Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Oh baby!

Thank you all so much for the sweet comments. They are appreciated more that you can ever know.
Brittany and John are home now. Actually they sent them home Sunday night. I wish they would have kept them until Monday, but what can you do.
Baby Mark is not not quite sure what to think about John. He is just too young to understand at this point. He has no concept of "easy or soft". Brittany's mom spent the day at their apartment yesterday to help out. When I talk to Brittany she says she's tired, but okay. When I talk to Brek he says she's not doing well and she is feeling completely overwhelmed. How can she not be? and what am I to do? I told her to call me if she needs ANYTHING, but I don't know if she'll call. Do I wait for her or do I just help with what I can? I don't want to step on toes, but I also want her to recuperate while she's trying to establish new routines and getting use to having two babies under the age of one. They really did appreciate the clean apartment and laundry done, so I'm glad we were able to do that.

Speaking of babies, this is Mark's new (used) baby. We both really miss the big black bike, but this one is so pretty and he is slowly making is his own with personal touches. I was suppose to go on a couples ride with him and several others last Thursday night, but I went to the hospital instead. Secretly I'm was glad they sent us to the hospital, because it's been way too hot to ride so it gave me a real excuse to back out. I would love to do it in the fall when the temps come down a bit.

Cody and Cole started school yesterday. This was the first time EVER that I didn't get first day of school pictures. I feel like such a loser mom. I didn't hear Mark's alarm, I didn't hear anyone getting ready...I didn't hear anything. I woke up to an empty house and I felt terrible! I know I've been overly exhausted, but I don't like letting anyone down.

My house is in serious need of cleaning and I have tons of laundry to do. I have hopes of scrapbooking this week once I get caught up around here. I really miss being creative.


Rhona said...

Jolene, baby John is one of the cutest babies I've seen in a while! You're in a bit of a difficult situation but I can't help thinking that Brittany may well appreciate you going in to help, even if it was just for short periods at a time. She looked exhausted in the previous photos and I'm surprised they let her home so soon. She's going to need to get her strength back before she feels more able to cope. Just try to step carefully and miss everyones toes. Do what you can, as and when you can. Does that make sense?

Andi said...

Oh those babies are both so cute!!!

I wish I lived closer and I'd come help do your laundry! I actually love to do laundry.

Ask Brek what he would like you to help with. I'm sure he'll appreciate anything his Mom wants to do. Take care of Jolene too!

And 2nd day school pictures are just dandy! You're an amazing Mom!


Briana said...

Awww, look at the taggie I made! Brought tears to my eyes to see it on the crib! Darn hormones. I'm so happy that they like the blankets I made for the boys. I'm even more glad now that i made them the same, so the brothers would be the same!

Don't feel badly about not getting first day of school photos. You've had so much going on lately, and you're only human. I too would take it to heart though, so I know it's hard. I'm sure the boys usually roll their eyes when they have to take those shots anyway, or atleast Logan does and he's not even 5 yet!

velvet brick said...

Oh Jolene,
Baby John is just beautiful! What a sweet pea! I am sure that they would love some help, but they probably feel that they need to do everything on their own. Maybe a meal or two made and taken over? We know Brittany needs to eat well to regain her strength...so maybe a couple of your awesome dinners taken over. Then, maybe a Grammy Day...say, Friday... to do a load or two of laundry, straighten up the place and help with little things that back up when a new baby makes his entrance. BUT, let's not forget Grammy! I say Grandpa Mark should take Grammy out for a wonderful dinner and a foot massage afterward!
Blessing to everyone, Jolene! You rock! : )

Teresa said...

Oh Jolene, Brek and Brittany sure can make some beautiful Baby Boys.... Gosh they both are amazingly cute.... and so different... I mean one had no hair and the other has a head full.... Another thing is Baby John looks so much like the 3-d ultrasound you posted of him....Thanks for sharing all of the photos.....

I hope B starts to feel better real soon.... I sure don't know what to tell you about helping her.... It's really hard to say what people really want.... Maybe you can cook a few meals and take them over or maybe you can offer to keep baby Mark for a few days…. Just an some ideas.... You might want to see what Brek thinks would be the most help…..

Oh and for Mark's new baby, I'm glad that he had a chance to get another one.... I know my man used to own a Harley and misses it so much..... I myself am not crazy about bikes.... Steams from my dad many years ago.... He used to love to scare me by riding me like a “bat out of hell”.... But that is just me.... and then you always have the other divers that scare me.....

Well, girl take care..... Till Next Time...... T

Spencer Family said...

Don't feel bad about stepping on toes. When I had my baby last year I was SO GRATEFUL for my MIL. She would call me in the mornings (once or twice a week) and say can I come get Jordan for a little while, while you sleep and I LOVED IT! I would nurse him right before she got there and then she would bring him back in 2-3 hours when he was ready to nurse again. At first I was kind of lonely and didn't know what to do with myself but then I would fall asleep and be so refreshed for when she brought him back. Maybe offer to pick up baby Mark for a little bit, do laundry, or grocery shop. The one thing I remember is I loved when people would stop by to see him and visit but I didn't like when they would stay forever b/c I felt like I had so much to do and yet I couldn't b/c I had to entertain them. Congratulations--Mark and John are ADORABLE!

Valerie said...

i wouldn't worry about stepping on toes, either. at this point, i know both Brek and Brittany would SO appreciate the help...'sides, you know darn good & well they wouldn't ask for help! just do it, baby!!

and John is bee-u-tee-ful!! i love his skin tone!!

Amy Mowbray said...

Awww. He's so sweet.

Jolene, there are several ways you could help them-with them not knowing. Stock up their freezer with some yummy dinners! Or just show up at their apartment and tell them you're going to take Mark for the afternoon.

So sorry you missed the first day of school stuff. But woman, you've been doing so much. And they let you sleep in!

Mary Ann/ca said...

I'll second or third it...take food over often and take Mark in the afternoon a couple of times a week. They'll really appreciate it and you still allow them their space to set up routines and grow as a family. Gosh Brittany has to be exhausted, a long delivery and 2 guys under a year.
And you needed the rest girl!

elisha said...

I don't know if this helps or not, but when my second one came, everyone offered to take Ryan off my hands for me, so I could focus on the baby. At first I thought it was a great idea, but I was so emotional, that as soon as they walked out the door with him I was in TEARS! I figured out that the best help for me was to have someone come over and just play with Ryan while I took care of the baby.

Coleen said...

Okay, John is adorable. Wow! I can't believe how different Mark and John are - not saying that Mark isn't cute - just so different. Wow! Brings back memories with cleaning and doing the laundry. Remember when the whole family did like 30 loads of laundry for you. It took forever!! Brek and Brit would appreciate anything you do for them. I remember when Kaden was born I would have just liked to have the bottles washed out and laundry done from all the spitting up and leaks from diapers. That always took up my time when I wish I was sleeping. It's late, I've gotta go to bed. Love ya Woman!

Mary Ann said...

What a sweetie he is!!
I think Brittany would welcome the extra help right now. Maybe a home cooked meal, or just a few hours of watching baby Mark so she can get some much needed rest.

Amie said...

Hey Jolene, Baby John is adorable.... and how cute is little mark! If it were me in that situation (me being the one that has just had the baby..) The help I would want is taking baby mark for a walk in the morning/afternnon or something, at least then if the baby goes back to sleep, Brittany can go back to sleep too. My MIL often asks me if Mia wants to sleep over for the night but I would much rather her look after her in the as she goes to bed at 7pm and I have time to myself anyway.... I am sure she would love you to come over and help out. I would anyway you seem like such an awesome MIL!!!

~Telah said...

Look at that dark hair on baby John! He is so cute! You are such a good mama and grandmama too! I'm sure that you will find out how to best help Brittany and Brek out and you will be a wonderful MIL for doing it. I'm with Andi, just take pics on the 2nd or 3rd day of school! :)

Pam said...

Would you look at all that gorgeous hair! So sweet! I am sure baby Mark will figure it all out, he's the big brother afterall! :) I hope Brittany gets the hang of it quickly and is able to get some rest too!

Kimberly said...

Such a sweet baby! I am with Amy just take them some good food and it will help alot. Even watching the little one would prob help. Have a great day.

patti_cake said...

He is a darling baby! I say ask your son what he thinks she needs. I can definitely sympathize with the overwhelmed feeling .. and I only had one!

Maren said...

He is a beautiful baby. I would just help out, asked or not. She sounds like she could really use it. Hopefully she will recover quickly.

sohpiasmom said...

What a cutie! Congrats on the new baby and the new bike (awesome!)

Martha said...

omg first that baby is soooooooo cute!!!

I wouldn't worry about stepping on toe's my first two are 13 1/2 months apart and trust me I appreciated my mom just coming over and cooking me breakfast and watching my older one while me and the baby slept.

You have beautiful grandbabies ;)

Chickenbells said...

Awwww...sweet baby boy! Of course the girl is overwhelmed...I remember my mom saying that when she had me she wished someone would just come over and do the dishes and the laundry and help with the household stuff so she could just sit and rest with me. Your church does deliver food for new moms right? If not...I wish I could run down and deliver something for them...tell her to hang in there. I'm sure after she regains some of her strength from the long birth, maybe she'll feel different?

Wow...new baby toy...new bike toy...it's a good week for toys in the family!

Tricia said...

my suggestions is bring them meals...(and arrange for family and friends to do so also). come over and watch mark so she and the baby can nap. For me, I never ask for help... i appreciated when my MIL said "Im coming over to do the laundry (ECT) what time works for you?"
Any way you dont really need my advice..... you are a great MIL! Congrats on being a Grandma again!

Susie Q said...

First things first. YOU are an amazing Mom sweetie and don't you forget it. As Andi says, take 2nd day pics. JUST as good.

You need to take of YOU too ya know.

You do so much for all of them. Do something good for you.

Echoing Andi, wish some of us could pop over and help out. In lieu of that, I send a HUGE hug.

John is one of the prettiest (It is alright to call a baby boy pretty isn't it?) babies I have ever seen!

Oh Brittany has to be overwhelmed and she had such a rough birth. I agree with Andi. Ask Brek and she what he says. I know she will need sleep for sure. But them, YOU would know better than I would! : )

TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF!!! That is an order!



linda t said...

Oh my gosh, THE cutest baby EVER!!
Congrats to all of you!
You obviously have the gift of service Jolene... so it's hard not to want to do for your daughter-in-law, son and grandsons. Try to give them time to adjust to their new little family and in time they will let you know how you can love and care for them.
You are such an inspiration Jolene.

September said...

He is so sweet. :) I think food would probably be a great help, and maybe just some companionship for Brit. She has to be totally overwhelmed, plusalso, not feeling well must be the worst. You're so good at this kind of stuff, Jolene, follow your heart. Congrats to Mark on the new bike, nice flames! :)

Kim - ScrapToMyLu said...

Congrats on the new baby! He is amazingly beautiful.

I say help without waiting. Sometimes people don't like to ask, or they don't realize how badly they needed help til it's too late.
She is so lucky to have you.