Monday, July 30, 2007


I was asked to help set up a display table at church on Sunday that had to do with Christ and visiting teaching. These are the things that I used. I had a little round table and a beautiful table cloth. I put together some jars of treats for my new girls that I visit with little messages to each of them. Chocolate should be a known as a national ice breaker/peace offering. I know I love it.
I went and bought Cole his new school clothes. His school is uniforms and they can wear any solid coled collared shirt, so shopping for him was a breeze. I still need to get him 2 more pair of shorts, shoes and his classroom supplies. Cody so far has underwear and socks. He is going to be harder to shop for since it's not uniforms. I'm suppose to be taking them out today to get that done. Should be entertaining. This is a little miracle that happened over the weekend. The guys all worked on the garage and got it clean enough to squeeze my car in. I'm so excited! I've NEVER been able to park in a garage and I mean NEVER! It's the small things that bring me happiness!
Some of the other things we did this weekend...
  • Date night-dinner out
  • movies with the boys
  • shopping
  • couples game night-so much fun!
  • sleepovers
  • bridal shower
  • church
  • BBQ
  • garage
  • errands

Can you tell what my next project is? Yep! painting! I'm sure you can guess what room by the picture. It's the guest bathroom next to my scraproom. I had left over green paint from in here so that's what I'm using. It will be perfect since that bathroom is decorated with outhouses.

My niece Nicole had a beautiful baby girl. I will share more about that on my next post. What does that make me to her baby? Great Aunt? I don't know.


Briana said...

How exciting! Yes, you're now a Great-Aunt!

Have fun painting and school clothes shopping! I'm almost done for the boys. Just shoes, sneakers and underwear left to get.

Pam said...

Congrats Great Auntie!

You are so organized! I wish my boys closet was that neat! I haven't even thought about school shopping yet!

Andi said...

Yes, you're a Great Aunt now...and I'm sure an Aunt that great!!!

Congrats on getting the car in the garage. I have to have my car in the just makes my life easier.

Your table at Church sounds lovely. You're so creative!

You were a busy girl this weekend!

Mary Jo said...

Congratulations! (Yes, that makes you a Great Aunt!) Wow, what a busy weekend you had and so much accomplished. I can't wait to see what you do with the bathroom! I'm always in search of creative home decorating ideas. Congratulations on finally being able to park in the garage! LOL That's another project/goal I need to take on here!

Chickenbells said...

Oh, what a fun sounding weekend you had! I can't wait to see the finished bathroom, and congratulations on the new baby in the family!

Valerie said...

congrats to you, Great Auntie Jolene! dang but you were busy this weekend...sheesh! you're gonna need another weekend just to recover.

TK Angels said...

Congrats on being a great Aunt. I am a great aunt 8 times with one on the way. Umm could it be "cause I am older? Ya think? *smile*

Our bathroom needs painting and we have bought ceramic tile for the floor. Hope to get our project done before it gets too cold outside.

Have a great Day

Jamie said...

Just catching up on some website reading. It looks like you had a but - but very fun - weekend. Take Care!

Leah said...

You are such a busy woman! I love the
school clothes shopping pic.. thats wonderful that you don't even have to think about what to buy for clothes for at least one of them. :)

Hope you're having a good week!

wendster said...

Even your son's closet is amazingly organized! Whoa! Does he have another closet with all of his stuff and other clothes in it? ha ha. Hey! Maricopa is CLOSE TO PHOENIX! Maybe we can have lunch or I can stop by when I am there for real estate college? Driving out Aug 19 and home Aug 23rd. I will have my toddler Tristan with me and I am wide open on Monday and Tuesday. But I won't stay long because Tristan is going through a phase and he's quite mouthy ... and a bit of a bully. sigh. And I know he wears out our welcome wherever we go. ha. However I'd still love to see you. And maybe see your amazing house and your famous scrapping closet? Let me know!

Anonymous said...