Monday, May 07, 2007

National SB day layouts

My sister Coleen and friend Jen came over to scrapbook with me on Saturday. Oh my heck was it hard to find my creative mojo. Plus I ran out of time last week to prepare in advance like I planned to so I only got 3 layouts done since I spent a good chunk of time printing pictures and being stumped on layout design. This first one is our family photos we took December 31'st before Chad left. I really love these pictures. I have a cute little family. Coleen finished her album for her mother in law and Jen got some very cute layouts done of her son Preston.
This layout is from the day Chad left for Fort Bragg. I still cry when I look at those pictures and think of that day. I don't think I will send this layout to him, because I don't want him to be sad or make it harder on him, but I will save it for his book so he has it. By the way....Terri, he sent me a message and said he received your care package. He wanted me to thank you so much for everything. He loves happy mail!
This last layout was from Thanksgiving last year at my in-laws house. It was such a nice day, but Cole was home sick with the flu so Mark stayed home with him. So sad! I really struggled with this layout because I couldn't figure out how to get 16 pictures to look good on one layout. By the time I was done I liked it.
Me and Coleen. She's going to shoot me for posting these pictures since she had no make up on, but I think she always looks pretty.
Jen and Coleen...I set up a 6 foot table in here for the girls to use and there was still room to walk around to get to supplies. It worked out great.

Cole had the camera and kept taking pictures of us. Not very flattering, but he thought he was funny getting close ups of us. He even got a close up of my eye and Coleen was naughty and let a little finger birdy fly. Yep! He caught that on film too. Shame on her. :o)
We went to lunch at a mexican food restaurant here in Maricopa called Penascos. The food was good, but the service was beyond terrible. I knew we were in trouble when it took the waitress 10 minute to take my order she wrote a one page novel in full detail and still got it wrong. I am a boring eater and ordered a taco tostada combo with no veggies, double beans no rice and a side of sour cream. I specifically said not even any lettuce on the plate to make it pretty. My food came out a tostada, rice, beans and lettuce garnish, then she brought me out a taco separately then a side of beans. I never got the sour cream. I ate half my food before she brought out Jen's food. She asked for extra lettuce and I had more than her. Coleen's food came out several minutes later. I am a slow eater so we still finished at the same time, but the whole experience was a joke. So many dumb things happened, that we couldn't help but laugh about it. We should have just gone to taco bell because we lost precious scrapping time. :o)
Thank you all so much for your compliments on my reorganized closet and your sweet words about my scraproom being published. You are all so sweet and I'm very excited about it.
Well it's now 1:25 in the morning and I NEED to go to bed!


Amie said...

You look like you had a great day, the LO's are fab!! I love how you fit so many photos on the pages.

I hate when you pay for food and it is wrong it really peeves me off!

Have a good week Amie

Valerie said...

it still looks like you had fun...and it must be bad service weekend at the restaurants...we went to dinner for my step-father's birthday and had SuperCrab for a waitress. boy, was she ever slow, too!!

September said...

Looks like you had a fun time! Sorry the restaurant was so awful, hate it when that happens! The layouts look really nice-- did you use your Silhouette to cut the titles?

Rhonacs said...

Great lo's Jolene, well done on getting so many photos on the page! Tell Colleen if I looked like she does without makeup I wouldn't bother putting any on anyway! As for the restaurant, I've no doubt you'll go elsewhere next time =o)

TK Angels said...

What beautiful lay outs!! I am hoping to get in the grove again and start scrapbooking. My daughter has the room now-and I would like us to scrapbook once a month a least.

Take care,

Melissa said...

I SO wish I'd have been able to get some stuff done Saturday, but I was in Missouri all day at a meeting. One of the other ladies was a CM consultant, so she was pretty upset about being cooped up in there too!

Cheryl Wray said...

Looks like you had a wonderful weekend--even with the restaurant disaster!! lol
Love your layouts!!!

shekinahhvac said...

I love your layouts. They are beautiful. Thank you for sharing them with us. I love looking at your layouts.

Amy Mowbray said...

Great layouts Jolene! I love the thankful layout. It's beautiful.
Wish I could have been there!

velvet brick said...

Your layouts are wonderful, Jolene...and I really like Chad's. I understand about not sending it to will be able to hand it to him in person when he gets home and off that plane! So keep it handy! Congrats on all the good blessings filling your home! :)

Chickenbells said...

Good heavens girl...get to sleep! All of the layouts look wonderful, I always like all your little embelishments though...Sorry about the Mexican food, I always get angry when I have to pay for food that takes so long to least you guys could laugh about it!

Mindy said...

You're right! She's going to kill you! LOLOLOL

Gina said...

Jolene, You DO have a precious family! I love, love, love your layouts, but especially the one of Fort Bragg. It brought tears to my eyes. Thank you to your family for the sacrifice you are making for our country. Love you,

Jen said...

you should submit your work Jolene, lovely layouts!

Martha said...

looks like ya had so much fun. ON that thanksgiving layout what size are your pic's? and do you print them out at home?

Love your layouts!!!!

~Telah said...

Looks like you girls had a good time! Love all those layouts.

Colors of Me said...

Beautiful layouts Jolene!!!! They are gorgeous and so is your family!

rhonda shaw said...

Adorable layouts! Happy Belated Mother's day and thank you so much for the inspiration. It looks like you are very neat and organized. I have something to aspire too. : )
Rhonda Shaw