Saturday, February 11, 2006

Brittany's wedding dress

Yesterday we were on a mission to find a wedding dress. (we, as in me, Brek, Brittany, her mom Alison and her sister Jessica. Here is the dress Brittany found at Dillard's yesterday after MUCH looking through a couple of malls and bridal shops. Do you know how hard it is to find a dress within a budget and next to no notice? We got this one for a mere $200. She likes a very simple design with a corset top and no beading. It looks very slimming and beautiful on, but I wasn't real happy with the barely off white color since their wedding colors are white, black and red. I should have taken my camera so I could get a picture of her wearing it, but I'll get plenty of those at the wedding. We also got Brek's tux rented, so in all, it was a successful yet very tiring day. To give you an idea just how long we were out, we ate lunch AND dinner in two different mall food courts.