Monday, February 27, 2006

Reception Hall

Entry and gift area
pretty fake cake
sign in table
the centerpieces

We stayed up pretty late Friday night decorating the cultural hall for the reception. I think it turned out really nice. Chad kept joking around that with the red and black colors they chose that it looked like a meeting for the Mafia. LOL! After the wedding we were abandoned by all of our families and had to take down and clean up the whole thing alone...Alone as in Me, Mark, Kyle, Brittany's parents and her brother and sister. There were other people who cleaned up the kitchen. I'm so thankful for that. Mark and Kyle took all the decorations back and I brought all the gifts home. The entire bed of the truck was packed with presents so I had to make many trips carrying them in the house. My feet hurt so darn bad! They really got a lot of very nice things.


September said...

Looks like it was all lovely Jolene! :) Very exciting stuff... How's it feel to be a mother in law? LOL Shucks, you'll be just adjusting to that and suddenly be a grandma.... yikes.... Hugs. Tem

Chris said...

Camille has been keeping us informed of the wedding....I then remembered your blog and was glad I did. It looks like you did a great job. Sorry we live so far away we missed it. Tell Brek and Brittany we love then and to have fun as newly weds...How exciting.

Pam said...

WOW! How stunning everything looks! I didn't know you could get a fake cake! That is so cool!

Shelly said...

Oh Jolene!!! They look so happy and what a beautiful bride with a oh so handsome groom!! Love all the pictures and I see the frame you did, I LOVE it!!! Hope your now able to get some rest and just enjoy all that is yet to be, especially that new grandbaby on the way!!