In fact, I had a professor that told me your body doesn't know what to do with one of the sweeteners and turns it into formaldehyde - not sure if it's true, but yuck!

Good luck to Brittany! I can't wait to have this one...five more months to go!

Mary Jo said...

Diet Coke for me! I've been drinking it so long, I've acquired the taste for it, but I'll settle for Diet Pepsi if there's nothing else. Regular Coke or Pepsi seems too strong for me now. Love that Coke machine. Does she use it as a refrigerator or just for dispensing Cokes?

Valerie said...

that Coke machine rocks! my best friend Kristie would be hugging and kissing it, believe me. she loves antique Coke stuff.

speaking of...sorry, but i'm a Coke girl. grew up with it, so believe me, i'm confident their secret formula is running through my veins. my very very favorite is a diet coke with cherry syrup. close second is one with fresh lime. yum-yum-yum.

Kim said...

I've been really good limiting my sodas (thanks to you and your water challenge). When I do splurge, it's Coke! But, since moving to the south, I have become a true southern and love, love, love my sweet tea (I know it's just as bad as soda).

Can't wait to hear about the arrival of Baby George. Woo Hoo.

Chickenbells said...

Love the Coke myself, but usually go for sprite or 7-up...or water! I'm excited for the new baby too!

Amie said...

Such a awesome coke machine. I am a bit of a water fan which is sad.... I would probably drink juice before fizzy drink, but there is the odd ocassion where I like a drink of coke. Not a pepsi fan at all.

Martha said...

my husband has been trying to buy one of those for everrrrrrr. The only reason i don't let him is well because we have no more room, i just know tho someday he'll tell me he just couldn't resist. That is the coolest looking coke machine I've seen and I like how she has it encased in the wall??
me I'm a huge pepsi drinker to :0)

Andi said...

What a great coke machine! We have friends that have an old one in their home. Pretty neat...I just don't drink any of it...Coke or Pepsi...but when I did it was always Coke for me. I remember my niece Sarah having a bumper sticker on her car in college that said "don't say the "P" word". She even decorated her dorm room in Coca Cola things! Now I stick to water or iced tea.

How exciting...a new little George will be added to your family very soon. Congratulations!

wendster said...

You are going to laugh at my favorite drink, which has changed since I was a teen. As a teen: Grape NEHI's. Oh my gosh I loved them!!! But now, I can NOT get enough of SHAVED ICE WITH WATER ADDED TO IT! OH MY GOSH IT IS SOOOOOOO YUMMY!!!! I used to just eat the ice, you know ... dry and crunchy ... but add water and it's a whole new game! So thirst quenching. Mmm... I want some just thinking of it!
Hey ... Jolene? Did you see my comment last time that I am coming to visit end of August? Phoenix baby! I'd love to stop by. I don't know how to write you at your e mail address ... though I've had other people write to my e mail address off of my blog. They are so dang smart. Wish I could figure that out.

September said...

"Other" for me. I don't like soda very much, only drink it if there is nothing else. I'd much rather have iced green tea (no caffeine), or water. :) Hope all goes very well for Brit and Brek. Wishing them all the best. Love, Me

Melissa said...

I am a Coke Zero fan. Although there is nothing like a glass of cold water with lemon!

Deanna (dw) Shain said...

Ah, Jolene...a Pepsi girl?! I'm crushed! LOL!
Coke is the ONLY soda worthy of my vote! :)
I love the mural she has painted on the wall as well as her awesome soda machine!!! Yeah, not a lot of fabulous Pepsi decor out there is there?! You may want to consider switching to the Real Thing! ;)
Hugs, -d.

Coleen said...

Wow! I'm glad to hear that I am your hero. I think maybe I am just insane. I love my kids and I thank you for stepping in for Julie. We did decide to let the daycare go and just care for these foster kids. I don't want to lose my license. Julie agreed to just help me with the kids. Love ya sis!