Monday, August 20, 2007

Progressive Dinner

The progressive dinner was tons of work, but a huge success. I had set up two tables then got a call an hour before dinner saying that a few more couples had signed up, so while I continued to cook, I asked Mark to drag out my 6 foot table that I use when I have people over to scrap. We set it up in the family room to make room for the extra people. The table cloth didn't get ironed but I didn't care. I had barely enough dishes to serve everyone. Nothing like a little added stress thrown in there at the end. :o)

I did end up making stuffed pork chops, garlic mashed potatoes, green beans with bacon and toasted almonds. I had Mark go buy rolls from Golden Corral. I only have one oven here so I couldn't make rolls. The pork chops looks kind of gross, but they were really good. I had the butcher cut pockets in them. I browned and seasoned them, stuffed them with stuffing and mounded some on top. Then poured over a mixture of cream of mushroom and cream of celery. They were large, so a few of us cut them in half to share with out hubbies, so there was plenty to go around. I have a weakness for really good mashed potatoes. I think they should be their own food group. :o) Everything tasted great and we had fun visiting with our guests. I do wish I could have visited with everyone, but you really can't with a large group.
On Sunday I was so tired that I slept dang near all day and totally missed church. I felt terrible about that. Mark took the boys. I woke up an hour before they got home. I really haven't been sleeping well at night so it all just caught up with me. I'm thinking I'm going to have to start taking Valerian root again. That stuff smells like stinky rotten feet, but it works and you don't feel groggy the next day. I can't continue to function on little to no sleep.
Brittany took John to the doctor today for a check up. He's doing great and that boy has gained some serious weight. He's already up to 8 pounds 13 ounces. I haven't seen them since last week, so I really need to go over. I miss them all.
Tomorrow (Tuesday) I'm having a guest visitor that I haven't met before. One of my blogging buddies. Tune in to see which one. :o)
I hate to end on a sad note, but one of our long time family friends passed away Friday night when a blood clot broke loose. Derral Hineman was our home teacher for many years when I was a young girl. (about 1st grade and up) He was not your ordinary home teacher that came to visit the family once a month. He came to see us all the time. Whenever he greeted any of us girls he's say "hello darlin' about a bear hug". Then he'd pick us of the ground in a big, gentle bear hug. (he was a big man) He always remembered birthday's and holiday's. He was just a special man. Our families had great times together. His grandson played baseball with one of my boys so I sat next to him at many games. He has been one of my parents dearest friends throughout all these years even though we moved often, we always stayed in touch. That sweet man will be dearly miss by all who love him.


September said...

Looks like your dinner was a huge success!

Amazing about the baby. They do grow so fast. :)

Valerie said...

i'm sorry about the loss of Derral - he sounds like a wonderful person!

your dinner sounds wonderful - dang that we couldn't have come and equally wonderful is how John is doing!!
how's his mama doing, BTW?

and can't wait to see who your mystery guest is gonna be!

Amie said...

Glad the dinner was a huge success... The food looks delicious.

Sorry to hear the sad news


Amie xx

Chickenbells said...

I'm sorry for your loss sweetie, it's hard to loose good friends, especially one's that give good hugs! The dinner looked lovely...I think mashed potatoes could just be a meal in and of themselves!

Leah said...

Those pictures made me so hungry! It looks wonderful!

So sorry to hear about your family friend. My thoughts and prayers will be with the family.

velvet brick said...

Aww... sorry about the lost of a wonderful person... Always leaves a void that can only be filled with sweet memories.

I'm amazed, girl, that you had time to snap pictures while planning such a big dinner party! I think the pork chops look yummy! I'd eat them! And yes, mashed potatoes deserve their own category... is there anything better than a bowl of them?? I think not.

Have fun with your blogging buddy... sounds like you'll have a great time meeting! And thanks for the update about little John. Is Brittany feeling better? Hope so!

Take care of Y.O.U.!! : )

~Telah said...

Glad you had a huge success! I have been to one of those dinners and had so much fun...need to do it again. Sorry to hear about your loss.

Coleen said...

I would never be able to do a big dinner like that. I need to get more comfortable with my cooking and I need a bigger house. Have you heard when Derral's funeral is yet?

Pam said...

MMM, everything looks delish! I am glad you had a good time!

Jen said...

sorry to hear of the passing of the friend :(

What is a progressive dinner?

justabeachkat said...

Hi there

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and leaving your sweet message. Come back're always welcome.

I had fun visiting your blog too and will be back.

Your meal sounded yummy. I love mashed potatoes (although I'm trying to do no carbs right now) and your stuffed pork chops sound especially good.


Briana said...

I'm with ya' on having mashed potatoes be in their own food group! I could live on them!

So sorry to hear of your loss.

Andi said...

Recipes please for how to fix those pork chops and the green beans! Everything looks so yummy and your tables look wonderful! Progressive dinners are so much fun!

I'm sorry to hear of the loss of your teacher friend. It's so nice that you have wonderful memories of him.

martha said...

That dinner looks awesome and looks so yummy!!! I love your table in your kitchen to.

Sorry to hear of the passing of your friend sounds like he was a good man...

Nikki *Ü* said...

Wow! That dinner looks wonderful!! Glad it was a success! I'm so sorry about the passing of your friend. I wish his family peace and comfort.