Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Happy Birthday Kyle!

AKA- blue eyed bomber..from his picture you can see why he has that nick name. He really does have beautiful eyes. I understand that sweet 16 is really a girl thing, but this boy is a sweetheart, so I used it anyways.
We celebrated his birthday on Saturday at a cool lazer tag place with his brothers and 4 of his friends. I'm still going to make him a cake today. He requested a devils food yummy chocolate. Since nobody is home there won't be anyone around to see me lick the mixing bowl. We got him a red and white fender squier electric guitar with and amp for his present. He has been begging for that one for a long while. In fact, that is how I was woken up this morning. I must really love that boy! :o)
I'm out of here. I'm still pretty darn sick, but I have friends coming over to scrapbook, and it's still a mess around here, so I best get myself busy!
P.S. Mark and I had a great valentines day. We went to Tia Rosa's (the BEST mexican food on the planet!) for an early dinner (because we're too old to fight the crowds) and went shopping for some clothes for the cruise. Some things have to go back because they don't fit. Plus he got some some beautiful jewelry. I think I need to get myself a jewelry box.


Rhona said...

Hope Kyle enjoyed his birthday. I have a daughter turning 16 in a couple of months = doesn't the time fly. Hope you feel better soon. Rhona

Amy said...

I hope Kyle had a great birthday!

Gina said...

Jolene! I can't believe he is 16! Sounds like everything is going great for you guys. You're going to have a blast on the cruise. 2 words of advise: SUN SCREEN! :)

September said...

Happy birthday Kyle!

Jolene George said...

Thanks for all the birthday wishes for Kyle. I will pass the message along. It's hard to believe he's 16 already! Time really does fly. In the next month I have a boy tuning 18 another one turning 13 and I'll be turning 38. WOW!