Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Meet Wendy and tag

I'd like you all to meet Wendy. She's on my blog list as Wendster. She lives in California and her husband is here on business, so her and her son Tristan drove down to Maricopa to see me. I'm so glad that they did. We went to lunch and came back to my house to hang out and visit for a little while. Wendy brought the little bride and groom ducks to send to Chad and she made him a very cute little ducky card while she was here. After she left Cole said, "WOW! She made that...I could never make that." He was very impressed. I forgot to take a picture of it before I put it in the box. Tristan made friends with Cody and Cole and was sad that his new friends were not coming with him when he left. If any of you visit Wendy's blog, go check out her archives. She is a very talented painter and has shared lots of her work. It was so great to get to know her better. She is a sweetheart and I really like her a lot.
Thank you Wendy for wanting to come spend time with me and thank you for the ducks for Chad. I appreciate it.
I was tagged a while back by Velvet Brick AKA Carol and I have yet to get around to doing it...probably because, what more could I possible tell you that you don't already know. I made a list on the back on an envelope, but I lost it, so here's a try from memory....which I try not to rely on often. To be honest I don't remember 1 thing on that list...how sad! If I repeat some that you've already heard before, just ignore and move on or be open to a new reminder. :o)
10 unknown facts about me.
  • Fact 1...I got bells palsy several years ago and the right side of my face was paralyzed for many months. I couldn't blink, I drooled, I slurred my speech, eating and drinking was difficult, a smile was not possible. I looked freakishly ugly. I've got almost all of my mobility back. I still can't raise my eyebrow, and my eyes and smile are a bit off, but it sure beats the mess that I was.
  • Fact 2...My arms are covered in freckles and age spots, even though I avoid the sun at all costs. I imagine that soon there will be so many that they all touch and I will look really tan.
  • Fact 3...I toss and turn all night. Not your regular rolling over from side to side. I'm talking side to side then head to toe as well. I hurt while I sleep plus I get hot, so I'm always looking for a cooler spot. I set the AC at 74 at night...still doesn't help.
  • Fact 4...I suffer from depression. Betcha didn't know that. I do my best to hide it well. I do what I can to fight it and be upbeat most of the time. It really a hard thing to deal with, but I know my family deserves better than dealing with a depressed mom.
  • Fact 5...I would LOVE to decorate a little girls room or nursery. I never get to play in the realm of girly colors and oh how fun that would be! If I EVER get a grand daughter WATCH OUT!!! (not holding my breath though.)
  • Fact 6...I really have no desire to visit foreign countries. I'm more interested in seeing what our country has to offer. I'd like to visit some states that have stuff like trees, grass, water...Is that too much to ask?! No offence meant to you readers who live in other countries, It's just that I haven't even seen enough of this one yet.
  • Fact 7...Three shows I watch every week on TV is Big Brother, Kyle XY and Army Wives. When I just have the TV on, it's usually on the food network, TLC or HGTV.
  • Fact 8...I'm a girl who has lots of friends but feels like she has none. I like lots of people and I think lots of people like me, yet I have nobody that I go do anything with on a regular basis. It's a lonely feeling.
  • Fact 9... I was bit by my grandparents german shepard named King when I was little. He was not use to having visitors and protected the cabin at all costs. He pierced my ear. Apparently he didn't get the memo that my parents did not give me permission to have pierced ears.
  • Fact 10...I can't drive a stick shift...seriously! I tried. We bought a truck that was stick shift when we only had a couple of boys. My sister drove it to my parents neighborhood then let me try. I could not get through their security gates before they would close. I tried LOTS of times. My kids kept smacking their heads on the back window. It was bad. We almost peed from laughing so hard. The truck went back to the dealership the next day.

I'm tagging anyone who wants to play. No pointing fingers here. :o)


TK Angels said...

Loved your comments. You are the first one that I have seen that also likes Kyle XY and Army Wives. Glad to hear it. Love the ducks for Chad. How is he doing?

Take care,

velvet brick said...

Ok..may I just gush about you for a moment??? I think you are such a sport to do this 'tag'..so thank you for doing so! And secondly, you are such an inspiration, Jolene! I had no idea all that you have dealt with...and probably one of the things that I just love and admire about you is that you are so honest...so real... You're not afraid to be who you are... like the header of your blog says. Not many people are comfortable doing so...and yet, people like me appreciate your candor so very much. Jolene, you really are an amazing spirit and God has blessed us all with you friendship and beauty! Love you, dear girl! : )

Chickenbells said...

Oh, I am so glad you got to connect with someone from blogland...Carol Ms. Velvet Brick and I are super good friends...and we chit-chat quite a bit, and I can't imagine my life without her in it now! This is such a fun community isn't it? I have depression issues as well, I take St. John's Wort once a day, and tried that Samee's stuff (spelling?) It was really good, and helped a lot with my mood, and is super good for your liver...plus it's all natural and you can get it at a great deal at CostCo...

Diana said...

Oh jolene...you make me feel all warm inside and so easy to relate to! Good thing you don't want to visit other countries...here's a laugh. i live in canada, I have a german shephard, his name is king! Don't laugh!! lol. But he doesn't bite!! Your welcome to come visit! I promise!

Susie Q said...

Oh sweetie...we DO have so much more in common than we even knew! I too suffer from depression and often feel like I am all alone. How I wish we lived closer...but you are never alone...you have so many of us who adore you!! LOVE you!

I am so happy you got to spend the day with Wendy. How sweet was that?
: )

Now, you just have to get to Ohio and the room and board is on us!! We will show you trees and water and hills and antiques and history and scrap shops and gosh. We would have fun!

You are always welcome here!!!


Nonie Mae said...

I got bells palsy right after I had my son.. It was a better out come than the doctors thinking I had a stroke... It has been 16 1/2 years and when I get tired you can still see some of the side effects.. I also suffer from depression..and feel alone at times too. You should go and get a sleep study done. I had one done and found out that I have some sleeping issues and now use a CPAP at night, has help me lot with my sleep problems...

Pam said...

How cute are those ducks! And how fun you got to meet a blog buddy!

I can't drive a stick shift either! I wish I lived closer to you because I feel the same way about not having anyone to do anything with! All my friends live far away! :( I would love to decorate a little girls room too! ;) I hate to tell you but I've got freckles everywhere, had them all my life and I've always wished they would turn into one big tan! No hope of that! ;)
And you are right about the depression, I would never have known! Hugs!

Kim said...

Is Army Wives an awesome show or what!! I got hooked. I am bummed that this Sunday's show is already the season finale. Big Brother is one at the top of my list too.

Meg said...

Jolene, thank you for sharing these things about yourself, thank you for sharing so much.

I also want to thank you for the comment you left on my blog. It was very dear, and it really helps (as you know) to read comments from wonderful readers like yourself. I get a lot of support and inspiration from comments like yours! So, thank you so much again.


Jen said...

4,6 and 10 are 3 things we have in common :)

Cassandra said...

I can help you out with number 5!! We'll have a new house in two weeks with a girl's nursery in need of a decorative touch!! ;)

I love Army Wives too...

You are such a sweetheart - you are able to do so much for everyone else with everything on your plate. You're an inspiration!

Maren said...

In response to a comment you left on my blog--my sister recommended the Junie B Jones books to me yesterday. I had not heard of them before. She said they were funny. I'll definitely have to check them out.

I love you 10 facts. Those are always so fun to get to know my blogging friends. I have dealt with depression to, but have been fortunate in that I haven't been depressed for several years now--even considering the huge health mess I found myself in.

I think you are incredibly friendly and I very much enjoy your blog and the comments you leave on mine. I like what velvet brick said about you being so real and honest on your blog. I am still working on that one.

~Telah said...

Love those duckies! BTW, I made your banana bread today. Mine fell in the center, but it still tasted wonderful. I have been trying to find a recipe for years now that my husband loves (he remembers the way his grandmother's tasted and I haven't been able to match it yet). When he tries it this evening, I'll let you know, but I'm betting he's gonna love it!

Jill@Who Could Ask for Anything More said...

I'm visiting here via Kat. I love these"bet you didn't know" lists. A dear friend of mine had bells palsey several years ago, too, and she has recovered very well. And, my son loves Kyle XY!

Andi said...

How cool that you got to meet Wendy! Love your picture together. I'll have to check out her blog.

Wow...those are some facts on your list and things you haven't shared before. I'm with you on #6 and #10. There are so many places in the USA I want to visit that I really have no desire to travel abroad.

My hubby tried to teach me how to drive a stick shift and I just couldn't learn! I mean why go to so much trouble when you can drive a regular car and not shift!!!

restyled home said...

Wow, it's amazing how many people are toushed by depression...wither themselves or a loved one. I can realte about the friends thing. I have very good friends, but not one who I can really pour my heart out to. I wish we women could seek each other out more and truly open up as you hve. Funny, of all the blog friends I have discovered, you are one of the few I can picture myself plopping on your couch and just be me. Weird, because I hardly "know" you. Your friends are lucky indeed!


Sandi @ the WhistleStop Cafe said...

Wow~ you've been busy!
I was out of town, so it took me a while to catch up.
Precious babies at your house =D

Jacquie said...

How fun that you met Wendy. I discovered her blog thru you and love going to visit her also. How cool would that be meeting a blog friend.

I shall cross fingers one day that you will get to spoil a granddaughter. I guess in the mean time those darn cute grandson are going to get it all ;-)

My Kamryn got stepped on by my cousins dog, her ear so looked like a dog footprint. Poor Bentley though didn't mean it was just having fun.

Cheryl Wray said...

That is so great that you got to meet Wendy.i have met a few blog friends and would love to meet more of them. They are the sweetest people!
Your honesty and openness with your 10 facts was wonderful. We all deal with so many things and sometimes it's nice to know that other people do too.
Have a WONDERFUl day!

mindy said...

You forgot to mention that King was no ordinary german shepard. I had heard over and over how big he was but I didn't believe it until the first time I met him. We pulled up to the cabin in a Datsun (yes, small car BUT) he walked up to the car and stuck his head and neck right in the window without jumping up. I think you are lucky that he only "pierced" your ear!

Leslie said...

Hello! I love reading your sweet blog. I know what you mean about not really having anyone to do things with. I am a scrapbooker with nobody to scrap with! My scrap room is a mess....I need your help and a scrap buddy! I am in Phoenix! Help!

Nina Diane said...

I read your blog every day......and consider you my blog friend! I too want a little princess grandaughter!!

Martha said...

Hi Jolene, how fun you got to meet your blog friend. HEr little boy is to cute. I love those duckies to ;) i'm a big brother and army wives fan to.

Nikki *Ü* said...

Can I just say how jealous I am that you met Wendy??? I think she's hilarious and I'm so glad I "met" her through your blog!! So interesting to read all your facts. I LOL'd about the German Shepherd piercing your ear!!

Marjorie said...

Hi there,
I randomly discovered your blog and enjoy reading it from time to time. You're one talented lady!

About Fact 8 .... i know exactly how you feel. I feel like that too most times :(

wendster said...

Hey you guys! Jolene is WAY too modest. In her list of facts she didn't even list how amazing or friendly or kind she is. I popped in from another state and she just opened up her heart and her home to me. And her house is SO DANG CUTE! And SO DANG CLEAN!!! What amazing talent she has! And she and her husband are SOOOO cute together! Jolene, you beautiful friend, you! I know EXACTLY how you feel ... like I am a friend to everyone but never sure if they "love" me too ... kinda alone all the time. I think it must be a common theme for us all. Maybe each of us just hope that others will invite us into friendship to erase our uncertainty? Here's your invitation: I THINK YOU ARE A KEEPER, GIRL! BE MY FRIEND. YOU ARE WELCOME ON MY BLOG, IN MY HOME, AND IN MY LIFE! Come on over! Thanks again for your hospitality and for buying me and Tristan lunch. You rock!

Deanna (dw) Shain said...

I am apparently WAY behind in my blog reading...so I'm catching up. I loved learning more about you through your 10 random facts! I have a hard time believing you don't have freinds to go hang out with. Makes me REALLY wish we lived closer 'cause I think we'd be together a LOT! Come visit me and you can stay in Melissa's pink (as in Barbie) room...that will help you get over your need for more pink in your life! LOL!!! I got bit when I was younger too...but mine is a fake dimple instead of an ear piercing!
Have I mentioned you need to come visit me?! LOL! We are the state with all the trees and stuff you mentioned I'm sure!!! ;)