Friday, May 11, 2007

kitchen and stuff

I guess it's time to share another room of my house. I really like this kitchen. I serve buffet style alot so the big island help with that. I know most people like their counter tops clear of clutter, but I don't. I like them full of things I use most often and with cute things that are there just to make me happy. There is good and bad clutter. In my mind this is good clutter. These pictures were taken 2 days ago, so obviously it's not that clean anymore. It gets dirty quick around here. Mark usually cooks breakfast for the boys, then Brittany cooked breakfast for her and Brek. Plus I brought home groceries last night and not quite everything got put away. Speaking of groceries, Brek and Brittany came home last night and said they found an apartment and are moving out tomorrow. They are so excited! I had agreed that when they moved out I would buy their first groceries since those are the most expensive to get because you need all the staples. I'm kind of sad about them leaving...especially so soon. I know they need to be on their own so they can grow and learn. I will so miss seeing my baby guy everyday....sigh... Do you see my problem? Notice how the water in my shower doesn't spray out with an invigorating merely falls out because gravity tells it it has to. I hate my shower. I hate everything about it. It makes me crazy that it takes forever to get shampoo out of my hair and soap off my body, but I also can't stand the fact that it's a tiny square glass cubical. I can see my self in the mirror while I shower (gross), there is nowhere to prop my foot to shave my legs and I have to squeegee the walls before I get out so that we don't get water stains. For me showers are anything but enjoyable. I've decided to take matters into my own hands. I've bought a new shower head and plan on installing it. I was tempted to get something that resembled the elephant shower head from that Seinfeld episode where they had installed low flow shower heads in the whole building and everyone had flat crappy hair, but I didn't. I got something more practical and it better work. Should I actually get this thing up and working I'll let you know. :o)

Graduation season is here. I made 26 announcements for our friends Nick's son. I went over last week and took pictures of him, got them done on Monday and delivered them yesterday. Isn't he a cute boy?! Next I'm making Kyle's, then Sandy's then possibly some for my cousin's son Nic. I had to do Kirk's first because he graduates the week before Kyle and Sandy. I decided that since I have to make so many that I would do a simple long single panel that would be faster for me to assembly line and would still be cute enough. The others will be the same basic design, but in their school colors, plus I have to squeeze in information about the party here the following night. My friend Cathy made the most darling ones for her son. They look like the graduation cap. I love how it turned out...really cute!
I have LOTS to do this mothers day weekend before my whole family comes over for dinner Sunday night...lots more than I'd like to do, but sometimes we just don't have a choice, huh?!


Jen said...

Your kitchen is way too need some shoes and socks on the floors, some mail piled on the table, and some food remnants! :)
I didn't realize Sandy was a Sr. in high school. She looks so much older.
Oh and I'd say gross too if I had to look at myself showering, GROSS

Jacquie said...

Awww I feel for you and the crappy shower head, that is my #1 pet peeve. Good luck on the installation of the new one. I actually just saw that Seinfeld episode the other day, my hubby is a fan.

How exciting for Brittney and Brek, sad for Grandma though HUGS!!!

I love your big kitchen! I have a little rinky dink thing.

TK Angels said...

I love your kitchen. Nice and roomy. I also cannot stand shower heads that do not do the job correctly.

Yes I agree how exciting for Brittney and Brek. It is hard to see your loved ones on their own :(

Took me a long while to adjust.

Take care,

Amie said...

I love your kitchen, my shower used to be like that too.... I brought another shower head!!

When I build a new house (one day) the shower is going to have great pressure!!

Have a good weekend.


Valerie said...

i wish my kitchen was big like yours. but hey, what can you expect for apartment living?

your announcements turned out great! it sounds like you're gonna be super busy, between doing them, buying groceries, groceries and more groceries and installing the new shower head! good luck with that!
(Brendan ALWAYS removed the old head and puts on his hand held shower massage...but it's old and i think it's clogging up..and i want those big ol' ones that are like being in a rain shower?! oh yeah, baby...that's for me!)

~Telah said...

LOVE that BIG kitchen! To me, that's the best part of the house!

Cheryl Wray said...

Your kitchen is beautiful!!! I especially love that island!! That's whatI would love most in my "dream" kitchen, but mine is too small for one!
Great job on the grad announcement!!

martha said...

Love your kitchen. Where is your table from?

Have a wonderful Mothers Day, you so deserve it, your a awesome mom ;)

Coleen said...

Which apartment are Brek and Britney moving to? Are they taking a kitty? If they want one they can have nappy head but they can't take my little princess with the orange tip ear. What time are we supposed to be out to your house on Sunday? And how much Spanish rice should I make? I remember you telling me about the suit at knee shorts but I couldn't picture it. I do want one. Have you went and bought yours yet? Maybe we could go together. Wait, I forgot, I have a 6 week old now.

Kimberly said...

Your kitchen is so cute! I like apples too with a little rooster for good measure. I need to buy a new shower head too. Mine is the same way. Have a good weekend!

Andi said...

Awesome kitchen Jolene!!! I love everything about it! I have "stuff" on my countertops too and I like it that way. It looks too sterile and boring with nothing.

The graduation invitations you made are wonderful...cute guy!

About the shower head...I have a solution but will email you so the water conversation police out there won't picket my house. All of your more recently constructed homes will have low flow shower heads to conserve water. Actually I believe they have to be that type here in Florida to be within "code" and pass inspection. What they don't realize it that you have to spend another 20 minutes standing under what little water flow you have to rinse yourself. I can't see where that saves anybody anything.

Mindy said...

I showed Kirk's announcement to Nic. It got a stamp of approval. He wants black for the blue & purple for the red. Now I'm going to ask a REALLY stupid scrapbook questions...(no wonder I didn't win the ribbon! You probably didn't put my name in the draw!)...What color ink would you use on black? I am going to go try and "steal" the picture of his school off of their website to maybe use instead of the red (I used to know the name of that) pattern. I think I need to go back to bed for a few a quick catnap! Yikes!

Kim said...

I love your kitchen. I love a kitchen that looks like people live there! Your kitchen is just perfect. Love the graduation announcement. I guess I will get to do those next year :*( I can't believe I will have a Senior soon! Have a great weekend!

mn mom said...

Hey Jolene, LOVE LOVE LOVE your kitchen!! The island is awesome and as for your "clutter", you know what they say, surround yourself with what you love! You do an outstanding job of decorating. I know what you mean about nothing staying clean. It is so hard with my 2 & 3 year olds. I always wish there was some type of "hairspray" for clean homes... clean, spray, and tada... your clean house stays!!! Have a wonderful Mother's Day! Take Care, Amy =)

Nonie Mae said...

Your kitchen looks great. I have a shower like that too. I hung up a curtain to cover my doors, then I dont have to look at

Colors of Me said...

I am sooooooo jealous!!! I absolutely LOVE you kitchen, as well as the rest of your house!!! I have to say, you do inspire me and as soon as I have some free time (thinking about quitting my job - just can't post that on my blog, because people from work read it) I am thinking of doing some remodeling!! Great announcements too!! Good luck with the shower head!! I am sooo not looking forward to the day Mandi tells me she is moving out. Although she is only 16, she has already started sketching and pulling magazine pictures for her "place".

Kim - ScrapToMyLu said...

Jolene, you are going to want to check out Creative Blogs today.

Happy Mothers Day.

sohpiasmom said...

Great kitchen...nice and big! Happy Mother's Day to you!


Amy Mowbray said...

Jolene, your kitchen looks so nice. I'm sure there's some wonderful food cooked in there.

Great job on the grad announcements! And you took a great photo too!
Hope you are having a great Mother's Day!

Melissa said...

Ok, you've been in your house like two months, and you've done more than I have in the two years I've been here! Looks great!

Happy Mother's Day!

Kelly Walker said...

Hi Jolene!!
Lynsey and I went to a scrapbooking event with Girl Scouts. It was our 1st time at it! It was fun but sooo time consuming. Not quite sure how you do it!!

Briana said...

Sounds like you've been busy lately! I hear you on that one! Love your kitchen, so open and inviting!