Friday, February 10, 2006

Cole's cake

Here is Cole's cake for the "futuristic" cake contest at the cub scout blue and gold banquet. I also inclued a couple of pictures of is friends cakes. Cole did everything on his own. I was there to give instruction, like told him how to set the oven, how to measure the water and oil, etc, but he did it. He went with a "robots" theme from the movie. I think it turned out pretty cute! Mark had asked me what time the banquet started, but I wasn't sure so I read the invitation and it said 6:00. It was 3:30 at the time. I read on further and it said we were to bring salsa fo the dinner. OH MY GOSH! I had just come home from the store and had to pick up the big kids from school at 3:55 so I ran to a grocery store quick on the way to get them...came home and made salsa while Cole was working on his cake. I'm sure you're probably wondering why I didn't just buy a jar, but the over achiever that I am can't do the nasty jar stuff so homemade it is. I'm so glad I read that before going or we wouldn't have had any salsa for our flying saucer dinner. (that is like a tostada but with a fried flour tortilla with all the fixins) It was a fun night for Cole, but I'm glad to be done with it. One more thing off my to-do list! :o)

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