Wednesday, July 30, 2008

card and tag...

Sorry I went MIA for a few days. It's been busy around here as usual and nothing remotely interesting to blog about. Not that I'm blogging about anything interesting now either, but you can still leave me a comment with a more boring post too. :o)
Cody is working long hard sweaty hours for that new toilet. He said he doesn't mind because he got a new biker name. They changed it from "Skid" to "Demolition Man" and he's happy with that. What a dork!
I made my friend Terry a card today just to let her know we love and appreciate her. I picked this design because she has a thing for buses. Partly because she works for the schools and partly because she always jokes about people throwing her under the bus when they burn her with a joke or smart alec comment of some sort. She is in the Star motorcycle group with us and she gets the members of the group an Italian charm for their bracelet with a bus on it when they get her good. On one of the rides they saw a bus and had her get on and a bunch of them laid under the bus for pictures. Pretty funny! She is also the one that drives the "chase car" on rides which we call the bus. Anyways, she loved her card. I especially love giving cards when it's not a special occasion.
The stamps I used are old ones from DOTS who is CTMH now. I couldn't find my scissors anywhere so I had to cut it out with a razor knife. I stamped the kids twice side by side so that they could peek through the cut out windows. I like the little puffs of smoke out the exhaust of the bus. Cute!
Sweet Andi tagged me and I'm just now getting to it.
Favorite things...
Sport: Any sport my kids are playing
Game: Settlers of Catan
Color: Pink to wear Red in decor Lots of earthy colors too. I love color!
Movie: Field of dreams
Broadway play I have seen: None
Broadway Musical I have seen: None...I don't get out much
Song: Angels among us and It's a wonderful world
American city I have visited: Salt Lake City
Foreign city I have visited: Ensenada, Mexico
Book: The Book of Mormon
Children's Book: Brown Bear Brown Bear
Classic television show: Little House on The Prairie
Recent television show: Big Brother
Actor: Nicholas Cage
Actress: Reese Witherspoon
Perfume: Tresor
Food: Tacos
Dessert: Anything Chocolate - Anything that's light and cold
Chain Restaurant: Texas Roadhouse
Local Restaurant: Penascos
Car: Chevy HHR (mine)
Condiment: jam
Kitchen Appliance: Dishwasher
Home Appliance: Washing Machine & Dryer (they're a pair after all)
Beauty Product: Mary Kay extra Emollient night cream
Piece of clothing: Jean shorts
HGTV Show: Divine Design with Candice Olsen (love her)
Food Network show: Paula Deen (love her too)
Author: Nicholas Sparks
Male Songwriter: Heck I don't know
Female Songwriter: I can't think of writers
Holiday: Christmas Season (not the day)
Ballet I have seen: back to the don't get out much
Disney character: Buzz and Woody
Flower: Gerber Daisy
Alcoholic drink: strongest drink is a Pepsi with caffeine
Non-Alcoholic drink: Water with sonic ice
Magazine: CK and simple scrapbooks
Animated movie: Toy Story
Television network miniseries: Dallas
Season: Fall and Spring
Male vocalist: Alan Jackson
Female vocalist: Carrie Underwood
Day of the week: Friday and Sunday
Household Chore: Laundry
Ice Cream: Chocolate chip mint
Candy: Ghiridelli squares with gooey caramel
Artist: Greg Olsen (AMAZING)
Quotation: “It's Nice to be Important, But It's More Important to be Nice" and "There is always always always something to be grateful for"
Now, how about YOU playing too? You know you want to. :o)


Andi said...

What an adorable card Jolene! You did an amazing job creating it with the kids on the bus...very cute. I know your friend appreciated it!

Love that you did the tag. Great list. We have several things in common but the one that jumps off the page is the love of chocolate!!!

Have a dandy day!

mascanlon said...

Love the tag...even though I don't blog I usually answer along (it comes from hangin' with Septmeber)My favorite..those old fashioned bullseyes, carmels with a powdered sugar center. They still have them at Joanne's which of course gives me another reason to have to go there!

Allyson said...

Love the Quotes! And yes, definately Mint Choc Chip mmmmm good.

Thanks for doing the Magnet Board. I always know I can count on you. You do Everything at 110% Thanks Again!

Briana said...

Woohoo for Nicholas Cage! He's on my list!

1RadChick said...

Great post. And I even learned something from the comments, since I did NOT know that Mary Ann (MAS) who is one of my dearest friends loves bullseyes. LOL! So funny because those are my very favorite candy from childhood. My Grandpa used to sneak them to me. :D

Very cute card!

Chickenbells said...

A very cute card!! I think it's wonderful to give cards just's so special!

~LisaLou~ said...

Ooooh, I love Candice Olsen too. She's my all time favorite. She has a fabric line at JoAnns now. (I wasn't crazy about it though.)
The mint choco chip is my favorite too!
Your bus card was cute.
Have a great week,

Susie Q said...

I am so happy you did the list! But you did not add your "I played Susie Q's Game" icon!! *grin*

I loved reading it.