Thursday, March 20, 2008

More birthday fun & presents...

My mom and 2 of my sisters took me out for my birthday. We went to lunch at the farmhouse in Gilbert. Such a cute little area. We ate outside because the sun was shining and it was beautiful! We were all commenting on what a nice day it was, THEN we suddenly got massive winds. The wind was blowing so hard, we had to change tables to get a little bit out of it's path. It's hard to try to eat lurch and not eat your own hair as it's blowing into your mouth. :o) Across the path is the brownie connection that have a large variety of yummy good! (but very rich) I couldn't eat a whole one. Julie and Coleen, I am NOT posting the pictures we took of ourselves...they were BAD! You'll thank we later.If you look closely you can see a little boy through the railing of the fence. During lunch he beat the heck out of a piece of lattice that had fallen over in the wind with an aluminum bat. I think he's the grandson of the owner. We couldn't believe he was doing it. I had to take a picture for proof of what REALLY happened to it....LOL! For those of you still covered with snow, I thought some beautiful spring time flowers might help. Hopefully spring will come to you soon.

Mark and I ate my birthday dinner at Joe's Real BBQ in Gilbert. I love this place. My favorite thing it the loaded baked potato with pulled pork on top. So good and very filling all by itself.
They have this John Deere Tractor inside. I have always wanted a tractor. Old, new, I don't care. I love them!

Friday night and Saturday on Main Street in Mesa they had tons of old cars. They were beautiful! Everyone was allowed to "cruise" main street just like the good old days. Stuff like this make me grin from ear to ear. So fun! I wish they did this every weekend, or at least once a month.

This cute Sunday outfit complete with shoes and purse was a gift from my sisters. I love it and can't wait to wear it. Thanks girls!

I got a new set of salt and pepper shakers to add to my collection. They remind me of kindergarten because we did an art project and we had to draw and color grapes. The kids in my class thought my grapes were the best. (weird what things you remember)

This picture is dark. It's a frame that looks like bark with 2 black bears on the sides. When we re-take family pictures I will put one in there for my front room, but until then I plan to make a sign in it for girls camp. It will say...

"Warning...Grizzly bear sleeping here.
Complimentary ear plugs.
Trust want them.
Sincerely, the Bear"
(thanks for the idea Wendy)

These I got at my favorite store on Main Street, Vintage Charm. Such cute things in there. If I keep them in the front room I will fill them with little pine cones. If I move them to another room I will fill them with lemons, nuts, or something...who knows yet.

This pine swag I got in Payson. It has little pine cones and a rusty metal bow. It look great above the window in the front room.

Mark also got me a hand mixer. Remember I burnt up the motor on my old one when I was making sunshine cookies. I also got a new electric can opener. Mark threw mine away before we moved here because it rarely worked right.Finally the red milk can. We got this in Payson too at an antique shop. I have forever wanted a milk can, but they were always too expensive. This one was really cheap, so I was thrilled to find it.
See what I mean about a bunch of presents that are not extravagant, but make me smile.
Gotta fly. I have a house that needs my attention. It's feeling and looking neglected.


Kimberly said...

What a great time you had and such cute gifts....i am loving that milk can. That would look great in my kitchen! (wink)

Chickenbells said...

I often find the things that make me smile are rarely extravagant...and usually other people will look at you strangely!

Lucy said...

I loved looking at these darling things on your post. And I have always wanted to go eat lunch at that cute Farmhouse. One of these days, I'm going to make it down there. I always forget about it until I see something like you posted and then remember I WANNA EAT THERE! Well, someday. Love your blog.

Missy's Blog said...

Wow ... what a wonderful birthday!!! Glad you had such a nice day!

Denise Bryant said...

Wow...great presents. Thanks for sharing all the pics with us. I soooo want to see flowers blooming here in Chicago! Today was the first day of spring and we are due for 8 inches of snow tonight. Not looking forward to that!! I have spring fever.

Marilyn said...

Thanks for sharing. Sometimes it's the little things that mean the most!

Andi said...

What wonderful gifts and I love your new outfit from your nice. You'll have to have someone take your picture when you wear it.

The idea about the bear frame is cute. Looking forward to reading all about this upcoming camping trip.

Glad your birthday was special!

linda t said...

What a fun post Jolene!
I can hardly wait to visit Joe's Real BBQ!! Pork is my favorite white meat!
And I grew up on a dairy farm where we only drove John Deere tractors! I want one too!
My Dad still has his very first brand new John Deere that he bought back in 1969! It's a beauty!
So happy for you that you had a happy birthday!

September said...

Wow, you totally scored! You got great gifts, and it looks like you had a fabulous birthday. I'm so glad. :)


Coleen said...

Farmhouse was a cute idea, but the service was definitely lacking. I so expected some real friendly hospitality and got just the opposite. The boy beating the crap out of the lattice was a pretty good description of the service but I still enjoyed our time together. Happy birthday!

Patti said...

You had a wonderful birthday! I'm so glad! I love your outfit.
Wow you are a prime example of "it's not the cost but the thought that counts". Little things mean alot to me, too! Happy Easter Jolene & family

Jane said...

How fun! You were in my neck of the woods. And my son works and Joes...maybe he was there when you were. He gets the baked potato everytime he works, but loves the brisket on top.

And...I saw the old cars too last friday night. It was so fun to see. We had dinner outside at Mangos, and they were cruising by the whole time we were there.

Love the milk can, it would look great in my kitchen too!! :)

Have a happy Easter!

velvet brick said...

Sounds like a lot of fun and just what you needed! Have a wonderful Easter, dear friend!
: )

wendster said...

You are welcome for the bear idea. But you added so much class to it! You are so clever.
Glad your birthday was so fun. I love the stuff you got! That red milk can looks fantastic. I'm so glad you found it on sale.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY! And wow, did you ever make a good impression on the young women!?! They don't do stuff like that for EVERYONE. You must rock at your calling.

Valerie said...

what a great birthday you've been having!! lucky girl!!

and a baked potato with pulled pork is wrong. but tastes oh sooooo good.... yum!

Colors of Me said...

looks like you had a wonderful birthday jolene!! and for those of us with snow - lol - your sunny warm day looks so inviting :) we just got another 14 inches again yesterday - makes this the 2nd snowiest winter ever!