Thursday, May 24, 2007

George happenings...

Tonight I had a crafty class at church. We made these cute flags and I got to meet and visit with some very nice girls that live here in Maricopa. They invited me to go to their monthly late night crop at Recollections too. That will be fun!Cole, Chad and Grandpa PetersChad was playing around with Sandy's hair extensions. He would not be a pretty girl. It's kind of creepy! LOL!

I don't know what it is about boys, but you get them all in a room and they some how get the overwhelming need to wrestle each other. Miss Sandy showing off her muscles by pinning them all.

A little smoochy while watching Jordin win American Idol last night.
I had my family come over for an Italian feast. I made spaghetti, fettuccine alfredo with grilled chicken, salad and garlic bread. My sisters brought dessert. It was all great!
Cole and his teacher Mrs. Witte. I went to his school today because he was getting 2 awards. One for getting on the honor roll and one for perfect attendance. My little guy worked really hard since we moved here. It started out pretty rocky. Not real sure what's up with his smile. He said something about not showing his "real" smile at school. Who knows why a 10 year old thinks the way they do?Of course we had to get a picture of him and his buddies!

Things have been a little stressed with the sharing of Chad (or lack there of). I'm trying hard to bite my tongue, because what's most important to me is that HE is happy, but not everyone is sharing nice and it's making me very sad...sad for me and sad for him. He's feeling very torn. I've made sure that there is not any pressure from my end. I just wish he'd stand up for himself, so that he's not full of regret when it's time to leave. We all love him so much. At what point do you say "this just isn't right" or do you continue to keep the peace, but have a broken heart while doing so?


wendster said...

Don't you wish people could all just learn to SHARE? We covered that in KINDERGARDEN people! I think you are going at it from the right angle: you are supporting him in having a good visit. He will remember and appreciate that.
Glad you are getting to enjoy your guy! God will keep him safe when he returns. I always think like this: if I am supposed to die, I'll die, whether I'm at my computer desk or on an airplane. If it's NOT my time to die, I WON'T die, even if I am in front of a stampede. I have heard too many amazing stories of people who SHOULD have been dead but were spared. God has everything under control. Rest easy, Momma. I certainly do understand your fears. I would feel afraid too in the same situation.

Amie said...

I hope you get to spend some good quality time with him very soon.

Have a good weekend.

Loved all the photo's

Maren said...

Your meals always sound so delicious. I want to come and hang out with your family and eat at your house.


Diana said...

Sad your not getting all the time you want. Hopefully Chad isn't just doing because it makes others happy. He needs to do what makes him happy. Hopefully he will see, and make the right choices he won't regret! Your the best Mom ever!!
on a better note. Cole is absolutly adorable. Seems he is doing better now. He looks happy. You have so many reasons to be such a proud Mom!
And inspiration to me!

Anonymous said...

Young love is a powerful thing.
My husband and I dated long distance during his entire 5 year tour with the US Navy. We met my freshan year of college and were married 5 yrs later- soon after I graduated and he completed his tour. He would come home on leave twice a year for 30 days. Being a young women, in love, you can bet I thought he need to be with me 24/7 while he was home. I felt that because I was the loyal one waitng for him and writing to him that I deserved all of his time home. Looking back on it now, I can only imagine how hurtful that was for his Mom, not getting to spend the time she had hoped she would each time that he was home. I am now a mom to a little boy, and I can't even begin to think what it would be like to send him off to war. Just know that you are his Mom, no matter how in love he is, that girl can ever take that from you and that girl will never have the same eternal bond with him that you have. He loves you.

Andi said...

Ditto Maren's comment...I want to come to your house and eat and hang out!!! Your meals always sound so wonderful...and of course I know the company would be good!

Love the little flag you made!

It would be hard to share such a handsome guy. How wonderful it is that he has so many people that love him.

Gina said...

I don't want either of you to have regrets later. This could also lead to you resenting others! My opinion is to talk to Chad one on one and let him know that this time with him is VERY important to you. Of course, you want him to be happy too, but I believe if he knows how important it is for YOU to have some quality, private time, it will make it easier to stand up for himself and turn down some other invitations. I know he LOVES his family and how important you all are to each other.
Love and hugs,

Anonymous said...

I have to say that I truly feel you are doing the right thing in not pressuring your son in any way. This has to be very difficult for him where he knows he only has such a short amount of time to spend with all those he cares about. I live about 1000 miles away from my mom and the last time I went home she made me feel so guilty about not spending enough time with her that we ended up getting in a fight and we didn’t speak for a couple of weeks. That is the last thing you want to do to your son right now, even if it is how you feel. I would talk to him and explain that you understand he has a lot of pressures on his time and to have him make sure that he is happy too, not just everyone around him. It may help him to know that you can see it’s difficult on him and that he has the choice to spend his time with everyone he wants to and not just one or two people. He obviously loves you and he will respect you for caring.

Good luck with everything,

Jen said...

Okay here's my know me and my IL's not easy.

And really, you should just let Chad go with his feelings and be where he wishes, otherwise he's going to get mad at you for saying something and if he doesn't spend time with his woman she's going to get it's a someone's going to lose situation.

Be careful what you say and what you never know whose reading your I've found out, LOL.

hang in there

Jamie said...

Love all the photos. I can tell you guys are having a great time this week.

Congratulations to your little guy for winning those awards at school.

I am working on cleaning out my scrap closet this weekend. My birthday is tomorrow and I told my hubby that all I wanted to do was scrap, clean, and organize. I can't wait!!

Have a great Memorial Day weekend

Jacquie said...

Your Cole is so sweet!! Switching schools is hard, when we moved here Morgyn (who was in gr 5) left behind all her friends she had since kindergarden. But she adjusted quite well, kids are pretty resilient at times.

So sorry to hear of the turmoil with Chad's visit. It is a hard situation you are in. Is there a right choice in what you do? You will find your way. Hope it all works out well the next few days. Hugs!!

~Telah said...

I'm so glad you have your guy back for at least a little while! I hope you get your turn with him and you all have a great weekend!

Chickenbells said...

Oh, it must be so very hard for you to bite your tongue...but I'm hoping that you have fun with him anyway...

Valerie said...

congrats to Cole - and his smile just makes ME's so kid like!

BIG hugs to you for the whole Chad & sharing's hard, because you both have the right to his time...and prayers that he finds the perfect balance that makes everyone happier. love you!

September said...

I think you need to be honest with everyone Jolene.... or you will be eaten up inside, I know how you are, girlfriend, you hold things in.... please trust Chad with your feelings!

Hope you have a good weekend.

cee said...

You birthed the child; thus, you have first dibs.

Kimberly said...

So glad ya'll are having a good time with each other while your son is home from Iraq. Family times are so special. Have a great weekend.

homedaisy said...

oh, how hard it will be when my little boy is all grown up and i have to let him go. you were so smart to have five. :)

Colors of Me said...

{{{{{Hugs}}}}} to you Jolene. I can't imagine how hard it is for you not to have Chad there 24/7, and I agree with whoever it was that said you should say something to him. He will know that you understand his need to spend time with everyone, but he will also appreciate your honesty. Maybe by not saying anything he thinks that you may have a lot of things going on and doesn't want to intrude on your busy days. Even though my kids know they are always #1 with me, they don't always remember that. I hope you get to spend more time with Chad!!

And congratulations to Cole!!! Awesome job winning those awards!

Martha said...

ok I'd be seriously selfish with him, but in a nice way of course. Girl I have to salute you I don't think I'd keep my mouth shut.

I do hope you get some mama and son time soon.

Love your pictures and your food sounds lovely and yummy as always, man I wish I was your neighbor or a really good friend!!!hehehehe

Deborah P said...

Perhaps you could announce, in front of everyone, that you want to have a "lunch date" with Chad and go ahead and set up a day and time, so everyone will know your plans. Your husband could do something similar, so each of you would have some one-on-one time with him.

I know it's hard on you and on him - too little time and so many people who love him as someone earlier said. I hope you work it all out.

Susie Q said...

I am thinking that perhaps you and Chad could arrange a lunch or dinner date, just the 2 of you. Perhaps a drive too...just so you can be alone and talk. You both deserve that. It is a hard balance...I have been on the *other* side of it though. You are so smart to not say anything to could just build resentment. You can tell Chad how you feel about needing some time...he will understand that. He loves you, adores you. That is evident. He must be loved by so many and you should take a all raised a wonderful boy who is cared for by lots of folks.
Hold tight...I am sending you loads of hugs. I wish I could be there to help in some way.


Susie Q said...

Oh! I love Cole's pictures too! He is such a handsome grow 'em cute in Arizona don't cha? : )


Heather said...

As always, I find your blog posts so great! Thanks for sharing! I am so glad the end of the year school stuff is over here! Hope you are having a good time having Chad home! I know that had to be the best surprise and just a joy!
Take care!

Nikki *Ü* said...

Sorry you've having some stress with your time with Chad. No fun, but I can see how that would happen. Hopefully it's getting better. Love the flag you made at enrichment. I need one for my door. I'll have to show the pic to my hubby to see if he can cut me the wood!