Tuesday, January 29, 2008

President Hinckley Dies

Laura and I are deeply saddened by the death of our friend, Gordon B. Hinckley. While serving for over seven decades in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Gordon demonstrated the heart of a servant and the wisdom of a leader. He was a tireless worker and a talented communicator who was respected in his community and beloved by his congregation. As President of his church, he traveled to more than 60 countries to spread a message of love and optimism to the millions of people around the world who shared his faith. A Mayflower descendent and the grandson of Mormon pioneers, Gordon was a deeply patriotic man. His leadership and service strengthened the Board of Trustees of Brigham Young University, the Boy Scouts of America, and the 2002 Winter Olympic Games in Salt Lake City. In 2004, I was honored to present him with the Medal of Freedom, our Nation’s highest civil award, in recognition of his lifelong public service. Laura and I will miss Gordon’s friendship and wisdom. Our thoughts and prayers are with his five children and the rest of the Hinckley family.

There have been so many people post on their blogs about the death of our beloved prophet, President Gordon B Hinckley. Very loving tributes to such an amazing man. This is something I felt I needed to do as well, so it is recorded not only for myself, but for my children. He died in his home on Sunday night January 27th 2008 at the age of 97 with his family by his side. I've shed many tears these past few days. As heart broken as I have been since hearing of his passing, I know he is so happy to be reunited with his dear wife Marjorie. He has missed her so much since her passing. I will miss hearing his words of wisdom and loving counsel and I will never forget his amazing sense of humor. This sweet man gave so much to so many. He was loved and admired by young and old, members of the church as well as non members. The worldwide humanitarian effort he made possible through our church is astounding and impressive beyond measure. That link shows just a few examples. Service has always been a top priority. Through the years he has taught my family so many things. I know in my heart he was a true prophet of God. I borrowed some of his quotes from Angie, since she had already compiled them.
*To not take life too seriously:
“We need to have a little humor in our lives. We better take seriously that which should be taken seriously, but at the same time we can bring in a touch of humor now & again. If the time ever comes when we can’t smile at ourselves, it will be a very sad time.” -Hinckley

*To never give up:
“We are in a period of stress across the world. There are occasionally hard days for each of us. Do not despair. Do not give up. Look for the sunlight through the clouds. Opportunities will eventually open to you. Do not let the prophets of gloom endanger your possibilities.” -Hinckley

*To be better:
“Shape up. I say that to myself constantly. Shape up. Stand a little taller. Be a little better, a little stronger, a little more thoughtful, a little humbler. A little more prayerful, that you may be worthy of the guidance of the Lord and of His wonderful blessing.” -Hinckley

*To measure up to the divinity within:
“Some of you may feel that you are not as attractive and beautiful and glamorous as you would like to be. Rise above any such feelings, cultivate the light you have within you, and it will shine through as a radiant expression that will be seen by others
. You need never feel inferior. You need never feel that you were born without talents or without opportunities to give them expression. Cultivate whatever talents you have, and they will grow and refine and become an expression of your true self appreciated by others." -Hinckley

*To serve:
“I do not care how old you are, how young you are, whatever. You can lift people and help them. Heaven knows there are so very, very very many people in this world who need help. Oh, so very, very many. Let’s get the cankering, selfish attitude out of our lives and stand a little taller as we reach a little higher in the service of others. As Browning said, “A man’s reach should exceed his grasp.” Stand a little taller, stand higher, lift those with feeble knees, hold up the arms of those that hang down. Live the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Forget yourself.” -Hinckley

*To be happy:
“We can lower our voices a few decibels. We can return good for evil. We can smile when anger might be so much easier. We can exercise self-control and self-discipline and dismiss any affront levied against us.
Let us be a happy people. The Lord’s plan is a plan of happiness. The way will be lighter, the worries will be fewer, the confrontations will be less difficult if we cultivate a spirit of happiness.” -Hinckely

*To be faithful:
“I hope that prayer will take on a new luster in our lives. None of us knows what lies ahead. We may speculate, but we do not know. Sickness may strike us. Misfortune may overtake us. Fears may afflict us. Death may place his cold and solemn hand upon us or a loved one.
Regardless of what may come, may faith, immovable and constant, shine above us as the polar star.” -Hinckley

*To pray:
“We can draw nearer to the Lord in our prayers. These can become conversations of thanksgiving. I can never fully understand how the Great God of the Universe, the Almighty, invites us as His children to speak with Him individually. How precious an opportunity is this. How wonderful that it actually happens. I testify that our prayers, offered in humility and sincerity, are heard and answered. It is a miraculous thing, but it is real.” -Hinckley
And lastly:

*To have joy:
“In all of living, have much fun & laughter, life is to be enjoyed, not just endured.” -Hinckley

Till we meet again…


familywithfivekids said...

A beautiful tribute. I love the photographs you have chosen, they are amazing. I have been asked to give a SED (fireside) to the youth in a couple weeks on the life of President Hinckley so I especially appreciate this post as I am pondering the efforts of this wonderful man.

Jane said...

He was such a great man. He will be missed by all of us.

Patti said...

Rest In Peace

Nikki *Ü* said...

He was such an incredible man. That picture of him crying at his wife's funeral makes me so sad!! How wonderful that he's now with her again. I love that picture of the temple with the flag. So beautiful.

Coleen said...

97 is a lot of years. He was blessed as we will all be if we serve as he did. Thanks for the remembrance of our President. He was a wonderful man on earth and is now so happy to be with his lovely wife in heaven.

Marilyn said...

What a beautiful tribute Jolene! I would like to frame each quote where I can see it every day. And I think the last quote would be awesome on a scrapbook page....hmm...when you finish yours..be sure to post it..(hee hee)

angelsamoungus said...

What a lovely post. Thanks for sharing

Take care,

Brandon and Camille Smithson said...

I love your tribute. Thank you for posting it!

Susie Q said...

Your tribute was moving and so heartfelt dear Jolene. I send you warm hugs...


Andi said...

What a loving tribute Jolene. I'm sorry to learn of the loss of your wonderful Church Leader Dr. Hinkley. I know you will miss him...but what a wonderful message and teachings he brought to so many.

maren said...

What a beautiful tribute. Thank you.

robin c. said...

Thank you for your post. What a beautiful tribute to an amazing man.

wendster said...

I hadn't seen those quotes before. They were beautiful. Thanks for sharing them. Of course we will all miss our beloved prophet. His gift for saying things in a way that didn't rile feathers was possibly my favorite thing about him. And that dash of humor! He is making things happen where he is now, no doubt.