Thursday, August 23, 2007

Wax on...wax off...really really fast!!

Why must we torture ourselves in the name of beauty...or what we perceive as beauty? I haven't had my nails filled for at least 3 1/2 weeks, so they were way overdue and beyond ugly. So I go to the nail salon today to pamper myself in hopes that it would get me out of my crummy mood I've been in lately. I did it my nails filled, got an awesome pedicure, and decided I might as well get waxed too. Keep in mind that I am a hairy girl, so not only did I wax my eyebrows, I wax my lip and my jaw line too. A few weeks ago my brother in law was saying that he can't grow a beard. I came back with "well I can" LOL! Granted it isn't a burly man beard, but it's unwanted hair none the less. So I'm laying down in the little waxing room. My eyes are closed in an effort to relax. I'm talking to myself saying, it's will only hurt a little...and other lies like that. She begins to smooth on the hot wax, then apply the gauze strips, I hold my breath and she rips it off! My knuckles go white as I clinch them tightly. She continues this process all over my face. I was sure that she was not only removing the unsightly hair, but a layer of skin as well. My face was on fire. After she was done torturing me (that I paid her to do, mind you) She smeared some greasy stuff all over my face, in an attempt to put out the fire. Now not only is my face in pain, but it's red and covered in sticky goo. How's that for a day of pampering to get to out of a bad mood?!
***Disclaimer***I know my eyebrows are uneven. That's the Bells Palsy, not the waxing job.

Last night Brek came over to change the oil on his car. Him and Kyle were taking the bucket of used oil to Auto zone to dispose of it properly. They had it in Mark's work van. On a turn the bucket tips over. They pull over immediately and open the door. The bucket falls out spewing the rest of the oil. They quickly come home in an attempt to clean up the huge mess that they made, all the while leaking oil down the road. Since the trail leads right to my house, the authorities will know exactly where to find the culprits. They spent hours trying to clean things up. All of the carpet cleaning equipment had to be wiped down and the truck had to be scoured out. They put kitty litter on the oil spill that was on the side of the highway to soak it up. I felt so bad for them. I'll let you know if the police show up.
I went to bed before they were finished. I woke up to this little message on my computer from Brek. It says " love you mom! from your big boy" I love how he deliberately wrote some letters backwards and his exclamation point is dotted with a smiley face. Plusalso, he changed my screensaver to darth vader holding elmo. He's so funny!
Question??? I need a website that I can do a mosiac collage for my Christmas cards since Chad is gone and we can't do a group picture. I want something that will do 9 squares that I can print off in a 5"X5" square. Any advise? Wink flash does 5X5 prints, but now I need to be able to get the mosiac part done. Thanks in advance.


velvet brick said...

Hi girl! I think you look adorable and that's a great picture of you!! I was laughing out loud at your rendition of getting waxed... to funny... so much for being pampered! But the results are sweet and you look cute as a bug!! : )


TK Angels said...

Ahh the wax job looks marvelous. Do you have Italian blood? Well I do and I am hairy also and when I get waxed there goes the jaw and the upper lip. Now the upper lip to me hurts more than the brow wax. Ouch!!

Take care,

Nonie Mae said...

You should try waxing your legs.. talk about hurting..

Pam said...

I have a hard enough time with the eyebrows to ever do anything else! Thank goodness I'm not too hairy yet! ;) Love your story tho!

I'd be happy to work on a mosiac for you if you want to send me the photos. I can do it in photoshop and then send it to you so you can take it to be printed. LMK!

Melissa said...

I winced as I read about your wax job AND the oil spill. Both very cringe-worthy events!

Lisa B. said...

Oh my gosh...every two weeks, I go and pay for that exact same facial torture. If I didn't, I could easily get a job with the circus. It's frightening. My one girl friend and I have this pact, that if either of us ever goes into the hospital for some extended stay of some sort, we will come and visit and bring tweezers in an effort to save the other from unsightly facial growth. :} (Like I'm sure that would be our biggest worry if we were actually being hospitalized that long anyway...but still...)

SmileyCarrie said...

Your eyebrows look great!!
Is it bizarre that I *love* getting my eyebrows waxed!?! hahaha I am really fair skinned and have blonde eyebrows at that ~ so really don't need to get it done ~ but I can't help it - I love it!

Hope you have a great weekend :)

Martha said...

I get my eyebrows threaded but get the "mustache and beard" on me waxed!!! thanks for reminding me I must get it done soon!!!LOL your brows look great to.

I have the same oil trail in my driveway thanks to dh driving thru a puddle of oil that he thought was just water!!ugh

A, B & C said...

I've never posted here before, but I love your blog! You have a wonderful family and so many talents.
I miss manicures and waxing... I won't go to get one here, because the salons are too dirty!
I read back in your blog a little and wish I would've known about sending the ducks to your son. We have a military address too and could've send them pretty quick and I think for free.
Oh and about your Christmas card question, you can maybe get someone to make a photo collage for you, as someone already offered, but I also saw something really neat on last year for our Christmas cards. It's a whole series of family photos in an accordian folded card and it's really neat. It's a little pricy, but maybe you could do something similar on your own. I'm sure a print shop could help. Check them out at;jsessionid=aDFNMb2otxB_llKBAs?formsHidden=true&formFactorid=33732846503&designWareid=97826946503&themeid=48005056503

Valerie said...

i'm SO with you - i pay cash for the opportunity to have hair ripped out of my skin. ouch does not even begin to describe it.

did i tell you i had my *ahem* bikini line done? and i will never EVER do it again. it burned & itched for over a week.

other than the oil spill in your neighborhood, i'd say you're having a great day!

Leah said...

That message from Brek is priceless! Hope the oil police don't come after you. :)

You can make a collage like you're wanting in's a free photo software from google. I use it all the time, it's super easy!

Nikki *Ü* said...

Oh my gosh! I can so feel your pain. Only I've had it done on other parts of my body too. OUCH!!!!!! So crazy why we do these things, but it is nice to get rid of that hairy lip and bulky unibrow once in a while! ROFL I hope they were able to get the oil spill cleaned up enough that it won't be a problem! Yikes!!

Susie Q said...

YOU look too cute dear friend...
Trailing oil spills and waxy burning skin...sounds like a Bruce Willis movie!
What we do for beauty...oh my.

Love ya,

Maren said...

You look great. My eyebrows are too sparse so extra hair is not the problem. I have tried an epilady on my legs once though. Owie! Have a good weekend.

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Hi, Jolene, thanks for stopping by to see me. I have never had my eyebrows waxed, but it does sound awful! I have plucked mine so much over the years, that they don't grow back as much anymore.

Happy pampering!


Kimberly said...

You are brave to have waxing done. I have never had my eyebrows waxed and I am sure I need too. But I think I am too chicken. I am not a fan of pain. That was too funny...oil Police!

Shannon said...

I have read your blog a couple of times.....and I have to tell you I wish you were my neighbor. There have been days when I need a pick me up so I check out what is new with you!!

But I have to admit I have you beat for the pain of being waxed. My sister went to cosmetology school and during one of my "torture" sessions when she ripped the wax paper off she hit the overhead flourescent lights. The bulbs fell out on top of me and the room went dark...I thought her and I were going to laugh ourselves to death.

wendster said...

I only got waxed ONCE! NEVER AGAIN. Ouch! Now I just shave ... I've missed the corner of my eyebrows so many times that THEY ARE MISSING NOW! They haven't come back! There's a secret about me. ha. I have to draw the corner of my eyebrows on.

Sandi @the WhistleStop Cafe said...

The things we do in the name of beauty!
Big news... it only gets worse =D

Anonymous said...