Monday, February 04, 2008

baby blessing, stamps, & eyebrow update

My niece Camille and her husband Brandon had their sweet baby Melanie blessed on Sunday. I didn't get to go because I was up all night with rumbly gut and got no sleep, so Mark went alone and said it was really good. Camiile made the baby blanket and her bow. Her Grandma Great made the booties. Such talent those two have and so special for Melanie to be able to have those precious keepsakes. I wish I could have been there.

Camille hosted a Close to my Heart stamp party back in September. The loser that I am never picked up my stuff, so Mark brought them home for me. I almost never got them, because one of the boys knocked them out of the car in the church parking lot. A man found the bag and called me. I'm so glad! I can't wait to play with them. For now I put them away in my acrylic stamp file box. I love that thing. It makes finding my acrylic stamps way easy. My wood stamps are in baskets, but since these are so thin, file folders are a great storage solution.

If you look closely you'll see that Cole's eyebrows are starting to grow back. I'm thrilled about that. I think he is too. He had a awesome game on Saturday. It was very intense. They beat an undefeated team that were very cocky about their status. They fouled our players several times. Cole made the winning basket with 5 seconds to spare. Our team was so cool about it. They weren't snotty about it or rubbing in their face. Beating them was enough.
Today was a great day...lots of rain...even some hail...loved it all!


Coleen said...

Love the little baby booties! Yea, Cole is in serious need of some regrowth. What was he thinking. Tell him congrats on the awesome game from his Auntie! What are we doing for our sisters day out??? Given it any thought? Love ya

Melissa said...

Those booties are adorable. When Anna Marie had her dedication, I had a sweet lady from the church make her gown. I'm so glad I did - for one, it saved me a ton of money, and for another, it just added a layer of special-ness to the day.

(Loser that I am, I got no pictures of her in it that day - I was too busy trying to change her so she wouldn't spit up on it.)

Marilyn said...

The booties are absolutely gorgeous. What a wonderful keepsake for baby. It's so fun to watch your kids succeed! It feels even better than when you have a success...and more painful when they have a failure.

linda t said...

Me too Jolene!!! I LOVE the rain!!
And I heard last night that the Superstition Mountains are covered with snow!!!!
So I am heading east on the 60 sometime this morning just to see the snow!!
Wasn't that the best game on Sunday!!!

Patti said...

Awww I love those baby booties too!

Yay for you getting (and not losing) your scrapping stuff!

Yay for Cole making the winning basket AND for good sportsmanship (gotta love that)

and Yay for Cole's eyebrows growing back!

Brandon and Camille Smithson said...

Hey there Jolene! Thank you for your post! Congrats to Mark and your family. What a neat calling for him, and what great blessing your family will recieve because of it. I too love the booties... but, I suppose I am partial! I also love the blanket. Brandon picked out what he wanted it to look like, so he was involved in it as well. I think it means more that way.

Congrats to Cole! How awesome that he made the winning basket! That is so cool! I'm also glad to see that his eyebrowns are growing back in. What a goofy boy!!!

Leah said...

That baby's outfit is adorable! And I'm scared to go to a Close to my Heart party. I'd come home broke!!

Andi said...

Look at those adorable booties and that blanket...what wonderful keepsakes for a precious baby.

Hope you'll show us what you make with your new stamps...they look really cute. I've never been to a Close To My Heart party but years ago attended a DOTS party...I think that's who they used to be. I love the clear stamps and Stampin' Up only has the wood mount.

Cole is looking his handsome self again. Way to go making that winning basket!!!

Valerie said...

love those booties!

and how are you feeling, missy?

~Telah said...

I love those booties! Think she'll make some for me? ;)

Colors of Me said...

the booties and the blanket are adorable!! i think i have to lift your stamp storage idea - once i start feeling better i want to reorganize my scrap room - since it looks like i won't be able to do stairs much anymore dh said we would look into converting our 3 seasons sunroom into part of the house - it is large enought to be a laundry room/office for me - yeah - so i am starting to do some small projects for the room and that stamp box would be great

Chickenbells said...

The booties are too adorable...

I'm glad the eyebrows are growing back too...and congrats for all the wins!

I hope you're feeling better as well!!

restyled home said...

Don't you love being a basket-ball mum?? No cold rinks...lots of great action...!!

I love coming here as you are so down to earth and can tell you live your life with meaning and oodles of love!!

Have a great week!

Jacquie said...

Oh my those baby booties are beautiful! I love baby feet.