Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Miss Sandy

I almost didn't blog today because my mood is beyond bad, but I took pictures of sweet Miss Sandy for her graduation announcements and I had to share because she's just so darn cute! I'm so glad my boys have good taste in girls. I'm so proud of her. This year in school she has worked so hard. She was cheer leading captain, in charge of the yearbook, got good grades, made the National Honor Society, is getting a $1,000 and a $5,000 scholarship. How great is that?! She is planning to getting a year of cosmetology school under her belt while Chad is in Afghanistan. Then they will plan their wedding. I have good news. I haven't wanted to share yet because I know the military doesn't always tell the truth, but all the soldiers are SUPPOSE to get a 2 week leave during their tour overseas. Chad knew he'd have no shot at any of the holidays, so he requested Kyle and Sandy's graduation. I got an email from him on Mother's day and he said it's been approved. We are hoping and praying it really does happen and he makes it home in time. The thought of seeing him is....ummm...I can't even think of words to describe my feelings about that. I just need to see my boy. Right now he's out on a long mission and he didn't know how many days it would be before they got back to base. My stomach hurts so much every time he goes on a mission because I know he's in danger. That's is part of the reason for my of many reasons today. So many cruddy things happened today. You ask, what are they? Well I'm not going to say. Nothing know how sometimes just a bunch of little things that pile of top of each other until you can't take one more thing and you can't decide whether to be angry or cry or both. I don't want to be a downer right now so I plan to get some sleep and pray for a better day.
Good things today
*Had a great shower!
*Mark made the boys breakfast and did the dishes.
*Got cute pictures of Sandy.
*Jordin made it through to the finals on American Idol.
* I got my favorite church cookbook rebound.
*Lots of girls want to be in the fluffy girl club.
See....the day wasn't all bad.
(ironic that the "I had a bad day" song is playing right now, huh?!)
I will make my fluffy girl chart and then we will all start being accountable. So excited! :o)


Amie said...

Sandy is so pretty, it is a beautiful photo... nice work!

I am so happy that you might get to see chad very soon.

& I am glad that you chose to find some happy things in your bad day!

I hope tomorrow is a better day for you.


Jen said...

Oh Jolene that is such great news!! And how sweet that he requested the graduations...I seriously smiled while reading your post and yes Sandy is so pretty.

Briana said...

Beautiful photo, beautiful girl.

GREAT news about Chad! I'm so happy for you that you'll be getting to see him soon!

I have correctly predicted the last two Idols that went home, Jordin's at the top of my list to win it all!

~Telah said...

I hope that Thursday will be a better day for you! Praying that Chad will get to come home. Sandy is so cute!

Amy Mowbray said...

Sandy is such a doll. Great picture Jolene.
I'm praying Chad gets to come home. Does he know how long he will be in Afghanistan?

Pam said...

WOW! Sandy is just stunning! And smart too! Good for her!

I'm always in awe of you, you have a bad day and still find good in it! I wish I could be like that! You are an amazing person!

linda t said...

Oh Jolene, I hear your hearts longing to see that son of yours and I too am praying he makes it home in time! And that you all have the most memorable family time EVER!

mn mom said...

Sandy is so BEAUTIFUL! Great job on the photos Jolene! Chad continues to be in our thoughts and prayers. Hang in there girl...
Take care, Amy xxoo

shekinahhvac said...

Oh the picture of Sandy is so beautiful. What a gorgeous girl. You are right, your boys have good taste, Momma taught them well.
Yes, I was torn about American Idol. I love Jordan and Melinda. I was hoping the boy would be voted out. I was bummed when it was Melinda, but was happy Jordan made it. Being an Arizona girl myself.
I am praying for you Jolene, I so know what you mean about these kind of days. BLESSINGS

Jacquie said...

You take great pictures girl!! Sandy is lovely.

YAY Jordin made it to the finals! I love her, she sings well and it so darn cute!

How exciting that Chad may get home to visit. That is exciting. As a Mother I can feel how heavy your heart is. HUGS.

Kimberly said...

Your son is in my prayers and hope he gets to come home soon. Hope you have a great day!

Andi said...

Great picture of Sandy! And yes, she is a very pretty girl. It's so nice that she does well in school too. Congratulations to her on her graduation!

Wonderful news that your Chad is coming home for a visit. I know you're thrilled!

Anonymous said...

Cute picture! Great that Chad may be coming home, I'll keep my fingers crossed!

Need some feedback on graduation announcements...pretty please.

I said I was going to drink water today and forgot to take a water bottle! (I forgot to feed the rabbit too, poor bunny!) So, that means I start now and risk being up all night or look at tomorrow as a new start!

Okay, I've guilted myself into drinking it all now!

wendster said...

You are so positive. Even in a cra--y day you find all the good in it.
You are a good example to all of us! Lead on! I'll follow the fluffy club anywhere it's going! Especially with a positive leader like you in charge!

September Radecki said...

Jolene, that is an awesome photo of Sandy, great job! I'm praying that Chad will get home on schedule for the graduations.


Anonymous said...

Awesome picture, Sandy is very pretty. Hang in there. I remember what it was like when my son-in-law was in Iraq. Just hold on to those positive thoughts, he will be home!

Valerie said...

i LOVE that song, and your photos of that beautiful girl.

big California hugs for you my love - tomorrow will be a better day...and if you ever need to vent or sob, i'm just an email away, girlie!!

Nicole said...

The 2 week leave is called R&R... I'll keep my fingers crossed for you, Westerns got moved around about a dozen times before he got to come home. They will probably fly him to Germany then Dallas, TX then to AZ. He should be able to call when held over in the states, to tell you when he will be flying in, he will be flying "stand by" AKA if a seat is availble. GOOD LUCK!

Susie Q said...

I am so happy about Chad...and sending you a HUGE hug.

I know I am behind but still need to send that hug.

Thinking about you...


Kim - ScrapToMyLu said...

Jolene, I hope you're feeling better. Sometimes you just gotta go with the bad days and get them over with. I can't imagine how you feel and what you must be going through with your son gone in the military. I hope it's nothing I ever have to experience.
Keep us posted.