Sunday, February 24, 2008

Mom's birthday dinner and YW lesson

The family met at Olive Garden for my mom's birthday dinner. We live the farthest, yet we are always the first to arrive, so we get a little nook of our own reserved. It was really nice. My sister Coleen couldn't come at the very last minute because one of the babies had a little fall with a little help from a bigger brother who only wanted a kiss. They took him to the hospital just to make sure he was okay. Thanks heavens he was, but we sure missed her at the dinner. We all ate too much and enjoyed each others company. My mom loved everyone's presents and more importantly just being together.

I swear one day I will be able to teach a lesson and not be totally sick to my stomach about it. It was on "Our purpose in life" I studied and prepared for days and days. I had scriptures, quotes, stories, and I got a lot of input from the young women which really seems to help them feel more apart of the lesson. I love hearing what they have to say. But still, the sick stomach and the lack of confidence. Of course I had to make cute handouts as well to go along with the lesson. They keep all of them, and that makes me feel good. The box one is filled with chocolates. I was suppose to teach them valentines week, but Tara needed to switch, so they got their valentine a little late.

The handout with the heart I love. It's so cute! The quote says...
"Do you think for one moment that Heavenly Father would have sent one of his children to the earth by accident, without the possibility of significant work to perform?"
The other side of the heart says...
How can I receive direction?
Personal Prayer
Study & Meditation
Priesthood Blessings
Patriarchal Blessing
Gift of the Holy Ghost
Anyways....the girls said it was a good lesson and they got a lot out of it even before I gave them the cute stuff, so I must be doing okay and hiding my fear better than I think I am. :o)
Ohhh...and Mark gave his first talk as a high councilor in another ward this morning. It was on obedience. I didn't have time to get down there to hear it, but he did practice on me. He put a lot of preparation into it. He had tons of compliments of what a good talk it was. Someone said, that was not a "dry council talk" LOL! Those of you that know him, know that he is very entertaining, so nobody would fall asleep during one of his talks. I'm so glad it went well for him. Can't help but love him.


Coleen said...

I think everyone looked very nice at the dinner. I had my matching shirt that Mom bought us on too but then I got to wear it to the pediatric urgent care. I love using respite care for occasions like that. Kye ended up being okay but it was scary. You have to know that you give awesome lessons and you can never go wrong with chocolate with the youth.

Jane said...

what darling handouts!

And it looked like fun at the b-day party. I am sad that I am here in AZ today while my family is celebrating in UT my Dad's 75 b-day today!

WTG Mark on his first HC talk.

Patti said...

I hate speaking in front of people too but I can fake it pretty good as you obviously can too. As usual your little handouts are a very special touch.
Happy Birthday to your Mom I know it was a special special day.
Glad your nephew is okay.

Andi said...

Happy Birthday to your Mom! Looks like you all had a great family celebration together. I love what you made her for her birthday...and I'm sure she loved it too.

Jolene, seriously...I wish I was in your young women's group. I know your lessons are awesome. And even if the delivery was not exactly what you aspire it to be...the great handouts more than make up for any shortcomings in delivery.

As for Mark...sounds like he's a natural. You make a great pair!!!

Pam said...

Great photos! You have such a lovely family! I bet your Mom loved her present! ;)

Congrats to Mark on his first of I'm sure many successful talks!

Chickenbells said...

Happy Birthday to your mum...I'm glad most of you were able to spend a nice time together!

The lesson looked like it came together really well...I think secretly the feeling in your tummy is excitement!!

velvet brick said...

LOL! I so agree with Chickenbells about those tumbly feelings in your tummy! Girl, you have this role down pat!!! The girls are learning valuable lessons from you in a fun and memorable way! Take it from a teacher - that's success!

I love the family photos of your mother's birthday party/dinner! What a cherished time! Everyone looks so happy, so content, so wonderful! Makes me wish I had happened into Olive Garden for dinner and pulled up a chair in your little nook! : )

Congrats on it all, Jolene! I know it doesn't just happen...I know all of this post takes hard work and commitment...but look at the joy and rewards that are coming from all of it!

You go, girl!! : )

angieinpink said...

Next time you teach in YW, I might just trek on over to your ward. For reals...those girls are so lucky to have a leader that is so prepared & thoughtful!! Go you...

Jacquie said...

Mmmmm Olive Garden, want breadsticks and salad ;-)

Your handouts look fabulous as usual, the girls are lucky to have you.

Valerie said...

they're adorable! see, i told you you would do great! kudos to Mark as well, teaching DOES run in your family!