Saturday, February 18, 2006

Texas Barns

I was looking at the barn pictures that I took while in Texas hanging on the wall in my scraproom. There is something special about barns to me. They give a warm and fuzzy feeling. Old or new, I just love them and thought I'd share them. These bring back such wonderful memories for me.
I'm still busy working on wedding plans and fighting off this terrible cold. I just put on a breathe right nose strip because apparently I really snore loud with a cold. I thought Mark shouldn't have to suffer too. ;o) See...I am a nice girl!


September said...

I love the first one, Jolene. Old, rickety barns are a weakness for me.... :-)

Anonymous said...

You know I LOVE barns, girl!! Those are some great photos, I need to get out and take some around here!


Anonymous said...

I recognize those barns!!! :) Very nice blog pics.
Love you,

Pam said...

Oh those barns are just so gorgeous! I love looking at them! I'm gonna have to come back here often!

Jolene George said...

Thanks so much girls! I've got a crazy obcession with barns. They just do it for me. :o)

Anonymous said...

This is from Grandma & Grandpa to our grandson Cody (our #6th boy)on his 13th birthday. Happy Birthday to you Cody. We love & appreciate you so very much, and are so very proud of you as a young man. Have a great day, and remember that we are always here for you. Love Grandma & Grandpa